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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

WOYWW #452

So, we're at the last day of January already-if time flies when you're having fun, I must have been having a whirlwind of a time this month. I mean, seriously, where did it go? Another tour of the Desks of Delight then, at Julias place, The Stamping Ground.
 A bit of crafting done over the last few days- this card, in the post below is Foiling without using a Laminator- just two widths of DST.

And speaking of foil, we popped into town at the weekend, and whilst there, a visit to The Works was called for. Where I found this:
 A pack of 10 x 1 metre rolls of foil, for the grand sum of £4! It comes with a tube of glue, so you don't actually have to Heat Laminate it to work, but it will still be OK for that too. Total bargain.

 Later on Saturday, we went up to Amelias Crafts at Studley, as they'd announced a 50% off Sale, in order to clear some space for new stuff from Creativation releases- mainly Tim's I'd imagine.

Well, it would have been rude not to!

Some cool Christmas stamps, which I need like a fish needs a bicycle.

And a couple of Tim Holtz/Stampers Anonymous sets.Yet another Christmas set- Beloved Hubby liked the stags head, and the Sea themed one caught his eye, thanks to the octopus. He's rather fond of The Kraken Rum, lol.
So overall, a day of bargains, which can't be bad.

Oh, last week Magic Maggie asked about the proportions for mixing glitter & stencil paste.
 I have to admit that it's not an exact science, I just added what I thought was enough. I'd guess it was around 3 teaspoons of paste to 1 or 1 1/2 of glitter. Ish. It's easy to see roughly how it'll look if you're mixing coloured Glitter into white or Translucent paste. Harder when it's say gold glitter into gold paste. So I'd try it first with a clear/white/translucent paste to get a feel for the mix.  You want to maintain roughly the consistency of the paste- too dry will make it harder to spread over the stencil without having to keep reworking it to fill the spaces. Too much rework increases the likelihood of pushing the paste under the edges of the design. It's one reason I prefer the Sweet Poppy paste to Dreamweaver, I find the Dreamweaver to be a much stiffer paste to start with. The Sweet Poppy is much softer.
 And finally................


Helen said...

Great mug!! that foil pack from the Works is a real bargain. Helen #?

Claire said...

Fab treasures! LOVE that mug :D
Happy WOYWW!
no. 4

Neet said...

Love that mug, almost as much ask your TH bargain stamps. Lucky you - and similarly with the foil box too.
Hugs, Neet 3 xx

Sarah Brennan said...

Hi Shaz; laughed out loud at that mug. In my case I could add...and that's why hubby built me the shed lol. Bargains galore all round this week. I have already been naughty with my Tim pre orders (oxides, reinkers, all the large stencils, 2 alcohol ink storage boxes and the resist spray). I don't dare look at the stamps and embossing powders. I haven't seen the new metallic Mixatives to pre order yet (just as well). Have a great week. Sarah #12

craftyani said...

Oh I do envy you with all your craft supply shops, that is something I miss living in Spain. Also find I am beginning to lack knowledge on new ideas that our coming out. Ani#8

Annie said...

Fab new stash this week Shaz...hope you enjoy playing with it all. I love the mug...I do my best to keep all mine in my sewing room but it does spill out often.
Annie x #13

glitterandglue said...

Morning Shaz. That's a gorgeous birthday card - and a fantastic bargain from the Works. Just LOVE the mug!!!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #1

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I do like your 'And Finally' sections! Wow, what a bargain those rolls of foils were from the Works...I have enjoyed seeing your foiled cards recently, they're my sort of thing!
Hugs LLJ 11 xx

Stacy Sheldon said...

Ooh the foiled card looks so cool with the way it catches the light Shaz :) Fun new toys followed you home too ~Stacy#28

Marit said...

Wooohh, those 'sea stamps' are amazing, I LOVE it! I never work with foil but I like what I see, have fun using the new finds! The mug made me smile... but I am too fond of my own mug to ever change it (it says "Keep on rockin' in the free world") Thanks for your visit earlier. Love from Holland, Marit #22

My name is Cindy said...

Love the mug. Funny, i've been looking at foiling the last week or so - should have just popped here!! Great haul of stash. As for January - well I've spent most of it in bed, so as far as I'm concerned 2018 hasn't really started yet!Christmas is gonna come fast this year!!

