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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

WOYWW #431

Definitely not a lot happening this week. I was late visiting some people last week, thanks to a dodgy shoulder. I'd had it for a couple of weeks, and thought at first I'd pulled a muscle at my exercise class. When it didn't get any better, I went to the docs, and he said I'd got inflamed ligaments, and that had trapped a nerve. Can't tell you how painful it was, a bit like having sciatica, but in my arm. In the end, after about 15 mins at the pc, I'd have to go and sit on the sofa, where I could rest it on the arm. Seemed to be the only thing that eased it a little. He gave me some anti inflammatory pain killer gel, and I found out I'm not supposed to use or take anything with Ibuprofen in, due to the COPD. But it finally seems to be working, as it's definitely not as bad as it was.
So, as and when, I've been occupying myself by sorting out all my paper pads & stacks. There are loads I haven't used, and most likely never will, so I'm having a de-stash for the 'Free to good home' table at the crop.
 The fake credit card at the front is one that came through the door on some junk mail,so I kept it to add to my collection for spreading glue/paint & so on.

I did treat myself to some new Lavinia Stamps, love the fern fiddleheads.

Had my second Radiotherapy dose today (Tuesday), and my 3rd one is on Thursday. All good so far.

And so on to my 'and finally'.......

Talking of the crop, I'll be bringing my dies as usual, so remember to pack your cardstock! 24 days to go. 😀😀


Helen said...

Glad the radiotherapy is going ok. your new stamps are fab.
I love the sign - could have been made for me, as you will see from my pictures today!! Helen #??

Julia Dunnit said...

I think I am at maximum capacity, every shred of me wants to have a clear out!! Am so sorry about your shoulder, it is angers and will require yet more patience gal! Love that we're anticipating another Crop, exciting!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh, I am really sorry to hear you've been having grief with your shoulder, that sounds so painful, I hope it's getting better now. Good news about the radiotherapy too, you'll soon be through it....I hope it doesn't hit you like a ton of bricks in the next weeks though. You take things easy, missus! I love your new stamps, they're really elegant....bit like me 😉
See you very soon, can't wait!!!!
Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

lisa said...

Sorry to hear about your shoulder, Shaz but glad it seems to be improving and it's great to hear your radiotherapy is going well.
Love those Lavinia stamps, I've got my eye on those ferns, they are beautiful aren't they.
Enjoy your week
Hugs Lisax #18

Sarah Brennan said...

Sorry to hear about your shoulder, but glad the radiotherapy is going well. I'm hoping to be able to confirm after the weekend that my crafty friend and I will be joining everyone at the crop (never mind that Stoke are playing at home; it's only Southampton). I'll have to have a look through for some 'free to a good home stuff'. Happy WOYWW Sarah #18

Annie said...

I'm doing a whistle stop trip around my favourite bloggers friends between customers....first arrived 8.30 and I've already shortened 5 pair of trousers. Many more due to come today cos some idiot decided to offer 10% off her Memory bears this week.
Hope your shoulder eases for you....I suffer with the same at times but mine is just my arthritis so I've had to learn to live with it. Luckily nurofen does ease mine. I hope your treatment continues to go well for you. Can't wait for the crop.
Annie x #12

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Bloggy hugs Shaz, im not WOYWWing but wanted to say hi, I'm praying for you in treatment. I'm snowed under like my desk at no!!
Hugs Shaz.x

Neet said...

One definitely does not stop buying ... just move to another room as an annexe.
Love your Lavinia stamps - thanks for telling me about the 'free to a good home' table - will search out some stuff.
Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I have tweaked mine too and am hoping mh Chinese doctor is back next Wednesday as I need a needle or two. He did marvellous for my back and that was terrible pain so am sure he can cure this. Hope so.
Hope yours clears up soon - yes, I know about ibuprofen - doesn't go with warfarin either. Bit of a bugga!
Hugs, & Thanks for visiting me - Neet 9 xx

May said...

Thank you so much for your lovely visit early, Yes there is 2 L's it's my pen marks are a little lighter at that area.. I am so sorry about your shoulder... it's so painful.. and good news on the radiotherapy front that it going well, I adore the Lavina stamps... I had a bunch but sold them about 6 months ago on good old Ebay.. when I gave up paper crafting and took up fabric instead.. I agree totally with your caption... buying craft supplies...is fabric too right..:):) have a great week ahead I hope your shoulder continues to feel better..... May #10

Elizabeth said...

