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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Making some new ear rings!

Okay, so something a little different to my usual posts today. This all came about after the post came off an ear ring Doug bought me the last time we were on holiday, which I wanted to fix. I had also noticed though that after a few days, my ears started to get irritated when I wore these, leading me to think the metal posts were not nickel free.

 So after a bit of Googling, I ordered some new ear ring posts, and backs. Both Surgical Steel, the backs silver plated as well.

Both packs came in 100 count, so that meant I was going to have 48 pairs left after fixing mine.

Which left only one option- a bit of Internet shopping for some suitable cabochon stones to make myself some new ear rings with.😀

I went looking for semi precious stone cabochons, and found quite a few in suitable sizes. I did discover that the backs that had been on my original ear rings were slightly smaller than the new ones, and as some stones I ordered were intended to fit the old size, I've had to Google again and find some smaller ones, lol. Good old Amazon to the rescue.
 Anyway, I found 8mm round was ideal for the new posts, so set to adding the stones to the posts.
 Roughed up both the back of the stones and the posts, then used superglue- as thats what most jewellery sites were selling for the purpose- to add the stones.  I have to say, it's possible I didn't add enough glue in some cases, as a few came apart, so next I tried some Epoxy resin glue,but next day I still had a couple of pairs come apart.
 I cleaned them off, and tried the superglue again, this time adding it to both faces, and this seems to have done the trick.

This is the first batch, and from left to right, the stones are:
Flourite, Jasper,Blue Goldstone, Amethyst, Black Onyx and Green Aventurine.
 Although it doesn't show in the pic, the Blue Goldstone has tiny sparkles within the stone.

The remaining stones, L to R again:
The original glass ear rings in Brown & Blue, Tigers Eye, Malachite,Sodalite, Carnelian,Smoky Quartz, Haemetite, Blue Paua Shell and Snowflake Obsidian.

I just have to wait for the smaller posts to arrive, then I can make up some more using the smaller stones. Best part of this is that most of the stones cost between 35p and 80p each, meaning I got new ear rings for less than £2 a pair, which is a great deal, I think you'll agree.

Supplies bought from:
Manchester Minerals
Beads Direct


Kathyk said...

YAY! Now you can change your earrings daily! Very pretty, shame you had to have several goes before you found a glue that worked.

Hope you are continuing with your recovery and feeling GOOD


Cara said...

Fabulous makes, and at a bargain price too! Cara x

misteejay said...

What a super collection of earrings - you have been busy.
Can I ask what form of Supaglue you used. The normal liquid type can be a bit hit & miss but I've never had any problems with the Gel version. Only problem is, I've only ever been able to find it in rather small tubes. Look forward to seeing the next batch of makes when your other backs arrive.
Toni xx

Shoshi said...

Great to make lovely new earrings, Shaz, and I'm glad you found some posts to suit, that don't irritate your ears. This is a problem for me too. I put Vaseline on them and on my ears and that creates a barrier, and I find I can wear them for a bit longer that way without irritation. Can you tell me what that board is that you've laid them out on? It looks most intriguing!

Shoshi xx