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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

WOYWW #245

This week its more  a case of what's on the desk behind my desk, really.
Colouring is not my strong point, by any stretch of the imagination and failure to practice doesn't help any. I had my Promarkers stored in a couple of wallets I bought from the NEC a few years ago, and that was part of the problem. Out of sight, out of mind. I kept thinking I needed a better system, and as I ordered some more last week, set about solving the issue. Cheaply. One idea I had seen on Pinterest was using a wooden wine rack, which seemed like a clever idea. 
Don't have one, and couldn't find the sort I needed anywhere. It had to have solid sections, not the lattice sort. Then I looked at an old CD rack I had, and wondered? So out came some thick card, and I cut some pieces that would make little shelves, resting on top of the row of pens. Then I realised that would make taking pens out difficult so I cut two panels for each section, with a slit in so they would slot together, to make an 'X' shape. That actually works rather well,pens are easy to get at, and I can take all of one colour out without the whole thing collapsing. I do have another slightly larger CD rack about, which I may end up converting, as the blue section is full. So having got the pens close to hand, I decided it was practice time. I bought the Letraset Bleedproof pad back last year, and stamped up a batch of images to practice on.
Work in progress! I do think that the pale, pastel shades in Promarkers are still a lot darker than I'd expect, but I have found that the Flexmarkers, which have a chisel and brush point, are actually very,very pale, so I've been adding some of those to the collection. I also discovered that the Promarker Magenta is a nightmare! It creeps outside the lines far worse than any of the others, even by not going right up to the lines, it still wanders outside the image. And I can't colour leaves realistically at all, lol.
 If you are looking to buy Promarkers, or Flexmarkers, can I suggest you pay a visit to Cowling and Wilcox? Their prices are amazing, especially on the sets, mainly half price or less. The single Promarkers are £1.50 incl. VAT. That's not a sale price by the way, I've been buying mine from them for the last couple of years and they are always that low priced. So thats my desk this week, I shall be linking up with our Glorious Leader Julia, over at The Stamping Ground, going to bed and visiting later. That's if Blogger decides to play the game properly this week.


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Well, that's just clever!! I love your solution to the pen storage problem...the x shape just separates them enough to get the pens out easily. Brilliant idea!
Hugs, LLJ 39 xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Well your colouring skills far exceed mine..as does your will to practice, frankly! I think you prolly can colour leaves just fine - it's about knowing what the colours work like together and etc really..sometimes they are just not what you expect when they hit the paper! Totes impressive storage solution too - pat yourself on the back in between colouring sessions!

BJ said...

What a super storage solution and it looks cool too. Happy WOYWW BJ#58

JoZart said...

Excellent and very attractive storage for your colours. You have certainly gone in depth with the use of them. Thanks for the heads up on buying them at good prices too,
Jo x

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Great storage solution. My girl would be very envious of your collection. Her sets have all come from Cowling and Wilcox too, excellent prices.

Fiona xx #42

Jackie said...

Your pens all look so neat and tidy... Great storage solution!
Jackie 22

CraftygasheadZo said...

Super storage idea. I have the Crafters Companion trays but I think I would do what you have done otherwise! Keep practising, sometimes you may find it easier to use little dots with a light hand especially with juicy pens that bleed out. I found it works rather than the normal circular motion which is good but strong juicy colours end up too much. Hope that helps. Enjoy your day. Take care Zo xx 71

Monica said...

As I was reading it and looking at the photos I wondered why you didn't slit them Great idea.
Monica 16

AnyOldCraft said...

Awesome storage idea for the promarkers :)
AOC @ #59

Krisha said...

Great storage solution, and it looks pretty too. LOL
I could not find a container for my markers either (all though I don't have the supply you have) and I ended up making my own too. I read, years ago, that your markers should be stored flat, and I find that to be really true especially the double tipped ones.
Krisha #34

Princess Judy Palmer said...

