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Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Goood Morning everyone! I swear someone is pinching the days between Wednesdays- it goes so fast. Head over to the Head Desker, Julia at The Stamping Ground, click on Mr Linky and come join us, for the most fun you can have without the aid of alcohol, lol.
Nearly done on the C-cards, I'll blog them in the next day or two. So, my show & tell for this week, is a couple of (possibly) usefultips I came up with while making them.
My first thought for the sentiments was to matt them onto little banners, although I dropped that plan afterwards. But  while I was planning to do it, I wanted a quick way to cut all the strips into pointy banner shapes. I'd seen a tutorial link on Pinterest using a heart punch, but my heart punch has a slightly wonky shaped heart, and wouldn't work. Rooting about in the punch drawer. I spotted a square punch.
So I wondered if I could do it with that. And you can.

 By placing the strip into the punch like in the picture below,  you get quick, neat banners.

If you want single points, just post it into one of the corners, like so:

So thats my exciting discovery for this week, :).

Now a little bit of a (cheap) enabler. You know that expensive copper tape for edging microscope slides, dominoes etc? Retails at about a fiver a roll, I believe? Well, I was in Poundland a few weeks ago, and spotted this stuff, which I originally bought to put around my planters, to keep the slugs at bay.

 Copper barrier tape, 2 metres, (thats 6ft 6" in proper measurements) for a quid. Good job I bought a couple, 'cos this one won't be going in the garden!

 I had a couple of replies last week from WOYWWers going to the NEC on Saturday, so I'm looking forward to meeting up with them at some point during the day.You can be sure there'll be pictures next week.
 Finally, to brighten what is bound to be a wet & icky day, at least here in the UK, a bit of humour.
Have a great day!


Krisha said...

Oh Shaz, love the sign at the end!! Great tip for making banners too.
Krisha #30

Regina Hamilton said...

Thanks for the banner tips. I love that sign.#17

Eliza said...

I wouldn't be using the copper tape on the pots either they are a must for the art room stuff. Clever using a punch, never thought of that.

Thanks for sharing.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 1

Helen said...

Great tip for the banners, thanks for posting that. Have a great time at NEC and I'll look out for the photos. Helen 7

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lol at the sign...I deliberately avoid Pinterest as I know it's just a time sink. There's too much to do in real life but it is handy if you need a free pattern or something.
Clever idea using your square punch to get the banner effect and I'd love to know what you're going to do with that copper tape!!!
Hugs, LLJ 58 xx

The Taming of the Glue said...

Brilliant tip for the banners, I've been cutting some very wonky ones! Have a great time at the NEC. Love the e-card! Hugs. Pam#37

Christine said...

Very informative visit this week, thank you. Loved the use for the copper strips, I've just discovered masking tape!!!
Enjoy your trip to the show, I am feeling guilty for not going as I am just down the road from the NEC, but the money chest is empty this time of year. Hope your meet ups are full of fun!
Bishopsmate #54

Carole said...

Thanks for sharing your discovery...some of the simplest ideas that escape our thinking. I was excited when I found aluminum tape at the hardware store...now I'll be looking for cooper. Be well Carole # 72

CraftygasheadZo said...

Like you, I've seen this on Pinterest too, which also makes the end sign fun, cos I reckon we are guilty of pinning various pins but never actually do them!! Take care Zo xx 77

Kyla said...

Great tip and copper tape from poundland.....will pop in there to see if they have any left. Have you tried heating it yet? I love the way copper changes colour under heat.

I wish I was going to the NEC this year, but I fear it will be a tad too much for my ankle so I will just have to feast upon the stash photos in blogland!

kyla #62

Maisie Moonshine said...

Hi Shaz. Thanks for those top tips - always good to get more mileage out of punches and that metal tape is a winner - will be stopping off at Poundland when next in town.

Thanks for your visit today - funnily enough I sold out of robins - so they're on my desk being cut out as we speak - well not as we speak 'cos I'm downstairs blogging but you know what I mean - Have a good week. MMx #47

Cazzy said...