Angela Radford said...

Hi Shaz, I don't feel so bad now That I can see you've been shopping too. Have fun with the new goodies. Thanks for the visit to mine, have a lovely woyww and happy crafty week, Angela xXx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Stunning card, Shaz - that foil technique is really working for you! You can't go to a craft sale and not buy anything - that would be a sacrilege! Thanks so much for visiting earlier - I will look up that Hobby Craft you recommended - and while I'm there hubby could look around the garden centre! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #7

Vicky Fisher said...

Great mug you have their, and fantastic new toys, lovely to have such an understanding hubby. Thx for the suggestions about my bloom, I tried a more circular one and like that,now need to figure out how to glue that down,already took a picture as reference, have a lovely week, Vicky

StampinCarol said...

I love the mug though most of my crafting stays in my room. Cute stamps! Your foil art is gorgeous!!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are doing great!
Carol N #27

Julia Dunnit said...

I bought three of those four stamp sets this Christmas and didn’t use them. As you say, like a fish needs a Bicycle! The foil was a right old bargain, I must say I do like a touch of foil, it adds lovely bling without layers.

Anne said...

Lots of fab things Shaz. I saw mention of the GinaK video re foiling without a laminator- must look more, love the card! The mug made me laugh, my DH would so agree!!Hello there and thank you for popping by. I am late visiting as I had to go and do some shopping earlier, for my Aunt. We then took it over to her and had coffee and cake. Anne x #17

Kim said...

Of course it would be rude not to stop in! glad you scored some great deals. I'm still trying to catch up with all the new stuff out at Creativation (I hate that name) Tonic had some nice new color collections in the Nuvo line! And I need that mug! Have a great week.
-K #35

Lindart said...

Lovely card- great deal! I like the TH stag set as well, I know my hubby would have gone for it too! I will have to look for it! Have a great week! Lindart #34

laurie said...

that foil is amazing and really nice mug, what great finds!

sandra de said...

Great mug.... sums up the state of my craft room entirely. Have a great week.
sandra de @20

Magic Maggie said...

Dear Shaz, Thank yoooooo....you are officially a star!! Just off to mix and play!!
Maggie (Yorkite)
PS actually bought a Groovi plate yesterday - never had one before.

Shoshi said...

Oooh you temptress, you! That foil set looks a real bargain, and so many gorgeous colours! I've put it on my Pinterest wish list board, and once my hubby is driving again, I'm going to get him to take me to the Works. I love what you've done with the strips of foil too - simple but so effective. Thank you for your great comment - I'm exactly the same - easy to get blood out, hopeless trying to get anything in. Oxaliplatin plays havoc with your veins, it seems. The nurse in hospital last year said mine were like rubber and kept trying to escape the needle! I had hoped that having a port would stop the vein damage which I thought would only happen in the arm they inject the chemo into, but apparently not. No operation date yet, but it won't be long now, I am sure. I haven't tried my new Crop-a-dile yet but I think it's going to be very useful.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #16

AliWade said...

Happy Belated WOYWW. That foil kit caught my eye in the Works too, but didn't get it as I have lots of foil left for the heat method (I have one of those foiling machines which were sold on Create & Craft a few years ago - had to buy a laser printer too, but it does give a fantastic result). Tempted to try your DST method, so I may be seen rushing along to the shops when I meet a friend in town tomorrow! Ali x #26

BJ said...

Oh look at that yet another great purchase from The Works, I can never seem to find anything in ours! Perhaps I need to look harder. Yep - I was jolly close but it was rather a fleeting visit. Don't know my cousin that well but of all my cousins he is the only one I am in touch with. His parents (my aunt and uncle always kept in touch with me and I was unable to go his Mum's funeral 8 years ago so I just HAD to go this time) Thanks for the visit BJ#19

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

New stash invariably means new sorting and then if not under my nose I forget I have them... my problem, Shaz!!
Off to peek at your card below. Trust you’re keeping well.
Thanks for sharing and for popping over too!
Shaz in Oz.x

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Aimeslee W. said...

I always pick up some good advice when I visit here, Shaz. You are indispensable! Very nice work on the card. I stand in awe of those perfectly straight lines. xoxo