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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Some new toys......

So, a couple of shopping trips over the weekend  produced the bits and pieces on my desk. Friday we made a trip to PCWorld in Kidderminster, for Beloved Hubby. On the same retail park is The Range, which generally has quite a large craft section. From there came the Clocks embossing folder, the X-cut border punch, two Papermania Urban stamps, Butterflies and Dragonflies, which I will probably cut down into individual stamps, as I can regroup them on the block if I want them in a group, or use them singly, which is more likely. Also from there were the three Artiste Pallette inkpads- a white, and a nice strong blue & red, which were three for the price of two. All pigment pads, although they did have dye inkpads too.
On Saturday we went to Webbs of Wychbold, to get some plants & fish for the tank, and some wild bird food, and they have a Hobbycrafts on site, so as there had been a 20% off total spend voucher up on Facebook,valid till today, I popped in.  I have to say that I have gradually become less impressed with Hobbycrafts over time, and would not make a special journey to go there, but will pop in if I happen to be by one, because sometimes they do have good deals on basics I use. Or like today, a voucher I can use against basics.  From there came the sheet of Cut'n'Dry foam, a tube of Dovecraft silicone glue to try out, a pack of 6 fine nozzle glue bottles, as well as four of the tape rollers you can see at the back. The glue bottles were about £2 for the six, which was a great price, and it remains to be seen how the silicone glue turns out. I did try Hobbycrafts own brand a while back, and was not at all impressed- it started setting in the tube after it was opened. Not just at the opening either- it went half an inch down the tube. That ended up in the bin, and I went back to my favourite Stix2 brand, which I have never had that problem with. Now I am off to cut up my stamps, emboss a sheet of card for my samples folder, and try out those inkpads- results will be up in a later post. I am particularly interested in how the white turns out, so I will do some embossed and unembossed samples for that.


Cazzy said...

Hi Shaz, nice little haul, let us know how the white does. I have the none smelly silicone, the cheaper version and I had nearly a whole tube set recently but I hadn't used it for ages. When I squeezed the tube cracked, I got covered and had a bad reaction to the glue on my fingers, it is still red months later!


Kyla said...

Aha, a sneeky craft stash trip whilst the hubby was in the "man Creche" aka PC World!

I agree about Hobbycraft. We have one about 15 mins from where I work but I go in there probably only once a year-sounds like you got some bargains though.

Enjoy experimenting


Winnie said...

Lots of great goodies there! Sounds like a fun shopping event! I am drooling over your clock embossing folder and your dragonflies! I am a big fan of cut and dry foam too! Enjoy it all!