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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

WOYWW- The Big 300!

 Well, here we are folks, 300 weeks into the greatest Blog Hop on Earth, courtesy of the Greatest Blog Hostess Ever, Julia, over at The Stamping Ground.

On my desk this week, a bit of Internet retail therapy. A few stamps from Indigo Blu- including a Christmas stamp, so that counts as an early start for me, lol.
You can also see the DI marker for the latest colour, Abandoned Coral. I've just had the inkpad, marker and refill in the new colours. Glad I'm not collecting the paints/sprays/stains as well!


A few new Visible Image stamps- really cool birds and feathers, and the drummer and guitarist will make great teens/mens cards.

Last item is on my PC desk, rather than my workdesk. He arrived last week, and I was completely at a loss when I answered the door to the postman. I knew I'd bought stuff online, but didn't recall ordering anything squishy,lol. Then I saw the return address, and realised I had a pressie from our lovely LLJ.
He's a punk hedgehog, and he's awesome. I shall name him Spike, and he'll be sitting here beside me when I'm blogging or wasting my life away on Pinterest etc. He has a perfect little corner there to keep him safe and warm, and I can turn him round to see the screen if I think he might be interested. He has such a sweet little face,and two extremely cute little feet- I love him to bits. Jan, thank you so much.
 Had a couple of hours out Tuesday morning, my eldest son Ant has himself a week off work, and phoned and asked if I fancied going over to Webbs and Hobbycrafts with him and Beck. Which I did, only came out with a few things, but it was nice to spend some time with him, and I know he likes to actually get to see that I am as OK as I tell him on the phone!
 Had a check-up with my Doc on Monday, to make sure that I'd been OK with the first cycle of the chemo, and to have some blood tests done. As long as they come back OK, then Friday will be the second of my IV chemos.
 I haven't heard anything off Shoshi or her Hubby, so I don't know if she has had her surgery yet, but she did post in my comments that she has a friend who will be co-authoring her blog whilst she's in hospital, so I expect all the news and updates will appear there soon.


Helen said...

Love Spike! what a cute (sorry, wrong word for you!) gift... I was thinking about Shoshi too.
Have a good week - hope the results come back ok and the next round of treatment can start. Hugs, Helen 5

MrsC.x said...

love your little hedgie in our house hedgehogs are always called pidgepogs no idea why?! lol

heres to hoping that you are well enough for your next round of chemo

sending you healthy wishes

thanks for sharing :)
happy WOYWW
Love Mrs.C.xx

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Spike is adorable. Hope to see more of him in future posts. Love some of those stamp you bought Sending well wishes your way! Diane #39
Oh, love that fireworks 300.

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

The country name for hedgehogs is hedgepigs in this area. He is beautiful. Jan is a very clever lady. I had heard from Bec that you had done a Hobbycrafts raid, Good for you. I am theoretically saving my pennies for the NEC although the new Wee Fairies and Elves from Clarity have fallen into my basket. Hope you get your results back very soon and they are what is needed. xxx Maggie #20

Neet said...

Just read Shoshi's op has been postponed until the 18th.
Hope your results are good and you can get on with your treatment - and most importantly that you are ok with it.
Love the second lot of stamps you have got, so different from the usual and the hedgie - well, he is adorable. Love to Spike.
Love to you too
Hugs, Neet xx 10

scrappystickyinkymess said...

Hysterical! My friend came for lunch the other day and brought some similar Owls she knitted - I will totally pass on the Hedgehog if I can find a link! From your comment seems we are passing on stuff from each other :) and so the WOYWW web grows. Lovely to see yo are supporting Shoshi at this difficult time, for both you AND her. again, WOYWW is so much more than nosy desk hopping isn't it?

See you at the crop? Hope so...

Have a Happy WOYWW day!
Mary Anne (8)

Shoshi said...

Love your sparkly 300 at the top of the post, Shaz. Little Spike is adorable! Lovely new stash too. I can't wait for Mr. Mojo and Mrs. Muse to return from their exended elicit holiday and get back to business as I am getting lots of new ideas myself...

