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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

WOYWW #239- The New Year Edition

       Wishing a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful & Prosperous
                      New Year to you & your families.

Well, as Julia did a Christmas Day WOYWW, I’m assuming there will be a New Years Day one too. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and that none of you are suffering with all the flooding.
 First pic of today is not exactly on my desk, I had to show you one of  Beloved Hubbys Christmas presents for me this year. Pretty much every year he manages to come up with something awesome, and this year is no exception.

I had to balance them on top of the radiator- they will go on the wall in our bedroom above this radiator. He had two of our favourite Wedding photos turned into canvas prints! He turned them to Black & White first.
So, what has everyone been up to over the Christmas Holiday? I know we are lucky, we don’t go back to work until Thursday night, many of you will have been working over the holiday, or are already back at work. Despite the break, not a lot of crafting done. Quite a bit of tidying and cleaning though. The only thing I have done is make myself some stencils with my Silhouette and some Transparency sheets.
       My Silhouette machine- its one of the original Silhouette digital cutters, at least 10 years old now, but still working just fine.
   And the latest batch of stencils I’ve cut.
The cleaning  was a bit of a necessity by now, Hubby has been renovating what was my old craft room, to use for himself for doing computer repairs in. Being a bit of a tech geek, he gets lots brought to him, and the living room usually looks like PC Worlds spares department!  Anyhow, that involved much the same as when we did my room- new ceiling/plastered/painted/papered/laminate floor/new woodwork & varnishing.Along with a bunch of Ikea units, its now almost finished.The house is pre-1900’s, and the plaster/woodwork is in the main, the original, so well overdue for an overhaul. As you can see in the pics, around the top of the wall is a white band- this was common, as a picture hanging rail would generally go all around the walls just below this, and then wallpaper went below the rail, and the area above the rail & the ceiling both painted white.Though in those days, it would have been whitewash, not emulsion.
One change he has made, the door now opens the opposite way. You can see in the picture, the underneath of the stairs going up to the next level which leaves an area that’s not very user friendly. So he swapped the door to open against that now, and moved the light switch.
This is after the woodchip had been stripped off, and the old laminate removed.

Work in progress- plastered and painted, new doors being varnished.

 Hubby in mid-construction mode.
Now he’s moving his stuff in, and said that he probably has more storage than he really needs. I said I could lend him some stuff to store, lol, he said No, thank you. Actually, thats not exactly what he said, but you get the idea.

   Hubbys room almost finished, just the blind to hang, and his stuff to put away. The built in cupboard has had shelves put in,as in these old houses, storage is at a premium, and also holds the filing cabinet and server.
 And a lot of ‘stuff’ that doesn’t have another home.
 So thats me for another week, and indeed another year.
 Its amazing that this will be my third year of blogging- I know loads of you have been at it for way longer, but I really never realised how much a part of my life it would become, along with all my wonderful WOYWW friends. So, at midnight, I will have raised a glass to each and every one of you ( that’s one glass between you all, tempting though the idea might be ), here’s to the next year xx.


Krisha said...

Here is to 2014, Happy New Year my friend! (sip, sip)LOL

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Wow! Loved seeing the room transformation. He is going to love it in there. You may never pry him loose. So nice to hear the old Silhouette machine is still trucking along. They don't make things that last much these days so it is nice to hear when things to hang in there. Happy New Year to you! I'm glad to be celebrating 5 hours early because I'll be in bed by then. We'll be having Sparkling Cider later as it will go with all the cold medicine we're taking.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah what a great post Shaz, you have been busy blogging the last few days well done!!

Love the great silhouette cuts guess you can buy them here but out of the price equation I think :D
well done hubby's room and yes have some things he can store too or I will borrow some shelves :D

happy WOYWW and God bless for 2014 (no number yet) Shaz in Oz.x.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Wow, once Doug sets his mind to something, there's no holding him back is there??! Great room transformation, he will be happy as a sandboy in there!
Ad I love his present too, how wonderful are those pics? I had an awesome prezzy from Gordon too..it made me cry. I think we are two lucky gals having such thoughtful fellas.
Happy New Year - may 2014 be full of love, laughter as crafting mayhem!!
Hugs, LLJan 29 xx

Anonymous said...

WOW. I often wonder if I would trade a knack with all things computer related for a way with DIY, when weighing up DHs traits, and I can never decide. But look at you - you got one with both :) Looking lovely, too. Isn't stencil cutting just the most useful thing ever? I love making them for anything that takes my fancy. And so nice to have things that are unique to you rather than using the same stuff everyone else buys :) Looking forward to a crafty 2014 and lots of inspiration!

Happy New Year WOYWW!
Mary Anne (1)

Kyla said...

Oh my, what a fabulous new craft room....clever hubby.

If you keep all this organising up I may have to relent and actually sort mine out (I only do it once a year)!

Happy New Year

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Sounds like it is time for some Bubbly at your house!! Happy New Year to you and yours. Compliments to your hubby for a massive project. Compliments to you for enduring. The final days will be well worth it, new, refreshing and organized. A great way to start the new year. Thanks for sharing all the photos. Do enjoy and you both need to take a break as not to get overwhelmed !! #39

Helen said...

Wow, he has been busy! Does he want a job doing something similar here?!! Hope you both have a very happy and healthy New Year. MWAH! Helen 17

Lynda Beazley said...

A very Happy New Year to you all, thanks for visiting me earlier, you made me chuckle.... Perhaps you can google "recipes with stollen" and then go round to your neighbours with a New year neighbourly offering! We both work in school and had some very kind presents from the children but mostly sweets! However one year I did have 9 candles!!!
Hugs Lynda B No 27

Anne said...

