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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

WOYWW #432

It definitely feels like wednesday gets here faster every week, so, over to The Stamping Ground, where our lovely leader, Julia, is waiting with her Linky List for everyone.
 As I've been having a sort out & tidy, my UFO box has now expanded to two boxes, a lot of which are recent techniques I've been trying out, just waiting to be made up. So a start has been made, all the scenics, and the dragonfly images are now matted and some are having ribbon added.

For most, I'll leave them without a sentiment for now, so I can add whatever is needed at the time.

Thanks to BJ last week, who posted some dies she'd bought from The Range, and I loved the Bee ones, so I paid ours a visit in the hope of finding it. And I did, along with some bats, a cat and a hot air balloon.

Imagination crafts had a special over the weekend, with I think it was 15% off, so I bought three.

I think those Christmas trees will look great done with the Hot Foil. And the snowflake one will be good for a background.

Right, now I'm going to tell you about a place I found over the weekend. A number of people over on SCS had mentioned Aliexpress, and cheap dies. Mentioned it to Beloved Hubby, and he said it's basically the Chinese version of E-Bay.
If you like dies- and who doesn't- they have thousands, at ridiculously low prices. And free shipping, from China. All the American ladies who'd used it said they'd had no problems with orders, or cutting quality, so I had a browse.

 Just look at those prices- less than £3 a time.

And not only dies, but Embossing Folders as well. Apparently they also have a huge selection of clear stamps, but I haven't explored that yet, but again, there were favourable reports for them.
 I'll also mention something else, you can see along the top of the first screenshot something called 'Give as you Live'. I came across this a while back, and basically you register, choose a charity you want to benefit, and then when you shop at a few thousand online stores, a percentage of what you spend is donated to your chosen charity. No cost to you at all, you pay the same price as always but the company donates the percentage. Amazon are a part of it, E-Bay, Argos, B&Q, Crafters Companion- there are, I think it said, two thousand online participants. With Firefox, it puts a button on your toolbar, and you can add stores you use to your list from their pages, and it also pops up with the 'Give as you Live' banner when you visit any site affiliated with them. I know it's a tax deductible thing for the stores, but I thought it's a great way of donating, without it actually costing me any more money.
I had my fourth treatment on Monday, and my fifth and final one is today. So far, apart from being a little tired, I've had no serious side effects, so fingers crossed. Plus, my arm seems to FINALLY be getting better, it's still not right, but it's way less painful than it has been.
 And Finally.............this is totally true!


Sarah Brennan said...

Hi Shaw, glad the treatments are going well. Good luck with the last one. Some great stash there and an easy way to donate to charity which I'll be signing up for. My crafty friend and I will be coming to the crop so we'll see you there. Sarah #?

Sarah Brennan said...

Dratted auto correct 'Shaz'

craftyani said...

Wow thanks for the link for the 'chinese ebay' will have to look in more detail when I have time. Glad your treatment is going well. Anicko

AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. Hope you complete your treatment successfully and that your arm pain continues to ease. Black leggings - I bought my first pair for years and wore them yesterday (I had bought a cute cat design dress online and it was shorter than my age could cope with, so leggings and a new long cardigan were needed to make it into an outfit!). Can see a 2nd pair being purchased soon! I wanted a bat die to make up some Halloween ATCs, so will search for that particular one now. We do have a Range, but it is nearly 1 hour drive away and don't think that hubby will have the time in the next few weeks to take me up there. I have shopped on Aliexpress in the past, and delivery is reasonably prompt and products good quality. Going to look at crafty stuff now. Ali x #7

Helen said...

Hope the final treatment goes well and is just that! the final treatment!! Loved the pic of the leggings, made me giggle. Great cards - stunning. Have a good week (after today) xx Helen #1

glitterandglue said...

Morning Shaz. Goodness - the end of the treatment already! I'm so glad you are not suffering too badly through it all. Well done - almost there! Those stamped images look lovely - you've certainly been busy this week. Yes, several people have mentioned getting dies from China - they seem to have an enormous selection. The giving method is good - I know my daughter uses that or a similar one.
Take care. See you soon. God bless.
Margaret #2

Annie said...

So pleased to hear the treatment is nearly at the end and it's gone well....let's keep everything crossed now. I really love the cards you've made this week.
Annie x #13

Christine said...

