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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

WOYWW 629 - Doug does dirt

Warning picture heavy post inbound 

So its been a while, I have been mainly working and spending time with family, I have have also been preparing for my coming motorcycle theory test at the end of the month as well as doing some much needed repotting of house plants.

It is the repotting and the reasoning behind it which is the focus of this post, you see last year during all that heat we had, my office gets incredibly hot, it is an east facing large window.

So I present to you the window, along with a predicament, (this picture is from August last year btw and most of the plants are now just a wee bit larger), well that centre window needed to be openable.

I bought a portable Air con unit and the pipe (think tumble dryer hose) needs to go through that centre window, and loads of the cacti and succulents are in need of potting on so they are going to take up more window space.

 I give you exabit A, my poor pot-bound African spear plant, 

desperately in need of a new pot. 

So after spending a while in thick rubber gloves and repotting, I achieved my end goal, the windows got cleaned on the inside (not letting onto how long that has been) and the Velcro window seal is in place, the window as you can see is closed, and takes very little to open it again. 

The ducting goes out through a (Velcro'd on) material surround to stop the hot air coming back inside again, and it works very well, has a zip and attaches to the inside of the frame it has been bliss to work in here of late.

Seems like a lot of work for our summers, well yes and no, I have 2 servers in this room that kick out a fair amount of heat, this exacerbates the issue

And I kinda have to work in here for all day.

Some plants simply did not fit back into the window, I needed the space, so bottom left Rubetia Heliosa , one that I have had for years in my window and one that should not really survive this long for being grafted, I have had no choice but to move it into the kitchen window, it has had a soil change and is now back in flower again so fingers are crossed. 

The centre picture is ( I think a kind of a jade type tree is a Crassula, and is a succulent) this is now in the downstairs loo right above a radiator.

The (left plant) in the Right hand picture, this is now in the dining room, the Left hand plant is the one pictured above that had the repot and yes that is a cable tie around it keeping the leaves from snapping, it is close to 3 ft tall now. 
The ornaments were mothers day gifts to Shaz from her son and daughter in laws over the years.

The one in the centre of the same picture (the bunny eared one) is a stowaway we brought back from the Eden project, it is a prickly pear (according to google lens)

Into the garden next, some stunning climbers, if I remember I will update with the names of some of these.
On the left we have (I believe is a clematis Copernicus?) 
In the centre we have a clematis called Josephine, I believe it is the first year the rain hasn't beaten it to death while in flower.
On the right is indeed a Dave Austin, it is a climbing rose called (Rosa Spirit of freedom) and is in full bloom at the minute, it fills the trellis and is all over the kitchen window and roof line.

Well that is me for a bit, head over to our Julia's Stamping ground, and share your desk, also apologies for how long it is between posts, real life gets in the way sometimes x

As the summer solstice has just been and gone, this one is a rather fitting picture of us from 2014

And that just leaves the and finally...


Helen said...

great to see you Doug, and your hard work with the repotting! Take care and keep cool! Helen #1

Lynn Holland said...

Good luck Doug with the motorcycle test and well done on your repotting.
Crikey your office window contraption must have taken some working it. My hubby would have been right in there sorting that with you haha.
Glad it’s doing the job
Lynn xx 14

Mary Anne said...

Good luck with your test, and the re-potting. We have one of those units (the Hubster used it in his office for years) but have not dragged it out in the house yet! I have to admit I did think of you and Shaz once the solstice started cropping up and again when I got my commemorative ATC piece from Debbie. Glad to see you are keeping busy and doing well. Glad you are keeping us posted on your doing!

Trying for an early start this week!
Mary Anne (3)

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Doug,
I love the funny again.. how often have I muttered that! Wow is all I can say.. what a tour! Great to get aircon working.
However my absolutely favourite photo is the clematis, they don't grow here, but the luxurious bloom of the Josephine, its so incredibly beautiful.
Your succulent are truly amazing, we've loads here too but quite different, and grow outside, although the yellow green long mother in law tongue is here too, I've a regular green white one here and its in flower, outside against fence quite a delicate flower actually. Shared it before.
Thanks for sharing, and every blessing.
Prayers Shaz in Oz.x

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Annie said...

I’m just grabbing a quick break and catching up with all my favourite blogs while I get the chance...the world and his wife are needing sewing at the mo so I’m keeping busy.
It’s great to see you joining in today and to see you’re keeping yourself busy. I love your house plants and am sure they will benefit from the love and attention you’ve given them.
Annie x #13

Lunch Lady Jan said...

That’s a fine range of plants Doug, they’ll thank you for the extra bit of TLC you’ve shown them - I also love the David Austin rose, I have a few that the boys have bought me over the years, thankfully they survived being dug up and stuck in pots for two years while we moved. Good luck with your test, it’ll be fantastic to be off out on your bike!
HUgs LLJ 7 xxx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Gosh that plant desperately needed repotting! I have a few around here that need doing as well. Last year I managed to kill a few plants by over fertilizing them so I'm being very careful now - there's such a thing as killing with kindness and I'm pretty good at it! Love the clematis and the rose - it's always a good idea to take photos of the flowers in their prime as they'll be gone within a few weeks but the pictures remain! A bit like our memories as well. Lovely shot of you and Shaz - that must have been around the time I first met her (online). Good to see you're holding up ok, Doug! xx

Sarah Brennan said...

Great work with the repotting Doug. My son has an air conditioner in his room and he only has one server on the go. Good luck with the theory test! Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have cactus envy. You have some beautiful ones, as well as great succulents, too. That one plant desperately needed repotting, but you did a great job.

