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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

WOYWW #524- The After the Mudbath Edition.

Because it was. We had rain every day, at least once.This is what the fields looked like- and this was higher up the hill, where at least the water had drained away! A few acres of straw were put down every night, but it was a losing battle, to be honest.
Given that it normally looks like this:

 No idea how big the Festival area is, but the crowd capacity is 110,000! And most days were
a sell out.

  But, we are here to make our regular appearance at Julias place, The Stamping Ground, for this weeks desk visits.

We hired an off road mobility scooter for me, which did make the world of difference. Not only didn't I have to wade through mud- except for the toilets!- but it meant that we could get around the whole site, as there is not only music, of course there are multiple sound stages, but lots of sellers of clothing & other goodies.

Like discontinued lines of New Rock boots!

Which sort of followed me home. 😇
 So very little crafting has been done, and won't be for a few days yet, as tonight we are driving up to Manchester to see Metallica.

Two wedding cards have been made, a former work colleague had asked me to make her one in pink, white & silver a couple of weeks ago, then contacted me last week and asked if I could make two for a neighbour of hers. For this weekend, as she needs to post them! Fortunately, they could be the same as the couples didn't know each other, and it could be the same as the one I'd already made.

 I've just got the inserts to print now
 and they're done. She emails me what they want inside, as it's in Polish, so I can just copy & paste!

Later this week there will be another post with some cards, made using Paperbox cardstock. They contacted me some weeks ago, and asked if I'd be willing to do a post with cards made from their cardstock, and they sent me an assortment of pearl card & paper.
There was a purchase or two- I have a reputation to uphold-😎, this time from Hobbycrafts, which is most unusual. I wanted some darker colours of fun foam, as I like to use that to create dimension in cards & sentiments sometimes, and the pack I'd bought has pretty much all pastel colours. Following a bit of Googling, it seemed that Hobbycrafts had a wide range of colours, and at 50p a sheet, not expensive either. They do indeed have a huge range of colours, and finishes too, I saw a glitter finish, and a marbled one as well.

 I also spotted a pad of Tim Holtz Small Snarky Stickers, and had to get that.

 Which just leaves.................And Finally.............

 I'm so sad to say I have some tragic news to share.
Yesterday, Erika Phillpott, who sometimes posted in WOYWW as Sumbunneh, passed away.
 I've added here the message her husband Ian posted last night:
I’m so sorry everyone but now I’ve spoken to the families and some friends I now have to give you all some very bad news. Erika’s condition has deteriorated significantly and neither surgery nor chemo are an option. She has been moved to end of life care as she is no longer responsive to input from me or the nurses. She said something to me yesterday, the last words she was able to speak but it wasn’t until today that I put the pieces together. It was her telling me her soul was leaving her body. Please all just join me hoping for a swift and painless end so she can move on to be with her dad.

This was followed by this message this morning:
It’s with the heaviest and most broken heart in the world that I have to tell you all that my darling Erika lost her battle and crossed peacefully to another life yesterday evening. Myself and her wonderful nurse were at her side as she fell painlessly and peacefully to sleep.
It was her specific wish that only I was there during the darkest days leading to this. She wanted everyone to remember her how she was during her life and not how she was in those last few days. I take some relief in that her passing came quickly and she wasn’t stuck looking out and unable to communicate for an extended period. I firmly believe that those last words she uttered to me on Monday were as her being left. Those words will stay with me forever.
You will forever be in my heart, my wife, my bear my everything.

We were lucky enough to be befriended by her,  and we 'met' at first on FB thanks to our mutual love of Visible Image. We met her in the flesh at a crop, and at Ally Pally. To those who didn't know her, she was warm, lovable, friendly to all. She had a huge heart, and shared her love with everyone she met. Our hearts go out to her other friends and family, and most especially to Ian, we simply have no words to say how sad we are.

To all our friends, those we've met & those we haven't, you are as dear to us as family. We love you all, and if you take anything away from this, let it be to tell the people in your lives that you love them. Regularly, daily. Because in the space of one week, we have lost Erika. We don't know ever, when we may see or speak to someone for the last time.


Helen said...

your "and finally" made me really LOL ... there go all of us! have a great week. So glad you survived the mud! Helen #?

Claire said...

So glad you were able to get around (those off-road scooters are a boon!!) And what boots!! Daughter chose her 1st pair of Doc Martin's for her graduation gift :D
Happy WOYWW!
Claire no 2

Glenda said...

So happy you were able to enjoy the festival! Have a great rest of the week!
Glenda #19

Neet said...

"and finally" - just brilliant - and so typical of so many of us.
Well done on being asked to make some cards with Paperbox cardstock, but little wonder when you see what beautiful cards you make - and the two you show this week are simply that - beautiful!
Shaz, I had no idea those boots could walk ... how wonderful that they followed you home, bet you had a surprise when you got to the front door. Joking apart, glad you had a great time despite all the mud and I am sure the off-road scooter helped tremendously.
Have a great week.
Hugs, Neet 7 xx

Annie said...

At least the little bunny had somewhere to sit in his and finally :-)
Glad you had a good, if muddy, time away.
Annie x #13

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Your and finally always go ve us a chuckle, yesss cute Stamp.. I think companies should be banned from producing more marvellous stuff every second week of year or month even so we have a breather.. or on other hand just move somewhere like here where it’s hard to source!
Mudbath. Oh dear, Shaz, sorry for you both. At first the green grass scene reassured me till read the post, but excellent idea re scooter well done you too!
Happy WOYWW. Thanks for sharing, Shaz in Oz.x #6

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Julia Dunnit said...

never a truer word Shaz. Am still reeling from the shock of time between Erika needing treatment and Ian announcing that she has died. This reinforces my enjoyment of your enjoyment at download, I don’t know how your hearing stands it! Fab pair of boots I must say. Xxx

Kathyk said...

