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Sunday 21 January 2018

Damask Baubles Christmas Cards.

 A batch of 21 Christmas Cards made using a new to me Sweet Poppy stencil called Damask Baubles.
This is why I end up with loads of UFO's! When I've got stuff out, I tend to make a huge batch, rather than just a couple.

 These were done using Stencil paste, and then adding Heat Transfer Foil with a laminator.

I did 6 on white card, then another 15 on black card, then matted them onto A5 card bases of the opposite colour.

This is how they looked after foiling, and before matting. I used a variety of pastes, black, white, gold and silver, and they all work as well as each other for the technique.

Some were done with one colour of foil, which was the easiest way.

The bottom left one here was done on a leather effect card, and using a silver holographic dotty foil. I have this in gold as well, and both seem to leave a dusting of foil all over the card base.( You can see it on the bottom left card in the upper left image). Which doesn't actually look too bad, but was unexpected. But it's the only one of the foils that does it.

Some I made things harder for myself by using a different colour for the bows and chains.

 That's fine as long as you remember not to breathe while arranging it, and don't have any static on your fingers!
But it does give a pretty effect, and it's one way of using up small off cuts of foil.

Apologies if some look a little blurred, I think it's the holographic effect confusing the camera!

 After a bit of trimming to fit the card front, I matted them all up, then added a greeting using up some small peeloff greetings.

Not sure if they show up, but on these I added some small acrylic gems to some of the dots on the baubles, then decided I didn't like it, so didn't do any more. You can see them more clearly in the very first picture.

Next plan will be to try this stencil using paste & glitter, or probably by mixing glitter into paste first, that way when it dries, you don't get any glitter shedding.
 I also have a second stencil I bought, called Mistletoe Tree, so that will get an outing soon as well.


MaryH said...

First, I was happy to read your comment at another post that said you were doing much better these last days, and I'm so pleased for you. You've certainly been busy with what looks to be such a fun technique, and what beautiful effects & cards you've done with it. WOW! You've really got a stash, and I love the different looks on the many cards. I have some of that paste to use with foils, but not got round to trying it as yet. You've done impressively well with it, and the black background really sets off the glimmer & colors so wonderful. TFS & Hugs

Aimeslee Winans said...

Gorgeous is an understatement - WELL DONE!!! <3 xoxoxo

Artatag said...

Hi Shaz! Thanks for your earlier visit! You sure know what I am talking about. I also feel that the treatments do more harm than the cancer itself. The only problem is you never know for sure what really is going on.
So I concentrate on my art, which really gives me good moments. It works for you too, when I see your fantastic collection of baubles! Love all these varieties! Well done you!
Wishing you all the best for a safe recovery and a good life
Gabriele 10

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