Sorry to hear about your shoulder Shaz. Hope it's fully healed soon. Good to know the radiotherapy is going well - you'll be glad when the course is complete. I've stopped buying paper too and got to admit that like you I'll probably never use all that I have already. Your new stamps are lovely - not heard of fen fiddleheads before but it's an apt name for them. And, yes, one simply does not stop buying craft supplies ... paper maybe but not everything else. See my post today and you'll spot a new item or two :) Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #25

Lindart said...

Ouch - I feel for you. Several years ago I fell on my arm and tore a ligament in my shoulder. very painful, so I can commiserate. It still hurts sometimes, aches at night (because I was too old for them to actually repair it), and I have to be careful at the gym, but the real pain is now gone. so my wish for you is that that pain goes away quickly for you, rest it whenever you can, don't do things that hurt! Have a great week, thanks for sharing! Lindart #31

Belinda said...

Hello Shaz. I hope you are feeling better. I am always amazed at how often I get hurt exercising. The very thing that is suppose to be good for me. It sounds like you are on the mend.
I need to do some sorting over here. Today I cropped the right side of my desk out for fear that it would frighten you all!!! Feel better soon so you can make beautiful art again my friend!
Belinda #32

Angela Radford said...

Hi Shaz, I am in love with those new Lavinia stamps! Sorry to hear about your shoulder, hope it's much better soon. I need to get rid of some stuff and wondering if one of the charity shops might like some of it. Thanks for the visit to mine, have a great week and a happy woyww, Angela x14x

Cara said...

Gory to hear of your shoulder woes, I hope it continues to improve and that the radiotherapy isn't too horrific and does its job x

Anne said...

Hi Shaz , glad radiotherapy going well. sorry bout the shoulder. I can't believe the crop is so close , it also means my holiday is as well :-) I can't wait!!!! I am so looking forward to meeting everyone.

Thanks for popping by and your kind comments :- My mum's situation is far from resolved unfortunately and I worry so much but just hope that it will get sorted, at the moment she is close by and safe so I have to be thankful for that at least :-)
Anne x #17

Stacy Sheldon said...

oh yeah, I get that. sometimes I buy a pad just to get a few pages out of it, so I remove just those pages and then re-gift the rest of the pad. its fun when you create some space losing the weight of things you know you won't use. Hopefully your shoulder is feeling better too.
PS I didn't can the corn, I just cleaned up after the tornado (aka Hubs ;) ) ~Stacy #33

StampinCarol said...

I have gotten rid of SO much paper and pads and given much of them to our local elementary school. Hope your shoulder gets better soon! Thanks for the visit. (I'm running later today as allergies have me down.)
Carol N #26

Sue said...

Hi Shaz, Sympathise with the shoulder, as I have had Sciatic going down my leg, due to my back flaring up.

Glad the Radiotherapy is going ok.

Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory and I can't take them as they make me breathless. My doc give me Volterol Gel, which has an anti-inflammatory in it, but it doesn't make me breathless.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #16

Lynsey McGreavey said...

Hi Shaz, I hope your shoulder is feeling a bit better, injuries all round at the moment! I am glad the radiotherapy is going well so far. keep strong love! Lyns #24

Marit said...

I'm glad your shoulder/arm feels better and that the radiotherapy is going well... you stay so positive, good for you! I wish I could be at the crop and see you all in person... Thanks for visiting my blog the other day, have a nice week. Marit #20

BJ said...

Oh my, sounds like your shoulder is/was way more painful than my foot. Hope it's getting better now. I am careful walking as it is bugging me but doesn't hurt if I rest it. Going to try badminton this evening and hopefully dance tomorrow!!! Well GP didn't say to stop, he just ordered an x-ray which I have had and an ultra sound which I am waiting on.... lovely stamps.Thanks for the visit BJ#21

Twiglet said...

Hope you are taking it easy and resting up after your treatment! I bet you have boxes of lovely dies! xx Jo

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