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Sunday, 5 January 2014

A Documented Life-1/1

So New Year, New projects! I have to thank BJ for mentioning this one, and also how she is doing it, which I have shamelessly borrowed.Despite never having completed more than about 1 weeks worth of entries in one, I still buy a diary every year, with the intention that this year will be different. You do not want to know how many unused diaries I have, stored to use in some project or other. BJ mentioned the project A Documented Life,  and that she was going to use a diary for it,which sort of made me curious.
 Now I have to admit that I am not following the way they are doing it entirely, as they have added a pocket to each week, to add memorabilia etc to. I'm not adding one to every week, I'll just incorporate one if I need it- I do not need encouraging to collect any more bits! We already have a boxful of 'mementoes'- parking ticket stubs, entry tickets, you name it, from places we have visited. I'm just glad photos are digital these days.
 The idea is they give a weekly challenge for you to incorporate into your planner, and the first was Photograph, sketch, paint or incorporate your front door.

So, off to trawl through photos on my PC for a photo of our front door. I was just about to give up and go take another picture when I found this one- taken on what was clearly a nice sunny day, and with the door slightly open- perfect.

Printed it off, and here it is on my desk, along with the said diary, and a stencil I cut out with my Silhouette, of brickwork. I had a rough idea in my head where I was going with this subject, which was a bit of a shocker, to be fair.

Distress Inks and the stencil gave me a cool background on one page.

 Added my photo, torn down rather than cut. This will make you smile- I'm sitting here at my PC writing this post, just added that picture, peered closely at it, and thought 'where the heck have those numbers come from?' Then remembered, its a diary. Not entirely sure I should be allowed sharp pointy things, lol.

Completely gratuitous shot of a mid-craft coffee and Stollen break. You don't want to know how many stollen we need to get through. Thats what happens when you forgot you already bought some.

 Forgot to photograph this page before I finished- I printed out a selection of pictures of the inside of the house, as well as Beloved Hubby, Ambrose & myself. The house pictures were layered up down the page, just torn and overlapping. Then I added Hubbys pic, along with Ambrose and me, torn and stuck over the others.

The writing I did  with a DI marker, and the heart is a triple embossed chipboard piece.
 It was the phrase 'Home is where the Heart is' that gave me the idea for how to do this challenge, and for once, it came out pretty much exactly as I saw it.
 The other bonus with this, is that I keep saying I will do an Art Journal- so I may well be killing a couple of birds with one stone here.
 I'm not actually expecting to do every week- I'm already a week behind, they posted a new one today-I will just do the ones that appeal. I mean, this weeks is 'use a selfie'- thats never going to happen. It takes at  least a dozen attempts to get a picture of me I find acceptable- another good thing about digital pictures. Oh well, off to browse for a reasonably presentable photo of me- that should occupy most of the week.


gardenpinks said...

You did incorporate a 'selfie' on the first page Shaz so in fact you have covered both weeks lol. Great start and hope to see more as and when you do them :)
Lynn x

Monica Smith said...

I can never quite finish a journal diary etc. Also trying a monthly art calender. Like how you developed these pages.

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Shaz,

Very cool start to your project! I love the brick background for your front door. At least your front door is appealing, mine is kind of blah.


fairy thoughts said...

Hi Shaz
hey great minds... as they say I am doing this too. I have been intending to start a journal for a while so this was perfect really.
Love the brickwork and you are ahead of the game with your picture on the left page. I'm not sure about the facebook thing there is Sooo much of it I wont ever keep up.... how do people find time?

The Old Parsonage said...

Love the ideas that you used and the techniques.

I did a December 2 Remember and just got all the photos to add to it. I made the book and then took the daily photos.

Happy New Year!

MaggieC said...

Good for you, Shaz, I hope your diary does not fall by the wayside lie all the others. I also have designs along those lines, but I have not started yet. After a fantastic Clarity Sunday, with two programmes and a busy continuous chat on the Clarity Facebook site at the same time, I was shattered, but in a good way. I am now buzzing with ideas that I NEED to have a go at. The morning programme was hysterical with Dean well on form with Barb - a real tonic. By the way, Gemma is a real little devil this week, having nicked shoes, underwear, and my optician's prescription. Speak to you soon. xx Maggie

MaggieC said...

The coffee on show is fine, but the Stollen is downright cruel. I was fairly good over Christmas, only having two small pieces of raspberry and hazelnut meringue. Glad you liked my card, yours was absolutely beautiful. I am showing my hand made cards instead of my desk tomorrow. Hopefully by next Wednesday, I may have something of a desk to work on. After watching Barbara yesterday and entering into the online chat at the same time, I was shattered but absolutely buzzing with so many ideas. If you get a chance to watch the Clarity [programmes back on Create and Craft, they were amazing. Speak soon.
xx Maggie

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Maybe instead of a selfie you can do photos of things that you identify with. I mean, hey it is your journal? I like what you've done so far with the brickwork and the door with family photos off to the side. I think the random numbers down the side would have stumped me as well. So we'd best both be kept away from sharp objects.

okienurse said...

great looking desk and I love the way your journal is turning out. Will have to pop over and see what this is all about! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #104