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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

WOYWW #203

Hello again, WOYWWers, time once again to head over to Auntie Julias at The Stamping Ground for our regular nosey round the desks. Heres mine this week, featuring those tiny beads Jozarty told us about last week, courtesy of Poundland. I actually bought two, as I shall keep one as is, and I thought I could make up some mixes from the second one.  I also think the empty vials will make cool embellishments too.
Next to them, a couple of things from The Works- two mini artists mannequins, and a small canvas & easel. Not as small as the mini ones they have,this one is 6 inches by about 4 1/2. At the back, the start of a card for a First Holy Communion- making use of my glittered crosses. All the things I glittered are in the previous post, and I think its time to put the glitter away & start using them on some cards now.
 One more lovely picture to show you, my son Mikey (who moved out to live with his girlfriend last year), decided they wanted to get a cat. At first they were going to have a kitten, then he said they wanted to adopt a cat from a shelter. So they went along to one of the Cats Protection branches near them, and here is Mikey with Pumpkin:
She was taken to the shelter after what was probably a road accident, and lost an eye because of that. Mike says she's settled in happily, and follows him everywhere- the shelter were surprised how quickly she took to him when they visited- apparently she wasn't very bothered with visitors. But she was purring at him when he fussed her, and that settled it, lol. He decided she was the cat for them, and a couple of days later the shelter phoned & said they could collect her. So a happy ending for Pumpkin- Mikey loves her to bits.I've also linked this one to Wipso's Friday Smile this week.

One final note, Monday was Geoffs funeral. It was a lovely service , and the Crematorium was packed with Family, friends and old colleagues. The wake was held at a local hotel afterwards, giving everyone a chance to swap memories & stories about him. Becky & Marg picked the tune to play at the very end of the service, as everyone was leaving, and it probably tells you a lot about what Geoff was like- Monty Pythons Always look on the Bright Side of Life! I could just see him laughing at that.


Alison Scott said...

Poundland here I come!
Pumpkin looks most happy and content with Mikey. That's a lovely sight.

Winnie said...

Love the beads! I am looking foward to seeing your finished card. Adorable figures as well. Your son and Pumpkin look soo blissful, always wonderful to save an animal and give it love. Winnie#73

kathi17 said...

Love those beads, and the mannequins are really neat too. They look so artsy, and would be fun to alter.

Pumpkin looks very happy with your son. We always get our animals at the pound too. It's much more rewarding than buying a fancy pet. The only trouble with the pound is that I can't stop crying all the time I'm in there.

Krisha said...

Hi Shaz, Your desk looks like it is waiting for some play time. Very handsome son you have!
Krisha #108

BJ said...

My goodness glitter city, super cat and yep those shops are tops for bargins. Thanks for visiting me already BJ#31

April Story said...

So glad Pumpkin has a new home. I look forward to seeing what you're going to do with those mannequins.
April #119

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh, I'm so glad that the funeral went well..they're always tough aren't they? But what a fab send off he got..and I loved the choice of music!! A true celebration of his life...and I I think we'd all like to be remembered like that. It might be now that Marg finds it toughest though.....I really do have her in my thoughts.

But life does go on and yay to your son for rescuing the cat..may they make each other happy!!!
Hugs, LLJ 22.xx

Maisie Moonshine said...

Hi Shaz! I was given one of those canvas/easel things last week - don't know what I'm going to do with it yet but it will be fun I'm sure. Thanks for your visit MMx #44

Annie said...

What a cute cat and how lovely to have settled so well into his new home like that.
My hubby has always said he wants Always look on the bright side of life played at his funeral. :-)
A x # 39

Ria Gall said...

I am loving all the things you stamped and glittered and what a great little stash you have on your desk.
I am glad you had a good turn out at Geoff's funeral that shows what a great man he must have been. Hold on tight to all your memories no one can take those from you
Happy WOYWW #203 and thank you for sharing your desk with us today
Ria #60

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Shaz,

Love at first sight! Your son and Pumpkin look perrrfect together! I love seeing pets get adopted.