A lovely post in total, so glad you had a good time at download.

What a fitting tribute to the lovely Erika - I think I met her at possibly the same WOYWW crop as you. I was stunned to read the news and thank you for posting such a lovely memory


Di said...

Oh Shaz

What beautiful words and such a tribute to Erika. And also a good reminder of just how much we love our friends, as well as our families.

Love, Di x

Dorlene Durham said...

Enjoy the rest of the festival and thanks for the information on the EDIT. So sorry to lose a wonderful person. Dorlene #26

Lillianb said...

so sorry to hear about Erika and thank you for posting the lovely message, Sendong love, and healing hugs to all her family and friends,

Glad you enjoyed yourself even though there was so much mud,

Lilian B #17

Sarah Brennan said...

Such a lovely tribute to Erika. Thanks for letting us know the sad news. Glad you managed to avoid most of the mud at Downpour (sorry Download. Great boots! Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

Shoshi said...

So glad you enjoyed the Download festival, Shaz, despite the mud. Those boots are AWESOME - did you do the purple embellishments? Really coooool!! Glad you got a mobility scooter for the event, too. I wonder how well the Trekinetic would have coped with all that mud? Probably very well. Love he wedding cards. I am so sorry to hear about Erika/Sumbunneh. I didn't know she was so ill. News like that makes me count my blessings anew, as I am sure it does with you, too.

Thank you for your visit, and yes, new knives are lethal! I do like to keep them sharp, though. My dad always said blunt knives were more dangerous than sharp ones because you have to put more effort into cutting with them and are more likely to let them slip etc. Knowing how sharp mine are, I've been treating them with the utmost respect, but chopping chives, I got just a bit too enthusiastic! I've been thinking of using my dough cutting blade as a holder instead of my fingers. I shall have to do some experiments, I think.

I'm glad you liked the card I made for my friend. She loved it! We had some laughs over the recycled loo paper wrappers too!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #16

Sue said...

Hi Shaz, Glad you got wheels for the festival. The boots are fab.

Love your cards.

Have fun with your new stash.

How sad about your friend, but glas she went peacefully.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #8

Stacy Sheldon said...

oh geeze, I am sitting here bawling at work ( reading from Erikas husband) damn.
back to your desk love that you found darker foams. around here they seem to sell it in primary colors so, that is cool. I kinda sorta resemble that joke and the boots are way cool, that is neat that the scooter could make it through the muck too. ~Stacy #28

Caro said...

Love that you had such a wonderful time at Download despite the mud and those boots are fabulous! So sorry to hear the news about Erika. With Love & God Bless, Caro x (#10)

Anne said...

Hello Shaz - despite the mud it sounds like you and Doug had a great time!! Fab boots!
I didn't meet Erika but remember reading and commenting on her blog. So sad to read the news- a beautiful tribute to her. Hugs Anne x 18

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Those are great boots though it looked as though you needed wellies at the show. I remember Erika though I never met her. So sad to hear the news. Hope your week is a happy one, Angela x15x

Neet said...

Your Amendment: So sorry to hear this. Your words are lovely Shaz, beautifully put. Such a sad time.


Kathryn Frantz said...

What eloquent and moving emotions about Erika, Shaz.

Debbie Rock said...

Apologies for not getting here yesterday - like very many of us I was really out of sorts trying to get my head around Erika ... the tears are still flowing today and I still simply can't believe it.
Glad you had such a fab time at the festival & concerts ... those boots are just amazing ... give you a workout just walking in them they look so heavy! Take care dear friends. Love Debbie xXx

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for the visit Shaz....rain is on the way here for the next few days. Well or not Hubby went out to spray his beans before it gets to muddy. Hope it doesn't create problems for him. But others have it worse and Such a sad thing with sweet Erika. Enjoy a good weekend

Lindart said...

So sorry to hear about Erika, she sounds like a loving and kind person. She obviously will be missed, people like her always leave something behind for others to remember with fondness. I love what she said to her hubby at the end, may we all go so peacefully.

It looks like you are having loads of fun! Those boots look pretty rad (is that the right word? Who knows anymore! LOL!)
Lovely wedding cards too! Thanks for your earlier visit, have a great week! Lindart #25

Twiglet said...

So glad you enjoyed every minute Shaz especially after reading about Erika. It makes us realize how lucky we are and that we must make the most of every day. Love the boots and the scooter was a brilliant idea. xx Jo

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, glad you had a great time of it in the mud and those boots will forever be a great reminder. Your cards are beautiful and so exactly what was asked for. The news about Erika is so sad. I didn't know her butit sounds like she was a lovely lady who will be missed by her family and friends. Have a good week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #24

Heather Marshall said...

Hi Shaz, a really late visit from me this week - sorry! Shame about the mud at the festival - but great that you picked up some bargain boots! Sorry to hear the news about Erika. Our paths, or should I say desks, crossed a couple of times on WOYWW, but I didn't have the pleasure of meeting her. She sounds a lovely, wonderful, kind lady - so sad that life is cut short so cruelly. It really does bring it home that life is short and you never know what's round the corner. Have a good week, hugs Heather xx #11

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