As I have now posted, my surgery has been rescheduled and I got the date yesterday in the post - Wed. 18th March in the p.m. I've got a fortnight to be "normal" and I'm going to enjoy it, stuffing myself with pineapple and mango and other stuff I won't be able to enjoy again for ages, if at all!

Thanks for your lovely comment and I'm glad you enjoyed the photo of my 2 loves dropping off lol!

Happy 300th,
Shoshi #45

Mrs.D said...

Hi Shaz, I think Spike is beautiful and those IndigoBlu stamps are fantastic, I have the lady with the hair, she is brilliant.
Glad you are still having the energy and enthusiasm to continue crafting.
Thanks for dropping by my page, and 'Yes' my arm is extremely frustrating, will be back at the doc on Friday to see if he can think of something else he can do.
Bless you
Chris #19

Nannie4 said...

Hi, Shaz. I hope that all goes well with the bloodwork and then with the next round of chemo. Prayers and positive thoughts to you.
I love the Indigo Blue stamps. I look forward to seeing what you create with them. Retail therapy really does help. I just did some myself to chase the winter blues and other issues. Happy WOYWW #300 -- and BTW, your sparkler number is awesome!

Artatag said...

You got yourself some cool stamps, nice you had a shopping day with your son. A pity my ipad doesn't show the first pic, I suppose it shows the firework.
Thanks for visiting earlier, yes you are right - we all need hope.
Gabriele 26

Krisha said...

Retail therapy is so good for one's Mojo! LOVE all the new stamps, and Spike is adorable. LLJ is so kind hearted, what a good friend.

Praying for good results of your chemo.

Thanks for the comment this week.


Kristiina Majuri said...

Who knows how these electronics work, because my ipad shows the first pic (as well as the rest) love your little punky pet. At first I thought it had something to do with mice or rats, but hedgehogs are of course much cuter!
Thanks for your visit earlier, enjoy the new stamps!
Kristiina #29

sandysewin said...

Those are some wonderful stamps you got, love all the details. And that hedgie is SO cute!

Thanks for the blog visit earlier.

Happy woyww and happy creating,

Sandy #34

Robyn said...

punk hedgehog!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!
So grateful to be WOYWW friends and walk with you though creative and life journeys.
Robyn 18

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

You always choose such great images. Love the VI birds and feathers. I have that Indigo Blu girl with swirling hair. It was free with a magazine sometime last year. Hoping all news is positive xx

Fiona #64

Sandy Leigh said...

Love that stamp with the lady with her hair up - pretty! Nothing like internet retail therapy. Happy WOYWW #300! Sandy Leigh #58

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Well, I have to say that Spike is looking mighty happy in his new home :-) I had such fun putting his jewellery on but wanted to do a tattoo as well. It just didn't work out! Ah well, never mind!
Hope that all will go well with results and treatment...let me know,please, won't you?
Meanwhile I'm so grateful to Julia for giving me the chance to get to know you and Doug...it's very unlikely that our paths would have crossed otherwise!
Hugs, LLJ 7 xx

Nannie4 said...

Sorry, Shaz --- I forgot to comment on Spike! He is so cute! Jan does amazing work.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Oh, my God, that LLJ is a karack up!! Your punk hedgie is too fantastic!! He will be just the perfect companion for you, Shaz! Enjoy all those wonderful new goodies and all the best to you as you continue your treatments! Happy 300th WOYWW!! Thank you for coming by to see me!! Hugs, Darnell #15

Monica said...

happy to see all is going well. It is dismal here, over cast and drizzle so it was nice to read your upbeat post and meet spike. Alas my terrorist would annihilate him if they cot the chance!
monica think I am 57 but not sure.

Lisca Meijer said...

Oh I do like those stamps (Visibly)and not just the drummer and the rock star. I like all od=f them.
How sweet of Ant to take you out to Hobbyshop.Of course he wants to make sure his mum is OK.
Isn't LLJ wonderful sending these cute creatures as presents.
I've just learnt of Shoshi's new date for the op. Thanks for sending me her address.
Now back to packing my suitcase,
have a great week,
thanks for visiting earlier,

Anne said...

Hello Shaz I do love Spike - he has settled in very well hasn't he. Glad you got to spend time with your son. My eldest lives in Yorkshire with his lovely wife and my gorgeous grandsons - can't wait to see them. Happy WOYwW Anne x #38

StampinCarol said...