Wow! to the link .... really got distracted there. What an amazing site to browse, let alone buy. 60days delivery time means I would have totally forgotten about my order and would have a wonderful surprise!!!
Thank you for sharing the link.
Love all the cards you have finished, and that your treatments went fine. Take care
Christine #20

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh that leggings meme is funny...I often change to another colour just to sort of prove that I'm changing at all! Great info about Aliexpress, good grief, you could get lost for hours! I use a fundraising app called EasyFundraising, just as you do. My purchases benefit the Acoustic Neuroma charity that gave me support last year. It's a classic case of 'every little helps', isnt it.
Love the cards coming out of your UFOs. I guess for a researcher and technique investigator, this method works well for you.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Excellent news that the treatments have finished and even better that they have wiped you out...hope you can get through the nest two weeks ok cos I'm dying to see you at the Crop! Those Christmas tree dies are gorgeous, they'd be the cards I'd buy in the shops, for sure. The black leggings made me smile...four pairs in my drawers :-D
HUgs LLJ 4 xxx

Neet said...

Thanks for the heads up on the dies - you are our true enabler. Think you wear the crown!
Just love your scenic cards, always do and you blow me away with them. I need to get some more to add to my meagre collection but will wait until the crop to ask advice.
Sadly cannot make Port Sunny. Am gutted! But it clashes with a Seth Apter workshop which cost mega bucks so I am not missing that - love Seth.
Glad you are doing ok on the treatment - take care.
Hugs & thanks for the visit to mine, Neet 10 xx

Twiglet said...

A girl can never have enough black leggings! lol. Lovely cards Shaz and I am sure you will have fun with all the new stash. Thanks for sharing all the online info too. xx Jo

Kim said...

I love how seamless your Stampscape images are.Good score with the stencils and dies-definitely will look great with the foil. Good luck with last treatment, and have a great week!
-K #28

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Wonderful news re treatment side effects Shaz, so glad it's at its end, praying for healing mercies and easing of that pain too...
Oh I drilled at stampscapes am itching to do some having seen yours.
Re Ali Express various friends use it, and recommend it - but they don't take PayPal so won't use it.
Only use sites that take PayPal. Having had my card hacked has made me more cautious as it was most inconvenient. Happened the morning I was due to go away, amd when looked back my thought was a craft site use as most likely cause.
They have some great clear stamps not a viable on eBay too. I'll survive though without them ;-)
Happy WOYWW,
Shaz in Oz.x 3 or 23, at the moment, take your pick!! Had wrong link, der!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for the visit, some awesome cards once again. Thanks for the info on cheaper dies. I use to order lace and arrival time was good but I only use Pay Pal sights also. Prayers for medical success Have a fun week and enjoy that stash

Lindart said...

Great new dies and stencils! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them! I went to the Chinese website - the prices are so low that I have to wonder if in some way they are pirated? The Chinese are known for that! A Tim Holtz stamp set for $2.50, when normally they are about $24.95 or more?? As inviting as these prices are, I don't know if I want to support pirates! Maybe someone has more info on that. Final treatment! Hurrah! Glad your arm is feeling better too! Have a great week, thanks for sharing, Lindart #31

Stacy Sheldon said...

Hey Shaz, I was so glad my coffee was sitting on the desk when I got to the last photo... lol
I have actually been good about cleaning out my closet this year. :) looks like fun things have followed you home and YAY for the feeling better even if its not at 100% yet for your arm. ~Stacy #33

Magic Maggie said...

Hi Shaz (I'm back with a new solid state hard drive - no I've no idea what that means either, but IT-Tom has assured me it's better than the old one, so almost new lap top now!!)
couple of queries regarding the dies from China. I don't mind having a look, but do you know if I would be letting myself in for serious spammage if I buy anything? Also, any idea how long they take to get here?
Maggie (Yorkite)

Magic Maggie said...

PS - I think the Stampscapes can be utilised with the Tim Holtz stamp press, to give a
'ghostly' first image for placement for adding things like moons etc. then stamping the actual dark image. Does that make sense?
Maggie again

StampinCarol said...

Glad that your treatments seem to be working and that you're feeling better! I got a laugh about the leggings. I just bought my first one last month and it's pattern is the galaxy. Had to buy a black top to wear with it. Absolutely love your Stampscapes cards!!! And pretty cool products. Have a great week!
Carol N #27

Cara said...

Looks like you've been busy! Glad to hear that the treatment is going well x

Heather Marshall said...

Hi Shaz. Great yo hear your treatments are going well. I love the cards, had to read your tutorial on stampscapes / scenic stamping. You are one talented lady! Thanks for sharing the Chinese e bay links. I think I might do my debit card some serious damage if I take a look! Have a lovely week, Heather #30

Angela Radford said...

Hi Shaz, I have to admit to going and buying that Bee die myself.as I liked it so much when I saw it. Must have a look at that website too so thanks for telling us about it. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x16x

BJ said...