I have central AC in my house, but I added a small window unit in my office because there are 8 windows all around the room that sits above my attached garage. Like you, it gets hot in here and the computer generates a lot of heat. You were wise to install that unit, both for you and your servers. Love your 'and finally' joke. It is actually tr9ue than most of us realize. Happy WOYWW from # 5.

Julia Dunnit said...

Doesn’t matter if it’s weeks or months, we just like to hear from you. I bet the air con is a real relief in there Doug, I can imagine how stuffy it can get…makes one a bit sleepy after lunch! I think the Velcro ducting is a bit genius really, what a clever thing. Well done on the glass cleaning…ugh, you don’t have to admit..it’s a job that can be overlooked and then put off till really, the room feels a bit too dark!! Loving the repotting, what a job. I don’t keep any indoor plants, oddly enough, but I like the architectural leanings of your choices. My ma in law has a succulent just like the one in the middle picture. It’s in her conservatory and she almost neglects it, so I’m sure it’ll do you right having a new home in the warm air! The garden must be bringing some joy, those flowers are just amazing, I haven’t seen a clematis that purely colour before, and oh, that rose. Beautiful.

Twiglet said...

Well done with all the re-potting Doug - it takes some time doesn't it. Of course my favourite pic is the clematis Josephine - Annie bought one for me and it has been gorgeous this year too. xx Jo

Neet said...

Good luck with the motorcycle test at the end of the month.
Good to see you have fixed up some air conditioning, I can well imagine just how hot it gets having taught in a classroom years ago full of computers and with glass windows filling two walls.
Good for you doing all that repotting, the plants will no doubt thank you for it.
You have some lovely blooms in your garden, especially that rose - it really is something.
HJugs, Neet x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Doug, well done with the plant repotting. I've been outside planting today. I love cacti and if I had the space I would love to have more, maybe if I didn't fill the place with craft stuff I would have more room Lol! Hope you are having a very happy woyww. Sending hugs, Angela x17x

Ali Wade Designs said...

Happy Belated WOYWW. I can imagine what a relief it is to get that aircon installed. My craft room is in the coolest (and oldest part - from the 1680s) of the house and some days I am having to put on a cardigan whilst the sun shines outside! I do have a little desktop aircon unit for the hottest days, but not had any of them yet. I love succulents - have two small ones in our main bathroom. I just water them occasionally and they just seem to live forever. Ali x #24

Susan Renshaw said...

Well done on all the repotting!
Lovely pics of Clematis and Rose...

Susan #20

Felicia said...

Doug, WOW on that "I'm gonna be cool if it kills me" project! LOLOL Men, in general, I find have a way of engineering just about anything to get the result they are looking for! LOLOL Bravo!! Here's to happier working! Your plants are gorge! I love plants and actually right now have a bevy of succulents that ALSO need repotting. However, I am not only a procrastinator, I am inherently lazy! LOLOL Not fair to the plant kingdom I recognize, but it will get done.....eventually! LOL Your climbers are absolutely gorgeous! I don't have the luxury of a yard anymore due to living in an apartment and dearly miss having one to putter around in and plant gorge flowers! Love the photo of you and Shaz!! And, your "and finally" is singing my song! LOL Blessings Doug, Felicia #22

Caro said...

Loving all the pots of plants and cacti! We have installed air conditioning in my study and the sitting room as they get absolutely baking in the slightest amount of sun. It makes a huge difference.... Enjoy! Happy Belated WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#23)

Stacy Sheldon said...

Ooh man, I am wincing thinking of that job repotting them all.
I have my studio space in a finished room over a garage, so it is very hot up there and my husband actually put in something very similar to an exterior dryer vent type thing through the wall so that my portable AC up there is one of the rolls on wheels kind so, the tube goes through that vent in the wall instead of through the window now. ( not sure if that is an option on your home but, maybe?) ~Stacy #27

Wavejumper said...

This is so weird...I got directed to the blog by something completely unrelated in a class I am taking. But I am so glad bc I was supposed to be getting pinged when you post as a subscriber but I am not. So I just did a crash read through to catch up. I will have to mark in my calendar to just come read every couple of weeks.

So I have a lot to catch up on....I am thinking of you being in the same grief boat across the pond here. I get it when it comes to "triggers". I hate to be a downer but almost 3 years out now I find I still get them and sometimes I can predict it (bday, anniv, etc) and sometimes out of nowhere. I have learned to just go with the flow and ignore anyone who says stuff like enough and get over it. What I get over is that person. lol

Wow...I am really happy you are continuing the craft.
I am a hobby gardener and right now we are doing a serious clear out because we have a massive rat problem (welcome to urban gardening in NYC)-FAR worse than years past. Over 150 dead and counting...I am used to the labor but as I am now 40 years down the line with this garden my body is not cooperating so we are getting in help. Big kudos to you on the clear out! BTW-white vinegar is an excellent natural weed killer although it will smell like a salad for a day. It will actually kill anything living so be careful near things you actually want to keep. Esp nice for in the seams of paver paths. Your clematis is rocking!
I was wondering for your window plants if narrow multi level shelving would not be a possible choice for the two sides but I am loving that you are spreading the plant love around the house too :)

wow wow wow on that incredible piece of art you received and the photo thing on the chair...people can be so lovely.

So that's me caught up. I am actually taking an online 4 day card thing and am on break.

Sending deepest care for you over there. Always here if you want to chat. idreamincards@gmail.com. Shaz loved that address.
Best, Margot

Denise Foor Studio PA said...

Wow, love your cati. Great photos and a reminder to get busy repotting!

Anonymous said...

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