Spike is adorable!! He looks like he just belongs there! Love all those new stamps! Looking forward to fun projects with them Thanks for stopping by! Happy 300 WOYWW!
Carol N #52

Ali H said...

Hi Shaz Great to see your new haul of stash & that fab Hedgehog !! I am off to Webbs / Hobbycraft on Saturday as Much Beloved is meeting an old friend he used to work with in Derbyshire for lunch - so I get to shop !! thinking of you for the next round of Chemo 7 sending a hug Love Ali #21

Patsy Paterno said...

Wow! I love what's on your desk this week! New toys! And a little special friend too! Love hedgehogs! My husband almost got me one, and he was preparing to take care of worms to feed it, when my sister Peggy got a cat. She lives next door, and I said I was happy with just borrowing the cat. Whew! I wouldn't have been happy taking care of worms!!! Have fun with your new stamps! patsy

pearshapedcrafting said...

Sorry for arriving so late - been busy day!! Love Spike!!! I have the Christmas baubles stamp and it can be used for all sorts of things other than Christmas - love all the stamps you bought! Great to go out with grown up kids isn't it? I love it when my youngest suggests we meet up for coffee! Hope everything goes well with the chemo! Hugs, Chrisx 44

Diane said...

Super fun post and love punk hedgehog.

Hugs Diane

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Shaz happy 300th WOYWW, Please know that Shoshi and yourself are in our thoughts way over here in Australia. Glad you got to spend time with your son and that sure is the cutest hedgehog to keep you company. Cheers RobynO#14

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I read that you were having troubles and hope the chemo goes well. My thoughts and prayers go with you on this journey you are on.

I also read about Shoshi's surgery, and was dismayed at your healthcare system. I fear it's how ours will be when I'm old enough to actually need it.

I'd never heard of Indigo Blu stamps until I read Pear Shaped Chris's blog and saw one I loved. I sure like what you ordered.

Happy 300th WOYWW from #3.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Forgot to mention how sweet and clever LLJ is and how cute Spike is.

Eliza said...

Love your hedgehog and the name suits him. Did you know that Yoda's original name was spike, I changed it when I took him in, it really didn't suit him. I am pleased to hear you are doing ok, chemo is not a nice thing to go through, so stay strong. It's good to catch up with our kids sometimes and do normal stuff, it's the basics that makes life nice. I hope all your results come back good. I will be praying for you. Yoda sends his paw hugs.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda #89
Happy 300th WOYWW

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Shaz ...... Super fantastic stamps ..... You seem to get the coolest stamps I never see .....but love .... But then I don't buy a lot on line .... I mainly buy at shows.
Your little spike is gorgeous well done LLJ
Have fun

Nikki C said...

OMG how funny a punk hedgehog with nose ring what a cutie to be hanging out in your space must make you grin everytime you look at him
Nice new stash to play with too hugs Nikki 1

Laura said...

Hi, Shaz, love the festive 300 image! Spike is very cute -- I had to scroll back up to see his jewelry, as I missed it the first time. IndigoBlu makes really cool stamps -- glad you've gotten some fun new stash. Happy WOYWW from Laura #69

Kyla said...

Love LLJ punk hedgehog :-)
Glad your treatment is going to plan and how nice for your son to spend some time with you.
Love indigo blue and visible image stamps, great images and brilliant quality.
No desk from me this week

glitterandglue said...

Hello Shaz. That Spike is a real cute little fella - great fun. The stamps are great - and well done you - almost halfway with the treatment!
Thanks for visiting - glad you liked the little jaunt into the countryside!
Take care dear friend. God bless.
Margaret #4

505whimsygirl said...

There is nothing like shopping therapy! Ordering things only makes the anticipation that much more difficult!

Spike is so dang cute! I bet he doesn't leave your side!!!

Thoughts and prayers for Shoshi and her husband..... will have to go check out her blog.

Happy very belated WOYWW
Kay (59)

Ohhh Snap said...

Belated happy 300! Lovely stamps you have there and Spike is absolutely lovely : D. Love the nose ring lol. #56