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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Long Time No See

Been quite a while since I last posted, but life kept getting in the way! I'll post some pictures another time of the stuff thats been going on in the house, which is gradually getting sorted. But I thought I'd post a few pictures of stuff I've been doing over the last few months, and apologies to everyone who has kept up visiting, only to find nothing new.
These two cards were for the same wedding- always a problem making cards to go to the same people! Both of the people who ordered them wanted Easel cards.
 The flowers on both are the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals- I got the large & small versions,( Alterations & Movers & Shapers) which gives me even more adaptability when building up flowers. In the Gold card, I used a Celtic Horseshoe stamp. I think this came from the Aspects Of Design range, quite a few years ago, and I am pretty sure it is discontinued, which is a shame. Also used Tims Flourish die, and Nesties Labels 7. The centres of the flowers were filled with Glossy Accents and seed beads. The large Congratulations was cut out with the Silhouette.
The Black & White card has flowers cut from vellums and black & white pearl paper, triple embossed hearts in black & silver and Nesties Labels 4. I used black & white seed beads for the centres of the flowers again.

I'm also discovering that Blogger has changed a little while I've been gone!  I am not having any trouble posting any more, which is good, but I really don't like the changes they have made to the 'Labels' section. Maximum number of labels, ok, I was getting my head around that, learning to be brief, then I discover its a maximum number of characters too. What on earth is that all about? Its our blog, why does it matter how many tags we put on a post, or how many characters it uses? Not a happy bunny. Going to try another post using Livewriter and see if it applies through that too. I suspect it will, as its a Blogger rule. Off over to Blogger to find out what they are playing at, lol.


MaggieC said...

Shaz, I can't cope. I have been very bad at blogging too, due to lief getting in the way. The I log on today, to find that you have posted again. In the time it has taken for me to put up my own post, not only have you have added about ten (it feels like it), but you have also changed the background. You are a busy girl today. I still like that Aspire stamp of yours - it is so delicate and pretty. Have not bee past yors for a while - have you got rid of the scaffolding yet? You must be so bored with it all. Have fun. Speak to you soon. xx Maggie

MaggieC said...

PS that should ready "life" not lief. Maggie

gardenpinks said...

Gorgeous flowers, have put those dies on my wish list :) They make such a beautiful embellishment, where did you get the blak and white pearl paper from??
Lynn x