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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

WOYWW #409

Well, I'm back after a weeks absence. Managed to lose a day last week, and was convinced it was Tuesday. Mainly because Beloved Hubby had to work days last Monday for a course, which meant he stayed up Monday night instead of Sunday, so I thought Tuesday was Monday, and so on. Blame the diminishing working brain cells- they trip me up no end of times.
 So, the desk then, as I'm here to link up with Auntie Julia over at The Stamping Ground, to see what everyones up to.

Working my way through a whole batch of card fronts I've made up, using an assortment of Tim Holtzs Mixed Media dies.

Using them to make all sorts of cards, just changing the paper for the backing depending on what I'm going to turn it in to. There'll be a blog post with the first batch later in the week.

Here are all the die cuts, along with a selection of backing papers I'd sorted out. Another stash buster, using up random backing sheets made in the past- alcohol inks, oil pastels,  and some Brusho ones.

 Some recent E-Bay finds, the TH mini Blueprints,as I can definitely use them for Halloween. A lot of the blueprints don't grab me, understandably they seem very Americanised, but I liked these.
 The headphone die, and the birds on a wire are more cheap China dies, less than a couple of quid each, and as you can see, the headphones are quite a decent size.

Last, but not least, is something I'd have shown last week. Eldest Son, Ant, had taken up a new hobby, needle felting. Said it was something he could do to unwind after work,while watching telly at night, without having to pay too much attention to what he was doing.

 This awesome little penguin was part of my Mothers Day gift! He's only about 2" high, max. Just how sweet is he?

Anyway, thats me done for this week, so Happy Wednesday, and I'll see you later.


Helen said...

Glad you remembered the day this time!! love your pile of die cut work. As for the penguin - LOVE him! Happy WOYWW Helen #??

misteejay said...

Good bit of stash busting going on thee Shaz and a few new goodies to play with.
Love the penguin - isn't it adorable.
Toni xx

Annie said...

I'm chuckling at your son saying he can needle felt and watch telly....I'd be like a pin cushion if I did that....those needles are so unforgiving. Love the little penguin he made for you.
Hope you have a great week.
Annie x #7

Kathyk said...

FAB desks and projects under way - loving your mothers day giftie too, you named it yet?



BJ said...

Adorable penguin what a super gift, great inspirations for the TH mixed media dies and love the birds on a wire too Happy WOYWW BJ#9

Christine said...

Good job you're only being forgetful .... welcome back!
Love that penguin! How thoughtful to make it for you, us Mom's appreciate things like that don't we?
Take care and have a good week - look forward to seeing the completed cards
Christine #17

Sarah Brennan said...

Glad we didn't miss you this week. That's a cute penguin and great for a beginner to a hobby, you must be proud of your son. A much nicer Mother's day gift than shop bought. Sarah #4

donna garner said...

Once Ant has stabbed himself a few times whilst watching telly and felting he may realise it's perhaps not such a good idea? but no blood on your pingu so he must have amazing spatial awareness... I posted and then couldn't get tot he desks last week so didn't realise you were lost in a timewarp, I rarely know what day it is but the weeks are now punctuated by WOYWW so it can rightly be said to be keeping me sane!Dxxx #17

Diana Taylor said...

I'm loving how organised you are with your card toppers at the ready! I love your little needle felted penguin and am very impressed that it's a new hobby for your son - I haven't mastered 3D needle felting yet, it flops and doesn't seem to take the shape I want it to, so hats off to him!
Hope you have a good week,
Diana x #20

Julia Dunnit said...

My word you've made those die cuts work beautifully, that corner flourish looks fab. Love how different we are, I think the TH graphic things are on the whole really fab, but I don't think I'd use the set you've brought at all! another doubt you'll change my mind by samples!
Good for Ant, any hobby that helps any body unwind is a good thing. A man with a needle in his hand is, like a man holding an iron, a thought that will give many women the vapours!!

lisa said...

I love how you batch make stuff, Shaz, you are very efficient. I love these mixed media dies and have been using them myself this week.
Your penguin is gorgeous. I had to smile though, if your son needle felts while watching the telly I hope he doesn't stab himself too many times, those felting needles are lethal.
Have a good week.
Hugs Lisax #25

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Hi Shaz! I really like your card factory! I can see how it works with different background behind the die-cut windows. A very efficient method to make lots of cards in one go that are still unique. Loving the penguin - felting is not a hobby you would associate with the male species but it's great if it helps your son unwind. What a lovely Mother's Day present! Hope you're doing well! zsuzsa #22

Vicky Fisher said...

great use of your stash! that penguin is super duper cute. Happy WOYWW Vicky #23

sandra de said...

Great collection of goodies and you look set to create an great amount of cards. I can see your eldest son has definitely picked up you amazing eye for detail even while watching tv.
sandra de @26

Diane Baker-Williams said...

