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Monday, 11 February 2019

Bleeding Art Tissue Fun

  Had a play with this stuff again last week, mainly as I had it in my head that they'd make good backgrounds for my Woodware Quirky Birds stamps.

The Bleeding Art Tissue is different to ordinary coloured tissue paper, as generally the ordinary sort doesn't  do this, although I've heard some of the really cheap stuff will, but the pack of the proper stuff I bought was from Amazon- where else?- and cost £5.62 for 20  50x76 cm assorted colour sheets.
 Which gives you loads to experiment and play with. There's a wide colour range, with lights to darks in each colour.

The process is really simple. Just add  tissue to a cardstock background, spritz well with water, and leave to dry. How less complicated could a thing be?

The cardstock I've used is just a regular white cardstock, nothing fancy. I had some A3 sheets, so used them.
 I just tore up my tissue, but you can die cut it too, if you wanted circles/squares/ diamonds/hexagons etc. Depends how regular you wanted the background to be. Also, depending how carefully you lay the tissue down and spray will give assorted results. You can see white gaps in my areas of colour, which is from creases in the paper.

You can allow it to overlap, or leave spaces. You can spray the cardstock with water first to help the tissue stay in place whilst you spray it properly.
 The tissue needs to be wet through, but you don't need water running off the cardstock.

 On some sheets I gave a light spritz with spray inks first, before adding tissue, others I just left white.

These took about an hour or so to dry, then I peeled off the tissue. Don't discard this tissue- it's good for at least a couple of uses at full colour, and further uses after that the colours will gradually get paler.

Mine all went into a document wallet for next time.

All the tissue peeled off, and if there were any that you felt needed more, you could place more tissue and respray.

In order to find the best placings for my stamps, I stamped them onto OHP film, with Staz-on.

These were the 4 images I started with, but I added some more afterwards.

Now, I've read that it isn't Staz-on Ink that is harmful to Photopolymer stamps, but the Staz-on Cleaner. I'd also heard that you can use hand sanitiser to remove it from stamps, so gave it a go.


And after. It definitely does do the job.
 And while we're on the subject of cleaning, the colour from the tissue will come off on your fingers, and I can tell you that Imperial Leather soap is ace for removing ink from your skin.

These were all the images I stamped out, after they'd been trimmed down.

These two butterfly ones I've added some colour with Prismacolor pencils.

There'll be a part two to this as I get them all made up into cards.


Sarah Brennan said...

Great tips regarding cleaning up Shaz. I've had some luck with the packs of multi coloured tissue paper from The Works, although I've only used sheets once as they are so cheap.

cuilliesocks said...

Brilliant technique Shaz, lovely bold bright colours and looks fabulous with your quirky bird stamps. Thanks too for the cleaning tip, Kate x x

Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

This is something I have never tried, but it looks so much fun. Thanks for sharing!

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I'm back as promised. Look forward to seeing the cards you make too. Lovely bright colours. I so love the Woodware stamps too and the price is always good which makes them even better. Feeling guilty though as I need to get some crafting done. Happy creative week, Angela xXx

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