Oh bless. I'm glad that Geoff's services were nice and well attended. Love the song he chose!

Thanks for visiting me already!

Kay (14)

House of Bears said...

Oh we thought we cleared The Works of canvases on our recent fad! Hope you have fun with it,

Kitty looks cute, and settled in already.

Thanks for visiting us this week.

Fandhmum said...

Hi Shaz
I'm really looking forward to seeing that canvas,
Happy wednesday
Rosie x

Angelfish said...

Some lovely things just waiting for your special touch. Your son and his cat look the purrfect pair. Sorry, couldn't resist!
Fiona x

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Shaz
good to see you are able to use some of your lovely glitter crosses on some cards they are very pretty. I am glad the funeral went ok, I hope maggie is doing ok now. I have told mu family I want that tune at mine too, you cant help but smile. Please tell maggie we are all thinking of her in blogland

StampinCarol said...

So cool that your son got a shelter cat... great rescue and they both look quite happy together! I had to go to your previous post to see you glittered goodies! WOW! Anyway... thanks for visiting and happy WOYWW!!
Carol N # 104

Redanne said...

Hi Shaz, good to hear that the funeral went well, a very sad time...
How lovely is Pumpkin and so good of your Son to adopt him. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #37 (thanks for your visit too)

Karen Ives said...

What will you do with the manequins?
Karen #64

Angie said...

Love all the bits on the desk ...I think you will have great fun playing with them. Pumkin is so cute ...so pleased that your son and the cat found each other.
The music is so hard to choose on that sort of occaision...brilliant choice. xx58

Marianne said...

Big Hugs to Mike for adopting a special kitty. You know I'm a softy for a great adoption story.

sandra de said...

Pumpkin is gorgeous and your mannequins look fab. Can't wait to see what they get up to on your desk.
Sandra @13

Helen said...

Shaz, I had to read back to learn about Geoff, I must have missed visited to early to see it before.
On a lighter note, I have one of those mini mannekins, still waiting decoration!! have a good week, and take care. off to visit Maggie now.. Helen 2

Bridget Larsen said...

What a lovely story about your son and Pumpkin. They do pick their owners. Let Shaziwolf know we are thinking of her, I too attended a funeral of a crafting friends husband yesterday but we knew 12 weeks ago he would leave us
Bridget #38

Michelle said...

I love those mannequins Shaz! Thank you so much for visiting my desk and thanks for sharing yours. And thanks for sharing about Pumpkin too, what a lovely story.

Have a lovely week,
Michelle #93

Lisa-Jane said...

So glad Mikey and Pumpkin found each other! I've always loved those little mannequins from the Works.

Nikki said...

Those little mircobeads are amazing I have to pull mine out of my stash :) What a sweet kitty your son has I so agree with saving a pet then buying one :) hugs Nikki #9

Darnell J Knauss said...

A great post, Shaz! Lovely little toys and a heartwarming story about how Mikey saved Pumpkin. Bless them!

Thank you, too, for sharing about Geoff's service and the awesome song that was played. Makes me smile!

Thank you for your early visit! Have a wonderful week! Darnell #52

Caro said...

What a gorgeous cat! Thanks for sharing. Caro x #7

RosC said...

Pumpkin and Mikey...looks like two smiles to me. What a great story. My little brown tabby with some orange is also called Pumpkin - or Pumpie, or Spunkie, or any other rhyming version you can think of.
Pleasure to come by again after too long.

Debs Willis said...

Hi Shaz, you have been busy! Beads look fun, must keep an eye open for them, and thanks for the tip about air dry clay at The Works, will go take a look.
thanks for your visit
Debs x

KatzElbows said...

I love your desk. It's full of possibilities and potential. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create.

Happy belated WOYWW
Cheers, Rachel #24