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Friday, 27 February 2015

Shoshi's surgery

Hi folks, just a short post, I had a message off Shoshi's husband Nicholas about midday. Apparently her surgery has been postponed as the HDU is full. No idea how long for yet, but can't imagine it will be before Monday at the earliest now. Poor Shoshi, I can't imagine how she's feeling right now, I know I'd have been climbing the walls.
 If anyone wants to send cards whilst she is in hospital, my email addy link is on the right, I have an address for her.


fairy thoughts said...

Oh poor Shoshi .....she must be in bits hope it goes ahead monday

Rita said...

I know first hand what Shoshone must feel. Send her my Best Wishes. Hugs Rita xxx

My name is Cindy said...

Thanks for letting us know Shaz. Very upsetting, hopefully they will be able to go ahead on Monday. Hugs, Cindy xx

Krisha said...

Send her my love and best wishes, and I'll send the prayers.

Shoshi said...

Thank you so much for this, Shaz, and thank you everyone for your lovely comments and good wishes. I feel so uplifted by all the love and support from all my friends near and far, in the "real" world and in Blogland (which is real, too, of course lol!). I am so grateful for all your prayers and hugs too.

I have just uploaded an uplifting and fun post on my blog - my emotions are so up and down atm and I hold each one lightly, knowing that it is fleeting - but posting positively means I can return to it when the rollercoaster sends me back down into the trough of stress and fear.


Shoshi said...

Thanks for another nice comment, Shaz, and I really appreciate your support through this, and putting an update on your blog. I've got a friend from a forum I'm on, who happens to live just down the road, and my hubby is going to phone her with updates once I go in, and she will co-author my blog for a bit and post the updates. My blog will be the clearing house for Shoshi-news so I hope people will go there as their first port of call.

Climbing the walls was about it. I've been a lot better again today, but physically exhausted (mostly an M.E. reaction, I think). Hopefully we'll get a phone call tomorrow.

Glad you like the art work on my tummy! I wonder what Mr. Pullan will think lol! That, and my multi-coloured hair (must get my hubby to take a picture!) will probably give him heart failure from shock!!



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