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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

WOYWW #200

Wahey! A whole 2 centuries! Pop over to meet our Mistress of Mayhem (of the crafting sort),  at The Stamping Ground, and join our regular Stalk/snoop/nosey at all the desks we dare to share.  I've been suffering Internet withdrawal symptoms all day, Beloved Hubby used his time to upgrade me to Windows 8, so as Internet browsing was out, I had a browse around my room, and spied a box I kept meaning to check what it contained. Talk about a wow moment-

I found loads of sheets I had stamped onto Transparency film, started glittering, and then obviously forgot all about. There are a few peeloffs on film as well.
 So today I've been glittering. Besides the images, I've glittered my floor, clothes and body, all down the stairs, the dining room, kitchen, and probably the cat. Tried very hard not to shed glitter into the coffee I made Beloved Hubby- I did have a whole spiel about it being good for the digestion, just in case, but I think I got away with it. Anyway, he likes the J2O Glitterberry, so whats the difference? Suffice to say, we look like the fairies have been visiting.

So the product of todays industry is this:

 I really love those medallions- I remember buying that stamp at the NEC- I just don't remember how many years ago!
The last few pieces lay on the floor in front of the radiator to finish drying. Not at work this week- we get Monday & Tuesday as holiday, and as no-one else had booked the rest of the week, we did. A whole week off, at a cost to our holiday allowance of 2 1/2 days. Cool. So I'll be linking earlier this week- depending what time I wake up, lol, and visiting during the day. Have a fab week, see you later.


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

WOW, Shaz, how amazing are these totally mind blowing.

question 1:
what sort of glitter do you use as dont have much as some are good and some are not so tend not to leap into it..

and 2. what sort of glue did you use Shaz??..

.. love the effect and have stamp medallion it would look great with too! happy WOYWW not linked yet, Shaz in Oz.x

Maisie Moonshine said...

Hi Shaz - now that's what I call hidden treasure! Gorgeous glittery art. I could tell you a story about a lady who visited her doctor having washed herself with a flannel she hadn't realised her daughter had used to mop up a glitter spill... but I probably shouldn't. LOL!
By the way Roman Numeral stamps here
http://www.indigoblu.com/shop/rubber-stamps/a5-rubber-stamps/clockwork-2-p-1663.html Have a great week MMx #73

Anonymous said...

They look brilliant! Don't you just love the way glitter finds it way everywhere?

Lauren x

House of Bears said...

Oh yes, we tend to craft everything around us too, the other day we inadvertently inked the floor and we're always misting the walls!!!

Waving hi from the bears @#69 this week.

Spyder said...

oh wow you've been so busy, so much more to show on your workbench than I've shown on mine! (Mine's just a pushed back mess!) The wooden Ikea pencil holder looks nice, and I do love it, but pencil fall out the bottom of it so I've added a bit of card in the tray at the bottom to stop that, and the other holders, I really thought they'd help with my promarker storage but they are too high for me to see the colours! (even tho I've try to keep them in colour-code! Have a great crafty week
#52 Happy WOYWW!

Heather Alger said...

Wow, have to say these are Amazing x
I am a real glitter fan, but it does get everywhere!!
Totally Inspired by your work :0)
Happy WOYWW Heather #71

Ria Gall said...

I am loving all those images that you found and have been working on they look fabby and I have to say the rose and script really caught my eye

Enjoy your WOYWW sunny day today
Ria #65

Helen said...

Wow, that is some glittering session you had!! I love those medallion stamps, I often looked at them (still, even) though never bought any.. Have a good day. Helen, 4

Angie said...

Looks like you have been having loads of fun ....as fot the stamps ....long story ...they are made by a chap in US ...from his doodles....then when I ordered some his catalogue went off line ...eventually he refunded my money and sent me his used sets!!!.

Angie said...

Sorry forgot to say ...I love that word of yours ...perfect

Eliza said...

you made me giggle as I could visualize glitter everywhere around the house. LOL

Have a good few days holidays, I only wish I could.

Eliza 41

Clare with paint in her hair said...

ohhh i remember doing this years ago, such fun! Love what you have done, thanks for the reminder!

My name is Cindy said...

Hi Shaz! Don't you just love it when you find some hidden treasure? (Actually it's about 50:50 delight and then guilt that something 'you just had to have' at the time can get forgotten). I know what you mean about glittering - I tried to add some to just one card and I swear thre was more in total over me and the floor than on the card!! Happy WOYWW Cindy

Cardarian said...

Oh what a lovely glittery project! I can't help myself but I just love glitter! It does go everywhere - I usally have it on my face so at work they ask if I have been to a party!
Lots of hugs,

Winnie said...

That is a great stash find Shaz! I love those images! Can't wait to see what you use them for. I love glitter. MY late hubby used to tease me about it on my face and in my hair and got me two stamps once that read "She who has glitter on her face" "Yes, I know I have glitter in my hair". I always smile when I see glitter. Thanks for the visit! Winnie#70

MaggieC said...

I have been doing things again with acetate and you have just inspired me to have another go. For some reason, I had never thought of using my medallion stamps in that way. I think the red roses are the most striking and look really luxurious. Strangely, when I did that vellum and mica card, I was not at all sure about it, but it has grown on me recently which is why it has come out again. I would like to try it again now with a better quality embossing powder. How are you getting on with Windows 8? I will settle for getting the graphics card and the disc drives replaced in our machine. Speak soon. xx Maggie #16

Marit said...

