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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

WOYWW 448- the First in 2018

And a Happy New Year to everyone, as we start off the year the way we mean to continue, with a meet up at Julias place, The Stamping Ground.
 I've been having a sort out of things I need to get done- and tidying my die cuts was well overdue. I took this storage idea from Diana, at A Velvet Moth Studios.
 You can buy these storage pockets in all sorts of size permutations, (mine came from Amazon) making them perfect for storing something like this. They range from coin sized holders, up to A5/postcard size pockets, as they are intended as storage pockets for things like Trading Cards, currency, postcards etc.

Some more die cutting happening- it's one way to use up scraps of cardstock to big to throw, but too small for use 'as is'.
 On my other desk, I've sorted out the pack of card fronts made with Mixed Media dies, and hopefully I'll get those made up into cards over the next week.

In other news, a couple of posts down is a post about Versafine Clair inkpads. If you haven't seen them yet, they seem to be like the original Versafine, but coming in a wider range of colours. The new black is really good, I'd say even better than the original.

Had my CT scan on Saturday, and have an appointment to see the Radiologist on the 9th, so fingers crossed.
 I think I may finally be getting rid of the cough/cold I've had for what feels like the whole of December, I know loads of people have had it, and it really does linger.
 And finally...............


Neet said...

Love the Amazon humour! Happy New Year to you and Doug, hope it brings you a much healthier year Shaz, you deserve a break.
Thanks for the heads up on the new Versafine, you are such a fab enabler. Gorgeous images you are showing us, you are a temptress though! Notice I am not asking who makes them. Trying to keep my hands in my pocket a bit more.
Hugs as always, Neet 2 xx

Helen said...

Happy New Year to you both, and I hope your scan results are good. You certainly deserve to have a healthy year ahead for sure. Love the amazon cartoon!! Helen #3

craftyani said...

Maybe that's why my friend didn't get his speakers for Christmas because I kept deleting then adding again. I got my new HD. Must show him the cartoon.
Hope you have a healthy New Year. ANickoana#7

AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. I love the Amazon cartoon and it reminds me that I need to do some online shopping today. I had heard about those new inkpads. I believe they were on a Hochanda show yesterday, but sold out quickly. Think I may need to find at least one to try - perhaps our local craft shop will stock them? Ali x #9

sandra de said...

Wishing you all the best with the scan results. Love the cartoon ... sadly so true. Clever idea of storing all your die cuts,makes so much sense. have a lovely week.
sandra de @10

Annie said...

Firstly a very Happy New Year to you both. Hoping 2018 is filled with lots of fun and friendship and most of all the very best health for us all. I actually know what day of the week it is today so that’s a good start....it’s been a fortnight of weekends lol.
Annie x #13

glitterandglue said...

Happy New Year Shaz - and I trust the scan results will be good, and the appointment with the radiologist goes well, too. Glad you are feeling better getting rid of that pesky cold!!
Thank you so much for the beautiful Christmas card you sent - that was so kind and thoughtful.
Oh my.. Another person who has been busy since Christmas - well done on all your sorting and tidying!!
Take care dear girl. God bless.
Margaret #1

Cardarian said...

Happy new year Shaz and Doug! I hope it is a healthy one for you! You are sooo organized! I do all my die cutting when I make the cards! I never think of making a of stash of die cuts! But you have made me think about it now!
The Amazon joke is really funny!
Have a lovely week!
Love and hugs,

Julia Dunnit said...

I’m the same as Dolores. Not sure I’d ever have the right die ready cut, and even....where I’d put another file full of useful stuff!! I thought you were going to say it’s the year of the butterfly or something like that, and I was going to panic over my like of butterfly stamps and dies!! Phew. I thought the Clair inkpads had a pigment base so are more embossable without detail loss. Like the colour of the black, that’s another dang thing to go on the list.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

That storage looks like a great idea - as you say, if you're going to have a mammoth cutting session, then storing the results sensibly is a good idea (a) so you don't forget about them and (b) they don't get squished! The new ink pad seems to be stamping beautifully, I did like your run down on 2017 by the way, you've done a lot!
Fingers crossed for the CT scan and results, please let me know how you get on.
Hugs LLJ 8 xxxx

sue jones said...

You are SO organised - may have to look into the diecut storage as mine are all over the place and then get damaged and thrown out.
Ha ha thats me at Amazon!!
Good luck with the scan and getting rid of a horrible cough too xxx
Happy New year !!
Soojay 23

Lindart said...

Thank you for the post about the new Versifine - I will be looking for it when it comes out our way! I have so many dead ink pads, some are 20 years old and literally falling apart. I really have to bite the bullet and toss them, and get new ones. Good luck with your CT scan, my fingers will be crossed! I have the same cold/cough, as does hubby, seems to slowly going, but at least it's going! Have a wonderful 2018! Lindart #28

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

That cartoon is so funny! I hope the guys picking our orders can see the fun side of it too, but somehow I doubt it! Love the idea of storing die cuts in those folders - fist I need a similar solution for my actual dies. I've already got the sleeves and magnetic sheets but can't seem to find A5 ring binders, but I'll look again on Amazon. I've got one of those mixed media dies too! They're so versatile! Good luck with your scan - I'll be keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks so much for visiting earlier! Happy 2018! zsuzsa #19

Sharon Madson said...