He as done a splendid job - can I borrow him? :-) lots needs doing here!!! DH not as able as he once was.
Happy New Year to you. Anne x #36

Neet said...

Can I borrow him please?

Love what he is doing for you - and the piccies too - what wonderful gifts - and from the man you love.
Happy New Year, Hugs, Neet xx

Eliza said...


Don't tell anyone but I think there is a WOYWW virus happening forcing us all to up grade our crafting spaces and spouses too. Seriously now, everyone is doing it and Ikea must be making a fortune around the world, but what a wonderful place to shop, I am off there tomorrow with De as she is still upgrading her space LOL wait for the photos next week.

Love what you have done with DH space, is your crafting space bigger if not swap with him. Also love the gift you got, beautiful.

Thanks for visiting and Happy New Year.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 10
Happy WOYWW and Happy Crafting

Lucy said...

Happy new year! Looks like you and hubby have been very busy sorting out his room. What a project, and it was ace to see a step by step version of it. Thank you for sharing it with me and also thank you for visiting my blog today. Have a great week, Lucy #28 x

Hettie said...

Happy New Year Shaz and Doug. Lovely photos.
Great stencils. I have been looking up how to make a new sheet as they are a bit pricey and harder to get nowadays. Are they really as old as that? Never realised though I am not sure mine is!! I didn't start scrapping until 2006!
Looks like you have a big housey job on right now. Hoping our Snug is done soon - ceiling first!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Shaz -- happy WOYWW! Your stencils look great! I was just contemplating trying to make some with the Cuttlebug and plastic packaging (but I think I've about used up my stash.) What a thoughtful romantic gift from your husband. The redone room looks wonderful. Thanks so much for visiting -- you're my first visitor of the new year. ~ Laura #54

Lea.H said...

happy new year - what a thoughtful christmas prezzie, love them:) Lx

Robyn said...

NYR to learn more creative uses of stencils!
renovation looking great!
Happy new Year and thanks for visiting and the snoop around your place.
Robyn 50

Tertia said...

Happy New Year and happy WOYWW!
You must love him very much to give up your workspace. He did give you an awesome gift though, so maybe he deserves it. LOL
Tertia #21

Karin said...

Your stencils look fabulous.
Happy New Year
Karin #29

fairy thoughts said...

great job with the renovations, well done handyman 2 we have a similar house, great spaces aren't they?
janet #20

StampinCarol said...

Great shots of the progression of your renovations! Looks really good! And cool photos for your Christmas gift! Thanks for visiting and Happy New Year and WOYWW!
Carol N #50

Jackie said...

Happy new year
Love the stencils
Great set of photos
Jackie 13

gardenpinks said...

A very Happy New Year Shaz to you and yours. You have a very talented hubby there - but you know that already - and he has done a wonderful job with his room. Shame he couldn't share his storage though!!
Fab Christmas gifts from him too.

Lynn xx

Cazzy said...

Hi Shaz, Happy New Year and WOYWW!

Thanks for visiting earlier, and your advice, one day at a time is best!
You have been so busy, and what a transformation, we used to live in a Victorian house and it did have so much room and storage, each newer house has had less!
Cazzy x

Cardarian said...

Happy New Year to you and your hubby! Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog and for sharing so much lovely stuff both on your blog and facebook! I sometimes have such a laugh reading your stuff on FB.
Lots of hugs and love

glitterandglue said...

Happy New Year, Shaz. What a brilliant transformation - any chance I could borrow your young man? My hubby just can't do anything like that these days - just standing up is proving to be a difficulty at the mo - no breath!
have a great year ahead.
Margaret #12

Nikki C said...

Congrats on your new space and I'm sure you'll have it all set and ready to go soon Hugs Nikki 8

Darnell J Knauss said...

That was a wonderful post to share with us, Shaz. The transformation is incredible ~ well done, Doug!! He's a keeper, especially with giving you such thoughtful presents!! Happy WOYWW and Happy New Year! Thank you for the visit to me!! Hugs, Darnell #9

Andrea said...

A very happy new year to you and best wishes for 2014 what a great christmas pressie definitely worth sharing with us all ..thank-you . the room looks ace what a transformation . hope you get some crafty time before you go back to work crafty hugs Andrea #33

Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year, Shaz. Love your husband's gift ... what could be better than having such a beautiful reminder of your happy day. Your husband has made a terrific job of his room - the finished result is fabulous and should keep all those computers out of the living room from now on :) Have a great week and a wonderful 2014. Hugs, Elizabeth x #79

KatzElbows said...

I assumed too, but neither of us were asses!

Thank you so much for visiting.

Happy New Year,
Love Rachel #23

SueH said...

I have to say, it looks like you’ve both been very busy over the Christmas break Shaz, your old craft space doesn’t look like the same room now it’s had a face lift.
Glad to hear the ‘old’ Silhouette is still in full working order. It must be so much cheaper to make your own stencil and masks than buying them and also have the versatility to custom make just what you want.
Thanks for stopping by this week.
A Happy and Crafty New Year to you.


April Story said...

I love older homes. But I know renovation is a chore sometimes. Looks like he has it under control.
:-) Thanks for stopping by earlier.
April #60

Anonymous said...

That's a fantastic room transformation Shaz, you should hire your husband out! Your stencils look great, as do the Christmas gifts from your husband. Very late this week! And a belated Happy New Year to you too.

Brenda 4