Oh wow, what a treasure to find in a box!!! Hmmm.... I don't think I have boxes like that stored anywhere... Enjoy the glitter and keep on shining! Happy woyww, Marit #77

Diana Taylor said...

What a great find - I love that medallion image, and I also love that stamp with the butterflies on. These should keep you plenty busy for the rest of your time off!
Have a creative and glittery week, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

kathi17 said...

All those glittery projects are gorgeous! I always forget to use my glitter, even though I went wild a few years ago and got tons of it.

I think I need to dig it out again!

SueH said...

It’s no wonder that you had a wow moment Shaz, how amazing are they. It good thing is that you wouldn’t need much else with them to make a stunning card. I wonder if I’ll come across anything like that in my cupboards that I’ve forgotten about when I start pulling more stuff out.
Thanks for stopping by this week.
Happy Crafting!
Sue @ 72

Gibby Frogett said...

Wowser! what a brilliant find and what an utterly jawdropping job you have done with the glitter Shaz! Gorgeous designs, roses are so lovely. You must be 'The Queen of Glitter' and when you get around to making that ark, which I'm sure will involve some decorating too, it's just gotta have some glitter on it ;) have a good week, and thanks for visiting earlier... Gill x #73

Annie said...

What a fab show and tell today....I'm chuckling about all your glitter.
A x # 46

Regina Hamilton said...

Those glittered transparencies are amazing. Glad you found them. Happy crafting #92

Jackie said...

Those roses look great ... It's fun to find something you had forgotten about !!!
Jackie 8

Debs Willis said...

Hi Shaz, what a find! Particularly like the butterflies - and lovely glitter - everyone knows its good for the digestion, like when you eat with paint/ink all over your fingers - good for ya!!

Happy woyww

Debs #63

craftydebs said...

You mean you didn't glitter your man too?! I do mine on a regular basis...........but he doesn't always know it!! Love your work Debs x

Almo said...

Hi Shaz, These are lovely, how can you have forgotten about them? I am not a glitter person myself, bit like sand gets everywhere but where you want it! but there is no getting away from the fact that when it is used on acetate with a few colours together as you have, the results are stunning. Like the medallions love the roses. Thanks for your visit earlier and sorry I am late again. Hugs Mo x

fairy thoughts said...

Wow that was a find wasn't it and funny the way the craft stamper turned up... I've not had mine yet. the glittering lookd fab, especially like the roses. thanks for your comments about the ATC's I did spray my back ground with mica spraysso the colours blens well. have a great week

Anonymous said...

Your designs are beautiful as usual. :) The butterflies, the roses, the other flowers...Gosh!...they are all fabulous! SueC#94

Bridget Larsen said...

I love when I cant get on the computer, its allows me to do lots of stuff. Transparency stamping is awesome I have some stashed away waiting for my computer to kark it lol
Bridget #47

MiniOwner said...

Oh wow! Look at the gorgeousness on your workdesk! Happy 200th Wednesday. :o)
Sue x(MiniOwner@132)

Fandhmum said...

I love it when we find those things we put away, yours were lovely finds
Rosie x

gardenpinks said...

Fantastic find Shaz. I recognise the sticker frocks - still think I have some of those left!! Also the rose/script stamp - I haven't used that for ages.
Wish glitter wouldn't travel so well and as I am a very static (as in static electricity) it seems to fly towards me :) Doesn't look funny when my DH's moustache glitters!!

Lynn xx

Janene McAnally said...

Oh WOW!!! Your stamping and glittering are just FANTASTIC!! I am gobsmacked and keep looking at the photos up close lol! Beautiful, beautiful job. I am just starting to think about using embossing glitter in my art journal as it can be very effective I think, after seeing what you can do...I will be giving it a go for sure! Thanks for showing and Happy WOYWW.
Janene #13

kath stewart said...

wow wow wow thanks for sharing all your beautiful creations with us...happy WOYWW..hugs kath (22) xxx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hi there Shaz!! I ADORE those medallions...they remind me of medieval floor tiles or sections from stained glass. What an amazing find, I bet you were very pleased with the contents of that box.
I'm a teaching assistant and at Christmas time, I find glitter everywhere, in my bra, scanties etc etc! And that's when we haven't even been using it in class!
Hugs, LLJ 36 xxxx

Lisa-Jane said...

They look amazing! What a lovely find. Sometimes being without the internet can be a blessing... ;-)

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Shaz,

These are beautiful! Love the designs and colors.

Thanks for visiting me already. I've started my desk hopping today and will keep at it through the weekend.

Kay (12)

Twiglet said...

Wow - what lovely bits and bobs you have to show us today!! have a good holiday week - hope the sun shines for you. x Jo

Alison Scott said...

Lovely stuff to share. Imagine that find. How fantastic.
I can imagine the house after a glitter session like that !

Claire said...

wow! these are stunning - like stained glass windows! just gorgeous :)
thank you for visiting already and leaving a lovely comment - sorry it's taken a while to reply, kids at home tend to take over :)
belated WOYWW wishes and have a great week!
no. 2

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Mow, that's hidden treasure. Love the roses and the medallions are superb too. I tipped over a tub of gold litter recently and not too surprisingly it covered the entire craft room - we have the sparkliest(?) vacuum cleaner in the universe :) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Elizabeth x #95