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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Ribbon Bow Die cuts to the rescue!

So, as I got to the end of the card I made yesterday, I had to hide a boo-boo with a paper bow. Which made me think that maybe I could rescue the ones with the dreaded embossing line across them. Only one way to find out.

As normal, I stacked up the white sheets and held them together with a bit of repositionable tape.
 The Cardio stamps used this time are called  Seasonal Rose, and again, Greenery No1. Adirondack inks used were Clover, Meadow and Lettuce for the greenery, with Wild Plum and Raspberry for the roses.

The Greenery set has a  corner stamp, which fitted nicely. I added to this with other stamps from the set.

 Once I had enough greenery, then I added a few roses. The set for these contains two different sizes of Rose, as well as a few twigs and branches.
 Added a few Dragonflies in blue.

Ready to matt the three layers. I chose a purple cardstock to matt these onto.

I shall mount the first two layers together, then put on the ribbon bow and see if I can hide the line.

 How much of a fluke is this? When I cut out  a whole bunch of ribbons and bows the other day, one I cut out was from a purple vellum. It sits nicely across the indent, is just long enough to cover the two layers, and get held down on the back with some DST.

Add the bow, held together and attached to the ribbon with small glue dots.

I'm not going to try stamping a greeting, I learnt that lesson already! So, a small silver peel off, coloured with these pens I picked up in Tesco years ago. Still going strong. The special 'peel off pens' I bought at the NEC years ago have long since given up the ghost.

And we're done. As this one was so successful, I shall be doing the same with the second one, but I'll go with a different colour scheme.


Kelly said...

Clever lady! and beautiful cards. Have you seen the trick on Pinterest about how to emboss without getting the line? I have it on one of my Paper Playhouse boards (tutorials maybe) I've not tried it yet.

Creative Blessings! Kelly aka Rain

Cara said...

Brilliant save! Love the look of this card and the purple bow is fab. Cara x

Aimeslee W. said...

I'm reading a fab book right now about an American woman who spied for the Russians, then came over to us and blew out the Communist nest in D.C. during WWII. It's called Clever Girl. That should be YOUR name. What a save! This is what crafting is half the time, though, getting out of our boo-boos. Aren't you glad you are getting really good at it? ;-) xoxo

Barb said...

I love these cards. They are so pretty and what great design work. I'd never have thought to use cardio stamps for triple stamping cards. Very clever. Barbxx