You've been busy! Looking forward to seeing how you use the TH mixed media die cuts in your card making. I have them but haven't done a lot with them as not sure how to use them. Super cute penguin but he needs a name!

Sharon Koole said...

Love the penguin! Lovely to receive it from your son. I tried doing it once and wasn't very good at it. Perhaps I need a little more patience lol.

I'm not a big fan of those blueprints but the Halloween one looks fun. You made a lot of backgrounds! Fun.

Sharon K #34

sue jones said...

I SO need to do this too - I have loads of half finished projects!. I adore the penguin :) I have done a little felting before fun but potentially dangerous too ha ha. Have a great week. soojay xx

Neet said...

How lucky you are to have a son who crafts, wish mine was interested - even in the things I make (he isn't). Still I love hm!
Cor, the headphone die looks quite a size, what plans have you for that?
Looking forward to seeing what you do with those batch cards next week Shaz, you do such great things with your cards.
Hugs, Neet 2 xx
ps the doorway stamps are Katzelkraft ones - you really should give that show a go, the people are amazingly friendly

Heidi Stamps said...

Lovely pile of die cuts, they seem to have so much potential!

I love the felted penguin. It is a nice soft craft. I have some ornaments I purchased at a craft fair that are needle felted and I just love em. Hope your son has fun with it!

Lindart said...

How wonderful for Ant to take up felting! Men seldom have more exciting hobbies than watching sports on TV (that is my hubbie's "hobby")so good for him! The penguin is adorable! You are doing so well with all those cards! I like the TH blueprint stamps, but often use them by cutting off all the blueprint parts! I love the set you got - I will have to look for it! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #38

Carol Norby said...

I hope your son hasn't needled his finger while watch TV and felting, that's something I'd probably do. But that is one adorable little penguin!!! Love all your die cuts, you're going to have quite a stash when these become cards! Thanks for the visit and I hope you have a most wonderful week!
Carol N #31

Sue said...

Hi Shaz, I am loving your batch of cards. Have fun with your new stash.

The Penguin is so cute.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #14

Robyn said...

sweet little bird! and looking very tidy on the desk front!
robyn 3

Monica said...

Oh that penguin is fantastic. needle felting is so fulfilling. I missed last week as I thought Tuesday was Wednesday and appeared in gym gear to a baffled hubby who inquired what I was doing. The rest of the day stumbled along.

Yes the little grey cells are bing replace by bubbles!

Have a fun filled week
monica #35

Dorlene Durham said...

Great card fronts and that little penguin is adorable! Happy WOYWW! Dorlene #37

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, you have been busy. It must feel good to use up those backing sheets too. I like the idea of stash busting, especially when it means using up all those experiments with inks, paints, dies, etc., and it puts the fun back into cardmaking too. I don't like the large blueprint stamps much either but that collection of small one looks very useful. I know a teenager who would appreciate the cat and the skull :) The penguin is adorable - a lovely gift from your son. However, I have visions of a nasty accident happening if he doesnt 'pay too much attention' to using that felting needle - it looks fairly vicious to me! Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #30

PS: still having trouble with my Internet connection but taking advantage of it being up now.

Melissa said...

Those backing papers & die cuts all piled up is such a happy stack!!

Suzanne Alexis said...

I love your idea about the cards, doing the die cuts and then using different backing papers. How cool that your son is doing needle felting - how creative! Your desk looks so neat and organized, too. Thanks for visiting me and your kind words.

Suzanne #43

Angela Radford said...

You're not the only one! If something changes during the week it just throws me and I keep thinking it's a different day. I don't think I've ever been very different I just like things in a neat order unfortunately that doesn't seem to work for my desk Lol! Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x24x

Stacy Sheldon said...

that penguin is so cool, I am so impressed your son made him for you :) looks like fun cards are coming together soon too, thanks for the earlier visit, ~Stacy #39

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Way to go Ant, that little penguin is fab! I don't think I could needle felt whilst telly watching though, there would be much blood letting :-D. And tell me about losing days, it's worse now neither me or Gordon work - thank goodness for band practices and woyww, they are markers through the week!
Hugs, LLJ 10 xxx

Sharon Madson said...

I guess there is a die for everything, now! Your TH card fronts look fun. Love your little penguin! :)
Thanks for stopping by my space earler. #42

Marit said...

Oooh, that penguin is so cute! Gifts like that are the best don't you think? I, too, find lots of stuff "Americanised' - art-materials are big business! You found some lovely blueprints! Thanks for visiting my desk last week (yep, I'm late with visiting back) Love from Holland, Marit #13

Bubbles said...

I recently bought the birds on the wire die too :) I thought of quite a few uses for it - then forgot about all the ideas I'd had... my memory is so bad these days lol. I had a quickie peek at the earrings you'd shown... beautiful!

WOYWW #507- or the getting my act together edition.

Yep, because that's a thing. Of course, maybe if I did all the stamping/ putting in inserts to my cards  and sorted out the envelopes, ...