Thanks for thanking me about "The Range" but you must be mistaken as I have never been in that store let alone know if one even exists near me!! LOL. I did pop into a local craft shop on Monday and see the bats you got though but was disappointed to not find the bee which I love.
Honestly I'm not getting too hot at night as I have the window open. I am so hoping being quite warm most of the day and night is hormone induced and an indication that "things" will cease soon. Sorry to hear of your frightening experiences due to being too hot at night, good job you know what causes it. Thanks for the visit. BJ#8

May said...

Great news on the treatments , your cards are amazing... they look like paintings... beautiful landscapes...Thanks for the link to the Chinese version of Ebay I most certainly will have a wee look... Hope all goes well with your final treatment... Keep Safe... May #15

Marit said...

Eeecckkk... that is a dangerous link you put on your blog... Aliexpress... I think I will have a look there (maybe first have a look in my wallet though...) The cards you made are just gorgeous, I love how they stand out now that you matted them. Thanks for visiting me earlier, hug from cold, rainy and windy Holland, Marit #25

misteejay said...

Looks like you have been very busy and you certainly have lots of new goodies to play with.
I would like to say a big thank you for the cards you sent for my RNLI fundraising and I wanted to let you know that we have now passed the £1000 mark.
Toni xx

Sue said...

Hi Shaz, I love your toppers already to go. I make cards up without sentiments, so I can grab one and put on it what I need.

You are going to be busy with all your new stash.

Hope you don't have any nasty side effects now you have finished the radiotherapy. Glad your shoulder is improving.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #21

Cardarian said...

Hi Shaz!

Talking about lovely cards - yours are amazing and how much of them you have made! I also like that you have told us about the website! I just spent a fortune because I bought something in the US and with tax and postage it cost twice as much! So I will definitely be looking at that website you recommended! Hope your therapy goes well!
Looking forward to seeing you at the crop!!!
Love and hugs

Annie Claxton said...

Those cards really are beautiful Shaz, they were definitely worth rescuing form the UFO box!
I totally recommend AliExpress, I've bought loads from there and the clear stamps are really good - word of warning from experience though, don't order multiple items from the same seller at the same time cos if they arrive in one parcel and the value goes over a certain amount you can be stung for duty AND a Royal Mail handling charge. As most of the items are postage free, it makes sense to just order each little item separately. I love getting my little envelopes from China :o) Annie C #17

Sharon Madson said...

I didn't do WOYWW this week, but happen to see a post by you on SCS and decided to pay you a visit. Lovely cards! And don't know know what a Range, is but wish we had one. Nice haul! Have a great week! I was just thinking of you. Sharon

Kyla said...

NOOOOO....! You are already known as my 'enabler'.........cheap die website....I will NOT look!!!!!! :-) (well, I may have sent the link to hubby for ideas!!).

LOVE the cards, the scenery ones are SO good, your blending skills are certainly up there with the pro-demonstrators.

ps-when did you take the photo of my legging drawer?!

Shoshi said...

Shaz, you're the greatest temptress on WOYWW... The Chinese Ebay looks totally brilliant! It won't be the first time I've been tempted into buying stuff after seeing things on your blog!! I really laughed at the leggings picture - I've just had a clear out of my wardrobe because my old black leggings are falling off me and very wrinkly round the legs since I've lost all that weight and I've had to buy some more!

I love all the cards you've made. Those scenic ones are beautiful! I agree with you about not putting sentiments on till you need to. Then you've always got something suitable. My card stash is now empty and I haven't made any for ages and really ought to... Time for another card factory methinks.

Very glad to hear that you've come to the end of the treatment and that so far the side effects haven't been too bad. It's good that your arm is also starting to recover. These things certainly do take time. I've still got the same peripheral neuropathy from my chemo which I finished nearly 2 years ago (can't believe it's that long ago!) and it doesn't look like improving after all this time. Still, I always say it's a small price to pay for being alive! I haven't had the result of the latest CT scan yet and am still in limboland as far as the parastomal hernia is concerned - I just want the beastly thing fixed once and for all, even if it does mean further surgery! It would mean being away from the kitties though... I was out all day yesterday at an ileostomy assn. day and it was the longest I'd ever been away from them! They are so so gorgeous and we love them so much! They are growing fast, and are great fun and have sweet affectionate natures too.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #35 Hugs to you both xxx

Sarah said...

Good luck with your final treatment. As for leggings live in them all year - even in the summer under a maxi dress as it stops the dreadful rubbing of legs ;-) Love you cards - the colours are stunning. Hugs Sarah #34

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