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Monday, 3 June 2013

The Crop- Bestest weekend you can imagine!

Tables all laid out & ready for the social event of the year, lol.
 Didn't stay like this for long.

 This is the scene a bit later, and just before the picture Julia has posted- everybody milling around to get organised for the group shot.

We all had the most fantastic time, very little real crafting actually done, but a brilliant time getting to chat to all the people we have virtual chats with every week.
 Watched Zoe(craftygashead Zo) doing some awesome colouring, what an inspiration.
 Kyla(Li'l Pidge) did some fab embellishments using a hot melt glue gun-taught us a great technique.
 Kyla was using a two-part silicone moulding putty, to make her moulds. I promised those watching I'd post a link to a video for making your own silicone moulding putty using Silicone caulking( poundstore) and cornflour/baking powder/ talc, so here it is:
Economical silicone moulding paste .
 I made a button  flower for Morti's wedding bouquet- that bouquet looks amazing!
Had some great colouring tips from Rachel, katzelbows,   watched Sam, Hettiecrafts, doing some beautiful lacemaking, and met Fergus, proudly wearing his WOYWW badge.
 I discovered Sam has a passion for purple, Sam, we think we found the perfect car for you, on FB last night:

 Mary Anne was doing some beautiful quilting, with the largest quilting hoop I've ever seen.
Helens journal has inspired me to get to work with doing one, as did Kyla's.
 Donnas printing was amazing- I'd be up to my armpits in ink! I saw Fiona, Staring at the Sea, using some gorgeous stamps ( Sold, to this lady, lol)
 Cardarian making ATC's , chatted for ages with both Debs, Laura, Cindy & everyone!lol. Julia was delightfully funny, even when trying to boss us into actually doing something other than talk. Jan can make the most amazing food- you have to try her Coronation Chicken.
 Beloved Hubby Doug did some videos of the day, when I figure out how to upload a video onto here, I'll post it up.

I came home with this gorgeous selection of ATC's- so much work gone into these, thank you all ladies.

 Prizes from Jan's raffle:

Bits from the goodie bags, and I just love the Penguin  chocolate buttons! Next to Wolves, my other mad passion is penguins- how cool is that.

Arrived home to two lovely ATC's in my Happy Mail, from Voodoo Vixen and Sandra De:

 Spent the weekend at Jans, with her lovely Husband and Son, and two adorable cats,  they made us feel so welcome, it was just like being at home, shared with great friends.

After we left Jans on Sunday morning, we drove to Avebury, as the weather was gorgeous, as it had been for the whole weekend.  Walked the circle of stones, then out to Silbury Hill, and Kennett Long Barrow.

I reckon I walked off every calorie I've eaten for the last month! and I caught the sun.
 Thanks ladies for a really fantastic day- to Julia & Jan for all the organising, and all the Deskers for such wonderful company & inspiration. Looking forward to the next one already.

I almost feel like I'm on holiday today- we start working Night shift tonight, so I seem to have more time on my hands than I know what to do with, lol. I'm not used to not rushing around & clockwatching. See you all on Wednesday, same time, same place. xxxxx


Maisie Moonshine said...

Hi Shaz - it sounds like you had a fabulous time - wish I could have been there! I've just seen your comment and have tried to email via your blog but Outlook wont open on my machine (major tech gremlins going on here). As a last ditch attempt to exchange addies please can you try my gmail account shineonsallysun@gmail.com. If that fails it will be the ATC swap that almost was! Hugs MMx

Winnie said...

Thanks for sharing the fun! I wish I could have been there! Sounds so inspiring and a hoot! Glad it felt like a mini vaca! You have inspired me to try an ATC next time. The sharing of our crafting is one of the best parts!

Fandhmum said...

Sounds like you have had a fabulous time,
Rosie x

MaggieC said...

I am determined to come next year. You all seem to have had a great time. I am writing this on the notebook and I reckon it is slower than the Kindle. I get the feeling that I shall be getting rid of this. Hope you settle to nights - I would hate it. xx Maggie

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Shaz
It was lovely to meet you both on Saturday, it was a great day you have a great bloke there I look forward to seeing his desk post soon. "zombie tools" maybe?

Alison Scott said...

Sounds like such a fun time. I am so jealous, all the deskers went, and I couldn't :-(
Thanks for filling in all the gossip, and turning me greener, hmmph.

Debs Willis said...

Hi Shaz, was lovely meeting everyone, and I hope julia/jan will be persuaded not to wait until next year to organise another!
Look forward to seeing the videos, bet they will be filled with shrieks of laughter and snorting giggles :-)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

What a great post, Shaz!! Wow, you did do a marathon around Avebury..no wonder you caught the sun! It is my favourite place in the world .....so glad you had a fab day to see it!
I didn't know you loved penguins too! That was a lucky bag of sweeties then, wasn't it??!
See yu both very soon, I I hope,
Jan xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Ps, I'm now a follower of your blog...didn't realise I wasn't before!

Helen said...

Can't wait to see the video - will follow your blog so I don't miss it! Lovely to meet you both. Helen

Sandy said...

It looks like you had loads of fun on the day.. How awesome to catch up and meet in person.
Sandy :)

sandra de said...

Hi Shaz, it certainly looks like you have been so busy. But what a way to spend time with blog friends. The pics from you walking the circle of stones are stunning.
Sandra @53

donnalouiserodgers said...

Shaz - am I remembering right that you are in Brum???

if so for sure we need to meet up here in the Grim North, we are only an hour away from you,

fab write up


Hettie said...

Mwahahahahaahaa! I would not fancy paying the insurance for the car but if you fancy sorting it for me...
It was a fabby day and we are looking forward to Crop III!
Great photos.

Minxy said...

I am determined to make it to the next one, looks like a great gathering. Nice selection of ATC's you received too, ya lucky thing.
Thanks for visiting
Happy belated WoYwW
Hugz Minxy #58

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh Shaz what really fab post.. must look up that moulding stuff!!

.. mind you dont have any mould or know how on earth you use it :d one day and loved all the descriptors of everyone/ thing!!

.. and yes have been to Avebury too but not walked around it well and good like you have,love Shaz in Oz.x

JD/ Jill said...

Looks like a great day. I love to go to those stamp/craft meets. Haven't been to one in a while...Thanks for sharing the pics...