I laughed out loud over your Amazon cartoon! It is so funny! How many times have I added and taken out items and added again! Now I will picture this every time! Love it!
Glad you are feeling better and sending a prayer up or your scan.
Happy New Year! #34

Sue said...

Hi Shaz, Did chuckle at the cartoon:)

Your cards look lovely. Great storage. I have a new die to try in my Cuttlebug. It's for different sized tag shapes.

Hope all goes ok at the hospital.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #18

Heather Marshall said...

Hi Shaz. Good luck with the CT scan. And fingers crossed you get rid of the cough/cold. I do like the die cut storage, it might be something I adopt when I know how much space I have to play with. One of my Hobbycraft purchases was a mixed media die, but not used it yet. Love the Amazon cartoon ... so very true! Thanks for stopping by earlier. Have a lovely week Heather #11

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy seeing all the tool you use,, I hope the scan gives good results and that your cold hits the road,, best of health this new year to you! Laurie #32

StampinCarol said...

Praying your CT scan is good! Nice way of storing your die cuts. Mine are in a large clear box right now. I need to be working on some Valentine projects but just finished with a project for a baby shower. And prayers for a full recovery of the cold! It's been going around here. Have a great week!
Carol N #22

Christine said...

Thanks for your visit earlier .... I am up and about now and fit for this sort of travelling!!!
Love the way you manage to find good storage ideas and then share with us! Thanks you so much.
I keep my diecuts in a box so I might just have to re-assess them!
Best of luck for your scan
Christine #29

Vicky Fisher said...

Hey shaz,much going on as usual.thx for your visit earlier and wish you a healthy,creative 2018,vicky

Anne said...

Hello Shaz and thank you for popping by. Lots to see on your post. I used to use and like versafine inks. The Amazon cartoon made me smile.I hope it will be all good news re your scan. Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year, you so deserve it. Anne x #17

Twiglet said...

Good luck with your scan Shaz - let's hope for a Happy and Healthy New Year for you. I love that pretty little card. You are so clever with your craft. xx Jo

Stacy Sheldon said...

Happy New Years Shaz! OOh Versafine ink in more colors YAY
I have not read anything about that before just now so, that is exciting. :)
Yep, I do nearly the same things to my scraps.
and sometimes the extra cuts make nice little surprise gifts for cardmaking friends too.
~Stacy #27

Ellie said...

Hahah that cartoon is hilarious! I hope you feel much better in 2018. The storage is a fab idea.
Ellie #24

Bernice said...

Happy new year. Hope your appointment goes well and your cough has finally gone. Well done on the organisation - I usually try every now and then - but it never actually gets finished!!
Bernice #35

Angela Radford said...

Hi Shaz, I have to say the amazon funny is brilliant and I can just imagine it. The folder and pocket pages are a god send, I've had some for a while and it makes life so much easier than having the die cuts without a home, now I know where they are when I need something quick.Thanks for the visit to mine, have a great woyww and a very Happy and creative New Year, Angela x15x

April Story said...

Good luck at your doctor visit. And that cartoon is adorable!

April #19

Sarah Brennan said...

Happy New Year Shaz and thanks for linking me up. I had a blast yesterday (more next week). Hope the results of your scan are all you wish them to be. Love the cartoon; hope that cold is finally gone for good. Sarah #?

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there dear Shaz,
Time is flying ... missed Wed somehow! so here a day late...great organisation there Shaz... pity some of it wouldn't rub off on me..!!!
.. well done on using snippets too... I'm drowning here...
Thanks again for your card I shared it today.
Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #37

Kim said...

Happy New Year Shaz,
I love all your storage/organization ideas; I'm making notes for when I have time to catch up! And your post on the Clair Inkpads has me intrigued; I'll have to watch for them, as I loved my original Onyx, but that pad finally died, and I haven't replaced it yet.
Good luck with your appointment, and thanks for stopping by!
-K #32

Claire Grantham said...

Hey Shaz, Happy New Year. Thanks for the visit. Love the Amazon joke, that is totally me. Love all the organisation going on at your desk. I love those pockets I use them for so many different things. Clairex #26

BJ said...

Oh I love to see a Cuttlebug on a desk, reminds me of my first love in crafting. Still have my old faithful pal too. I really need to make some cards using the TH cut away dies, I never seem to do much after the initial burst when they are new dies! Thanks for the visit, sorry for the delay in replying BJ#15

Kyla said...

Got the "big" computer out so i can finally comment :-)

Loving the organising and your previous projects of 2017 round up too.

Hope the scan goes to plan

kyla x

Aimeslee W. said...

Have caught up on your last 3 posts - come see me when you get time as I'm posting again. Happy New Year to you both and you are in my prayers for a fine health report! The new inks sound promising. And I'm feeling a need to buy one of those cheap laminators, I only get this urge when I see what you've done with yours. Thanks for enabling me! hahaha xoxoxoxo

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