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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

WOYWW #392

Hello again, and I'd be curious to know where that last week vanished to!Linking up as always at WOYWW Towers, otherwise known as The Stamping Ground, home of our Glorious Leader, Julia.
A few things on my desk today, all related to each other. This pic is a Birthday Book I bought from Wilkinsons last week. Well, it's the covers from it, anyway. You see, I bought the book, then when I unwrapped it, I realised it was totally useless as it was.The 'pockets'- and I use that term very loosely- were just a piece of paper across the bottom of the page. I could possibly have got one birthday card in it. Maybe. So, I thought I could improve that, I slit down each side of the paper, then taped a plastic pocket to each page, then stuck the paper with the date list back on top.
Like so. Then I decided I didn't like the covers anyway, and I keep saying I'm going to dabble in some mixed media, and the next thing you know, I've got the covers off!
 I've given them a coat of gesso, as the surface was slightly shiny.
 And thats as far as the plan goes, at the moment. Not a clue what I'm going to do next, to be honest.

However, that does take me neatly to the next pics. First, a pic of some stuff from a visit to the former  Pink Tulip, now called Amelias Creative Crafts, back last weekend.
I have to say that it is much improved since my visit a while ago, and a lot more products being stocked, so it looks like they are investing in the business.
 Anyway, these metal pieces were 3 for a £1, I got a box of little wooden pieces, and a couple of bags of small wooden words. Plus the pack of Woodware book rings, a large size in a pack of 24 for £2.50. Didn't have a project for them then, but now they'll be very useful. I'll use half a dozen to put the book back together, instead of the wire binder that it had.
 It also caused me to start having a hunt around amongst my stuff for other odds & ends. I'll put most of the pictures in the post when I start making it, but suffice to say I had a lot of 'Wow, I'd forgotten about that' and 'So that's where I put them' moments, 😁😁.

Then, I went off over to the town for my regular walk, and called in at The Works. Found loads of these little wooden things, at £1 each, and a whole alphabet set in wood for £2.

This tub of stuff was given to me by Beloved Hubby a few weeks ago. Anyone care to guess what they used to be? I'll tell you next week.😎

I tell you what, looking out all this stuff took me right back to when my eldest, Ant, was about 10-11 years old. He seriously got into model making, and he had this humungous box in his room, filled with all sorts of broken stuff, bits of broken toys/models,screws, nuts,paper tubes, lids from bottles- you name it, it was in there. Way ahead of his time, lol.

He still does the same sort of stuff now- some of these started as kits, and he's added stuff to them to change the appearance. Real 3-D altered art.

This is just a fraction of the models he builds- many of them are packed away as they are just too large to have out.

So, I'm almost done. I'll be around to visit later, as I had an appointment come through finally to see the Thoracic surgeon, at 9.10 this morning. I rather expect we should get a surgery date today, so, I'll add any info I get as an edit when we get back, and if you've already visited me by then, I'll let you know in my comment.

Back from the appointment, not exactly happy. When we got there, the surgeon wasn't in clinic, we saw his registrar, and he now has to speak to the surgeon about scheduling the surgery! So don't actually know when it will be, but it does look like mid-January is likely. They have no surgery listings for next week, which would take us too close to Christmas if it was the week after.  We did find out that as it turns out, all the areas of my lungs are operating at the same level, which was not what he was hoping for, so the surgery will have an impact on my breathing. Hopefully it will be keyhole, and they will take out the nodule with some surrounding tissue to make sure they've cleared it all.  Fairly certain it is a new primary Lung cancer, as it has grown, only by 4mm since June, but  still it is growing. The likelihood of it being a secondary Bowel cancer was never very high, as there was no sign of any spread to lymph nodes when that was removed. So not really any further forward.


Helen said...

Firstly, I hope it all goes well today at the appointment and you get a date. I like your pile of metal and wooden bits - and your tub of stuff too. No idea what it came from so look forward to the reveal next week! Helen #?

Chidkid said...

Wow.. what a lot of great purchases. Fantastic modelling by your son! Good luck with the surgeon today. Happy WOYWW Elaine No 15

Annie said...

Really hope all goes well this morning....I will be waiting for your update....got everything crossed for you.
I really love all your show and tells today......I can imagine lots of wonderful creations coming out of it all.
Annie x #12

sandra de said...

Hope all goes well with your appointment. I think you and mixed media would be a great mix.... looking forward to seeing how the book turns out.
sandra de @9

Anne said...

Hello. Hope that the appointment went really well and you get a date. Love all the bits and pieces you have displayed this week!! Anne x #16

Neet said...

Oh Shaz, I hope the date you get (if you get one) is a pleasing one for you. Not sure whether you want it to be over for Christmas or wait until afterwards. Not sure what I would like but I am glad I am having my polyp removed on the 20th but that is so minor compared to what you have in store.
Loved seeing all the bits on your desk, especially DH's gift to you. I saw some fab Steampunk stuff in a shop the other day but a tad too expensive to buy there and then. Put Willow Hall (not Willow AND Hall) in the search engine and you can see what I mean. There is lots of fab stuff other than steampunk too.
Thinking of you right now more than ever.
Hugs, Neet 2 xx

misteejay said...

Hope all goes well with your appointment.