Hi Shaz, thanks for visiting. I really think having all the mess is stopping me from being as productive as I want to be, so if I get it tidy (keeping it that way is the problem) we will see if I am actually vaguely productive! Having said that - for C cards I normally like to get all my related stash out and have it around me so I don't forget something!
I need a space to use my Gelli Plate too, maybe we should extend the extension upwards!
Well that is a great idea with the punch - thank you for sharing that, I have a heart one somewhere, my square is a paddle punch requiring hammering - that could work too! Slug tape, I have a roll in here somewhere, not yet used it, but it cost more than £1, I will have to check the pound shop! It is real copper too, so great for ageing. I had ideas, not done them!
Cazzy x

Julie Ann Lee said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! sorry it's taken a little while to get back. Life's a bit hectic atm! This is a really useful and interesting post. The tutorial on making banners is great and I had to laugh at the 'funny' about Pinterest! Have a great, creative week! Julie Ann xx #43

KatzElbows said...

I'm off to pound land tomorrow. Brilliant, thank you for that. And thank you for stopping by. I've been AWOL for ages now, but it's lovely to be back.

Happy WOYWW.
Love Rachel

Andrea said...

great tips for using punches and well done you finding the copper tape need to look out for that myself...love the pintrest quote and so true ..another addiction of mine/ looking froward to the weekend must remember my camera have a good week Andrea #26

Winnie said...

I use my punch for banners like you showed, but never the other way with the point. Cool! Thank you for sharing the how to! I love the way you saw the slug tape as something else! I get my cooper and silver tapes now from Home Depo (large hardare chain here, as it is cheaper thatn my beloved Ranger Tape..) Thanks for visiting PS I agree, celery is yuck, so I cut it off to make soup or give it to the hubs! Winnie#66

Anonymous said...

Oh I do love a cool crafty bargain! Slug tape - who knew?


Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (23)

fairy thoughts said...

Who says you cant blog with alcohol (slurp).
the banner idea is genius, so is the copper tape ... I think it is probably the wrong time of year to get it now.... everything is Christmas now
have a great week
janet #38

StampinCarol said...

I got a kick out of your little sign! What a hoot! And great ideas with the punches! I've seen a bit of that on Pinterest lately. VEry cool! Happy WOYWW!
Carol N # 75 & 76 (due to a boo-boo)

Anne said...

Thanks for the tip re banners. Have great time at the show. I went last year but giving it a miss this year. Thanks for visiting me. Anne x #63

Anonymous said...

Oh, cool. I had seen the "indented" banner end with the square punch trick, but hadn't made the mental leap to making a pointy end with it as well. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW from Laura #10

glitterandglue said...

Enjoy meeting up with folk at the NEC - have a great day. Good ideas with the punch - well done.
Margaret #49

Nikki C said...

Love your banner tip it's a great idea :) I have a square die I can use for it thanks !!! Happy WOYWW hugs Nikki 33

~Rasz~ said...

Oh that last card has me laughing! Perfect. And that would be me! Great trick to share on making the banners and using less expensive tapes too. Have a Wonderful WOYWW week! Rasz #102

Marit said...

Little discoveries like yours can make your day... love it! Thanks for the humour at the end of your post - it was good for a giggle and that's nice to start my day with! Another rainy day in Holland indeed... so let's pin ideas and NOT clean the house! Happy woyww (on Thursday) and big hog from across the North Sea... Marit #88

gardenpinks said...

Many thanks for the great tips Shaz and the one about the copper tape - never used it for deterring slugs but can see a use for it in the craft room :)

Loved the sign at the end of your post!!
Lynn xx

MaggieC said...

Did not meet any WOYWWers at the NEC, but Barbara Gray did introduce me to some of her wonderful design team. Hope anyone who goes to the show makes a point of visiting this lovely lady, and watching her demos. The Clarity stand is right near the entrance.
Good tip about that copper tape, Shaz. Must bear that one in mind. xx Maggie

Daniella said...

What an awesome trick!! Banners are all the rage now so that is great!
The slug repellent tape is so cool!!

Daniella said...
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SusanLotus said...

Great punch! And the quote is so fun! ;)

Have a great weekend!
Susan nr 101 woyww

Mrs.D said...

Do hope you enjoy NEC. Just couldn't justify the expense this year. Maybe in the Spring.
Chris #65

BJ said...

Great tips. Thanks for visiting BJ #108