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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

WOYWW #419

So here we are, back at The Stamping Ground, where Mistress Julia will attempt to keep us in order!
Two more ATC's on my desk this week, the top one from Andrea, an ATC, in a pouch, all in a card. So much work involved, it's gorgeous Andrea.
 Bottom one is from ShazinOz, again a lovely card with the awesome ATC, the background is stunning, love it, thank you both so much for swapping.

From Donna, over in France, this fabulous book full of 'stuff', and a hand-drawn & coloured card, its fab Donna, so many awesome bits & pieces, thank you, truly.

Elsewhere on my desk:

 I don't get many papercrafting or card making magazines, but this stamp set, free with Making Cards caught my eye.

 Visible Image released some new stamp sets, 3 in all I think, but this one called to me. I think it's because the clock spiral and falling figures made me think of a '60's show, The Time Tunnel. The door made me think of The Twilight Zone, although I know that was a window, not a door in the opening credits.

Last thing is some card fronts I've been working on, for Christmas cards, a smaller version of some I did last year using an Imagination Crafts stencil. More on these later this week, I'll do the post up & schedule it. On Friday we are off down to London to see Guns'N'Roses on Saturday, coming home Sunday afternoon, so there won't be a lot of crafting done till late Sunday, or more likely Monday.

 I've had a date for my MRI, 4th July. As we go on holiday for 10 days on the 13th, plus they have to review & discuss the images, I doubt we will have any more info before the end of July.

And this week, yet another truth.Pretty sure it's cheaper than therapy, though maybe not by much.😎

The post below this one is how I made my ATC's, so at least I got that done.


Helen said...

what gorgeous cards/atcs you received and a fab book from Donna! the border stamps are great too. Helen #?

Sarah Brennan said...

Great haul. I've been eying up those Visible Image stamps too (latest Doctor Who opening credits). Happy WOYWW Sarah #?

Claire said...

Oh my, so many wonderful treasures! LOVE those stamps!
Happy WOYWW!
Claire no. 4

Neet said...

Well, have a lovely holiday first and foremost.
I can see why you were tempted to buy that VI stamp - lovely. As are the atc's you got and the parcel from donna with some of her fab artwork. Definite treasures.
Hugs, Neet 7 xx

Annie said...

Really hope you have a lovely holiday. Love your new stash....have fun.
Annie x #14

sandra de said...

Wonderful collection of goodies, ATC's and beginnings of cards. I haven't thought about the "Twilight Zone" for 40 years and I loved it... I will now have to google and see if there are some old clips. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
sandra de @11

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I got an Andrea Special too! Aren't they beautiful , she's a very talented lady 😊 That border stamp set is brilliant, I bet you'll use that loads of times!
Hugs LLJ 3 xxx

Kathyk said...

Fab desk, projects and swaps - loving the V.I. set too - quite understand why it called to you



lisa said...

You've got some lovely things there, Shaz. Those border stamps will be so useful. I had some awhile ago and thought I'd never use them and guess what? They come out all the time!!!
Love the VI stamps too.
Have a good week
Hugs Lisax #23

Christine said...

Oooh! have a sensational time!
My eldest daughter introduced my son to them and after they both left home, I really missed the music ..... seem to have gone green eyed again!
Shall look forward to your post .... hint, hint!
Enjoy the week
Christine #24

Twiglet said...

Guns and Roses - wow - lucky you - have a fab weekend! x

Twiglet said...

AND thanks lots for our fab ATCs - I love mine! xx Jo

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Lovey goodies! I can't believe those border stamps came free with a magazine! I used to get the Craft Stamper for a while, but they stopped giving away free stamps in every issue so I stopped my subscription. I think a lot of other people did as well, in protest! Plus I always just flicked through the magazine and never actually read it properly. I'd rather invest in art books. Enjoy your week! zsuzsa #28

May said...

Guns & Roses.. My fav song of theirs well one of them anyway is civil war... Have a fabulous time... Now those ATC's are so beautiful Love the boarder stamps & the visible image stamps... Have a great week ahead... May #29

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Shaz, I think we must read each others minds. I bought the mag. with the border stamps, despite trying not to buy magazines and I've ordered the stamps by Visible image. I already have a smaller version of the clock and it was that I think attracted me to it, we shall see. Oh no not you as well, somebody is trying to tell me something....start the Christmas cards!!! Happy crafty woyww, Angela x16x

Cheetarah said...

Oh, I love those new releases from VI too! Have a great week :) WOYWW Cheetarah #37

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Ahh wondered which one I sent you Shaz, I couldn't remember. I make all different ones, rarely do batches. But don't do as many as you do. Your card was masked image originally but I smudged some ink :( so resorted die cutting and attaching on an embossed card :D
Well done on starting on Christmas cards and been praying for your MRI to be fine.
Thanks so much for your great desky share.
Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x #31

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Bubbles said...

Have a fantastic time at the GandR concert... try not to look too much at Axl and wish he hadn't had that surgery lol (It's what I do all the time)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Bubbles #13

Cara said...

Yep, I bought the magazine for those borders too! Looks like you've had lots of happy mail. Enjoy the concert (totally jealous by the way) and fingers crossed for your scan x

AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. It is wonderful to receive these fab ATCs. It got me back into the ATC trading addiction - and enjoying doing some small pieces of art. I got that magazine too - the stamp set will be really useful. Ali x #42

505whimsygirl said...

Hello Shaz!
There's a lot of love on your desk! The cards and ATCs are beautiful. I bet it's interesting to see everyone's style and how they use colors. Hmm, I don't know if crafting is cheaper than therapy. Maybe.....

Have a great time at Guns N Roses and on holiday. I hope you get positive news from the MRI. How many concerts have you been to?

Thank you for sending me one of your ATCs! It's in my craft room of the bookshelf!

Hugs, Kay (43)

Unknown said...

Great ATCs!! Lots of goodies on your desk! And you get to see Guns 'N' Roses!!! How cool! Hope all goes well with your MRI. I had an ultrasound yesterday and hopefully it's just a cyst. Long wait to find out. Thanks for the visit and have a fabulous weekend!!!
Carol N #39

Lindart said...

I LOVE that Visible Image set! I will have to look them up to see what other awesome stamps they have! Those border stamps look like they will come in handy!Your card fronts are beautiful, I look forward to seeing the completed cards! Have a great holiday! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #64

Sharon said...

I must admit to being a sucker for the mags. I am trying to stay away from buying them but that stamp is cute. I can see myself using that one.

Sharon K #38

buterfliecrafter said...

Awesome new stamps, not dure whether crafting is cheaper turn therapy though,more fun for dure,vicky#18

Andrea said...

Hi, shaz thanks for visiting earlier and for your kind comment, I love your new stamps I saw them on tv they look ace, looking forward to seeing what you create. I hope the guns and roses concert is wonderful and you have a great time...but don't over do it:-) .you are so organised making Christmas cards, the stencils look great.thanks for sharing how you made your ATCS ....you made so many ...wow..and they all look fabulous ..your colouring techniques are always great.I am thinking about getting a stamping platform as my stamping is always a bit dodgy!I am going to post mine next week.... that's the plan for now anyway but there won't be any detail of how !...4th July isn't too long to wait for your MRI although i am sure it seems an age away to you... hopefully your holiday will help you take your mind off the wait for the results a little. I do hope you have a fabulous week and weeknd and im sure we will hear all about it next week ...crafty hugs Andrea x #10

Dorlene Durham said...

Great projects as usual. That was a great free border set stamps you got in the magazine! I love that. Have a great week. Thanks for the earlier visit. Dorlene #44

pearshapedcrafting said...

Some beautiful goodies Shaz! I haven't looked at Visible Image for a while but I will now! This set looks great!
Love that fun quote! Love how you made your ATCs - they looks gorgeous! Hugs, Chrisx

Stacy Sheldon said...

It probably depends on where you fall in the "collector gatherer" spectrum as to if it is "cheaper" or not hee hee but, I do believe that truth too. Ooh the border stamps look like a really cool variety. (worth the price of the Mag)
yep, sorting the papers has been a good thing. I am working on letting go of some of the guilt.
Have a great trip! :)
~Stacy #45

BJ said...

I'm not a big stamper but that set would have caught my eye too, good job they didn't have that magazine in Sainsbury's today! LOL. Thanks for visiting me BJ#5

okienurse said...

WOW busy desk and things to see! I love the card fronts, the stamps, the book Donna sent you, all the ATC! I loved my ATC I got last week. I have a thing about fairies...not really nice creatures at all but hey the ATC stamp is awesome! My great-grandmother use to regale me with stories about how the fairies in her homeland would eat kids that didn't follow the rules. OMG! I believed her! Have a great week and thanks for stopping by my desk earlier. Vickie #26

Sharon Madson said...

I have to say, I am loving this week's "truth". I must really be sane, with all the crafting I do! LOL. Thanks for your earlier visit! #50

Shoshi said...

Lovely set of ATCs, Shaz, and I like the border stamps - they should come in very useful for all sorts of projects, and they are a decent length, too. Being quite narrow, you may be able to curve them too. Wishing you all the best for your MRI. Thank you for your lovely comment. Sadly Beatrice had to be put to sleep on Wednesday afternoon. Phoebe's death caused a fairly rapid decline and she seemed to have given up the will to live. We are both feeling devastated and bereft and looking urgently for 2 new babies to love. The house without kitties is horrible.

Happy belated WOYWW,

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