Lots of super bits to play with Shaz - lovely collection of wooden items.
Toni xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I've been out most of the morning, so just read your edited post. Grrrr about the surgeon, it really ticks me off that they don't seem to have any awareness of your needs. Let's hope they can do the keyhole surgery and get rid of it once and for all...I am sorry to hear that your breathing will be affected though...but let's ne positive, maybe with exercises it won't be as bad as you think. Sending you big squishies.
You have been having fun buying all those bits and pieces, I look forward to seeing what you make with them :-D
HUgs, LLJ 7 xxx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I must stop by the Works to pick up some of those wooden embellishments! They seem rather cheap compared to what you get online. Yay for tipping your toes into mixed media - if you're anything like me, you never gonna look back! Can't wait to see what you do with those covers! Good luck with your surgery - I think middle of January is good - the surgeons will be all freshly rested from their holidays, but if it's before Christmas then at least you can go into the new year all done and dusted - there are always advantages to every situation. Will keep my fingers crossed for you! Thanks for stopping by earlier! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #17

BJ said...

Great revamp of the birthday book, love the embellishments and sorry to hear the appointment/surgery date is still outstanding. I've resorted to bought cards this year with added sparkle as I had a much more pressing experience this week..... BJ#20

Sharon said...

Sorry about the outcome of the appointment. It is all very frustrating. I hope you get a date soon. It must be such a worry.

Love all the goodies you got - what a wonderful lot of bargains! I can't wait to see what you do with the basket of goodies.

Sharon K #21

Lindart said...

I love how we (us creative types) can look at something and say - no, not right - and then just CHANGE it!!!! I have to say, a lot of people can't do that. Hope you post your finished (better) version! Too bad you didn't get anything definite about your surgery, it must be frustrating, but at least you have a ballpark date. Hang in there, keep busy, and you will be in surgery before you know it! Thanks for sharing Lindart #26

Angie said...

Look at all that cool stuff. Looks like you've got loads of fun ahead of you. Good luck with your appointment..
Thanks for the visit!

Sue said...

Hi Shaz, Loving your new stash. Those wooden items are fab. We have The Works in town, but it's a small shop and they don't have much crafting things.

Hope they can get you in early next year and it all goes well and you recover quickly.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #23

Julia Dunnit said...

You'll be giving Debbie Rock the vapours with that gift of metal parts and discs...treasure to her! I like the wooden pieces, but mostly I enjoyed reading that you bought the birthday book and then picked it apart to improve it. Oh so like you. Am looking forward to the new covers...you might be turning over to the MM side!!

Shoshi said...

What a fascinating post, Shaz. Lots of really different stuff to look at, not to mention all that fun new stash. As for the box from your hubby, we both looked at that, and couldn't imagine what it was! It all looks too clean to have come from a motorbike or something - but my hubby said it definitely wasn't that. I can see some ball-races, but what all those discs are is beyond me! Looking forward to next week's reveal all! I'm so sorry to hear that when at last you got an appointment, it was so very unsatisfactory. Honestly, they haven't half messed you around, and you've been waiting ages! I hope everything goes through swiftly now, though, and you can get that nodule out, and hopefully after that, all will be well.

Thank you for your comment - so glad you like my tea bag tree rings lol! It was a real spur of the moment thing to make them, when the teabag stains caught my eye again. Phoebe seems fine now, thank goodness.

Hope you have a good week, and some positive news soon.
Happy WOYWW and loads of love to you both,
Shoshi #18

Stacy Sheldon said...

maybe something to make steampunk art? (not sure but just a guess) that looks like bits and pieces of something not one item with all those huge washers though?

I sure hope you get it done faster I am guessing since it has grown you will feel better with it gone ( crossing fingers ) (( HUGS ))

anyways I just banged my head on the wall for a while in amazon looking for the pockets ( I originally followed a link at scs in the organizing clear stamps thread one of them) I will look again tonight when I get home. but, they feel the same thickness plastic wise and may be a little bit like less than 1/4" wider than the avery elle pockets. they are big enough to hold a magnet sheet with dies and or clear stamps either way.
~Stacy #25

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Gosh, what a busy post today so many interesting things. I promise I will get round to showing the birthday cards. Sorry to hear you've not really got much further as regards your op. date you must be fed up with it. Keep smiling Shaz. Have a great woyww what's left of it and happy crafty week, Angela x 14 xXx

Sharon Madson said...

What a great idea about the book, taking off the spiral and using the rings. I might do that , because I am the same way, playing around with mixed media. Shaz, so sorry the appointment didn't go as planned. I just hope the surgery will go well for you, and sending prayers up for you. You are so sweet to have already visited me, with all that is going on for you. #24

Unknown said...

It's great being a crafter! If you pick up something (like your book) and it's not exactly what you wanted. We can always alter it! Fun! Love all your goodies! Sorry to hear about your lungs. Lots of hugs to you! #28 Jen (My Scrap Menagerie)

Morti said...

I've come to the conclusion that I might just as well buy a couple of boxes with XL lids, as I'll only end up with two regular lids and no box.... hehehehe

My guess is the parts Doug gave you used to be hard drives? They'll be fun to make something of!

Love what you've been up to, can't wait to see what you've pulled out of the mixed media bag.

Thanks for stopping by!

Morti @10

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Mm Shaz just thought I must've missed a medical update so scrolled back and found this one.
Praying for a for good solution for you with this. It joust be frustrating for you. It can be at times, and even more so when it drags on and on. Praying for successful op in Jan.
Back to check out today's WOYWW.
Shaz in Oz.x

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