For an "amateur" colorist you've done very well! And have quite the collection of markers. You are definitely right about the out of sight out of mind thing. I like your marker storage solutions--very clever. Judy #82

BJ said...

It sure is...........

Karen Ives said...

Clever idea, I have CD racks on my desk too but not with pens in. That is the trouble there is not enough room to keep it all out.
Karen #44

pearshapedcrafting said...

What an excellent idea - they look so nice too! I'm working on the solution to out of sight out of mind myself at the moment! Love what you have coloured already! Chris83

Kim said...

I think your coloring is perfect!! Thank heavens for the Distress Markers...I can't color/shade directly on paper well, but seem to do ok with the waterbrush. And great idea with the CD holder; very handy indeed!

fairy thoughts said...

clever idea I have a very similar rack I might have to make something similar for my promarkers ... I mostly use the aqua type as I like the water colour look. trouble is my rack still has cd's in .... at the moment.
janet #32

Lisa-Jane said...

That's a great storage system! I wanted to be able to take mine around with me so I use a CD box but its not ideal and needs reinforcing - might pinch your strong card idea! #45

Lisa-Jane said...

That's a great storage system! I wanted to be able to take mine around with me so I use a CD box but its not ideal and needs reinforcing - might pinch your strong card idea! #45

glitterandglue said...

Well done, Shaz - great lateral thinking!! Cd boxes are just the right size. Lovely colouring, too - and I thought you said you couldn't do it?!
Thanks for the visit. I was rather pleased with the robin as well - I shall have to think how to use the images now!!
Have a great week.
Margaret #74

Winnie said...

Love your marker collection! I have never tried either of those kind of markers. I did spot your distress markers (I love mine!). You color so lovely, it is something that I am working on! I had to chuckle when you mentioned you can't tear up your books either, my hubby photocopies pages for me when he is around, but they never look the same to me, so I wait until he can't "watch". Thanks for the kind visit today! Winnie#62

Anonymous said...

Genius! If I had ANY desktop real estate I would so do this. What I really need is one of those revolving dry cleaner racks over my head so I can dial up the thing I need and have it appear above me :) And I agree - Promakers are too dark but never tried Flexmarkers so may look in to them to mix in with my Copics....

Romantic day out with DH kept me from WOYWW so here I am today!

Mary Anne (27)

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Shaz,

How cool -- a useful way to transform your c.d. rack! I'd say mission accomplished.

Your coloring looks great too.

I've never heard of rust disease so I'm going to have to do some research. I really want hollyhocks in my yard and am planning to start some seeds inside the house - maybe even next month.

Thank you for visiting me already.
Kay (86)

MaggieC said...

That looks an excellent storage for your promarkers, but I just don't have the space for any more desk based storage containers. I need to put mine into something I can just pick up and put away again afterwards. Thank you for my new storage. I like the small glue runners that just fit comfortably in the hand, but the big one is just too cumbersome. I also use a lot of the red super sticky tape. I am waiting for the new Clarity stamp and stencil storage which should save a fair bit of space. I have a voucher won on Barbara's blog which I intend to spend at the NEC in March. Hope the weather has not caused you any problems. I know you are as unlikely to flood as I am, but that wind was wicked. Stay safe. xx Maggie #15

DeDe Haysom said...

Love, love, love your pen storage...Hmmm! You have really inspired me now...Your colouring is great, the bonus of course is Letraset, love their markers...I use the Pro's and Tria's. Thanks for visiting earlier, I was always believed it costs nothing to be nice, I just hope that young assisant thinks before she speaks. Hope you have a fabulous week and happy crafting
DeDe #98

trisha too said...

GOOD GRIEF, look at all of your beautiful pens!!!

I can't color with them properly at all, despite the daughter having tried to teach me on several occasions . . . but of course my collection is quite paltry compared to yours!

(For these tiny books, I don't have any directions, since I just did it as I went along, but any book binding technique should work fine--there are plenty of youtube videos!)

Thank you for stopping by this woyww, and a Happy Valentine's Day to you, Shaz!