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Tuesday 26 July 2016

Look away now if you don't want to see 'C' cards!

These are the three designs I have so far. All are made with embossing paste and stencils, and were started a couple of years ago, to be honest with you.

They are a mixture of white, gold and silver embossing paste, all by Dreamweaver. I also discovered at this time that you can colour white paste- I added some green ink to it and it worked well. You do have to be careful with this, you don't want to thin the paste too much, so I'd recommend using the darkest colour of whatever you have, that way just a couple of drops will give you a good result.

These are the three Dreamweaver stencils, I'll put the numbers & names at the end.

In every case, glitter was added to the wet paste after the stencil had been removed, the glitter generally matching the colour of the paste.

For the NOEL stencil, I just glittered the snowflake which replaces the 'O'. I used silver and gold, and also green on some.

The post I did originally about this embossing is HERE.  

As long as you are careful with the addition of the glitter, then tip off the excess straight down, it's possible to avoid getting much, if any, on the letters either side.

So this weeks plan was to destash as many of these as possible, whilst also attacking the Christmas backing paper mountain!

All the toppers were trimmed and matted onto coordinating card, then trimmed again to leave a narrow border.

The Christmas backing paper mountain- 2 Really Useful Boxes, one a 12x 12, one an A4. Mainly backing paper, although I did actually find a lot of other stamped Christmas images, and also left over cards from the last few years. These I have cut down, and will probably try and make some larger cards with them.

The card blanks are from PDA Card & Paper, and were 148x105mm landscape.
I've used them here as both top fold and side fold cards,the Baubles and Trees being top fold orientation. An assortment of backing papers were used to cover the front of the cards, trying not to use anything too 'busy'.
 After they were all mounted, some acrylic gemstones were added in a few places on the baubles for a bit of extra bling.
A greeting was added in a suitable colour- I must admit this photo gave me a panic moment. I thought I'd mounted one of the toppers upside down!  Turns out I hadn't, I'd just swapped the side I put the greeting on to avoid the baubles on the paper. Phew!

The Christmas trees also have acrylic jewels added in a colour to match the mounting card. These are not quite finished, I want acrylic stars to add to the star on top of the tree, and I don't have any. Waiting for an Amazon delivery now to finish them.
The greeting is a different stamp, to fit the space available.Also, I used ink colours to match the acrylic gems.
The Noel cards are mounted onto bases covered with Christmas paper, and have an acrylic gem added to the centres of the snowflake. This Greeting is from  Clevercut.

The backs of the cards were now stamped with one of the personalised stamps I had from Visible Image. I must admit, this was a bit nerve racking,  I was worried about smudging it so much.It all came out ok in the end, but it will be easier on the nerves to do that bit first in future I think.

 Card base, PDA Card & Paper
  Colour: White; Size A Single Creased - Regular: 148x105 Landscape (cut 296x105mm)
 LL468, Vertical Ornaments
LL573, Swirly Christmas Tree
LL511, Noel Snowflake.
Embossing paste, in white, silver & gold. 
Merry Christmas stamp, Stamps Away/Clevercut, on NOEL card. 
The other two Christmas Greetings I've had for years, and no idea who made them, sorry.
Glitter in red, green, gold, silver & white.
 Acrylic gems to match. 
 Christmas backing papers
 Cardstock to match for matting &  layering.


Barb said...

My goodness Shaz you've certainly been busy. Beautiful makes and well done with your de-stashing. Barbxx

Cardarian said...

You are so good Shaz. My thoughts are not even anywhere near C. I am worried now - should I start? Love your cards! Well done!
Hugs Cardarian

Cara said...

Fab cards and a great bit of de stashing! Cara x

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