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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

The Hublet gets the hang of posting edition WOYWW

Where to start, I think it best if we choose the thank you's as it kind of makes sense to do so, or at the beginning as that may be best? 

Nay I say let us start with a picture and work our way from there :)

So this is an image of get well cards, yes we had some arrive while shaz was in hospital, and because I stayed in there too, I arrived to find them in the letter rack as my brothers and sister went through the house tidying and removing some of the medical equipment etc which I was thankful for none of the equipment was thrown away, it was not an issue to find them honestly xxx
Now this picture is a collection of all of them, including the care package Shaz mentioned in an earlier post.

A Shaz post would not be right without more images, so here is one of the cards (and Cake, there is always cake?)

Special shout out to Annie for the cake, honestly that is 2 slices consumed not one large one and only by moi, and my life is it nice, seriously nice xx
Talking of Annie Sharon's Beautiful wedding dress and cape are now with Annie for some of her Memory bears  they managed to drive themselves their all on there own, no lock down rules were broken or dented  to get them there or the aforementioned cake back home to me.....honest guv ;)

So now onto the rest of the thank you's I have read (but not always replied) I would be here forever if I tried, but I have read them all (Sharon was well loved), each and every comment, some made me smile, laugh or cry which was expected so thank you all for each and every one, they have kept me going and are helping in keeping me sane.

Shaz was a member of many private Facebook groups (too many to list), I had no idea she was so involved in some of them (not surprised this is Shaz after all) dang she was/is so respected. the love and respect that poured from them was heartfelt, thank you xxx

Now for the sh!tty sad part, lockdown!!!!!

Due to the human malware crisis we are in, even if you could travel (which most can't) we can only accommodate 30 attendees, now we do still have a small amount of spaces left, so if you are midlands based and would like to attend please get in touch e-mail me here Clicky and provide a link to where you and Shaz have commented on your own blog to weed out the crazies (the cookie kind not the crafty kind ;) if I have a slot it's yours but please note there are currently 4 left and i really want to fill it will crafters as crafting and crafters kept her going when the going was tough x

Time for another picture, this one though is from my desk, or one of them at least, and what I am working on.

Well on the left hand screen I have a folder containing loads of pictures, some I have had to scan in as we kind of pre-date digital cameras. 
You should  recognise blogger on the right hand screen, below it is an Amazon show 5
Front and centre is the project I am working on, a slideshow to music using the pictures we (or others have taken) over the 28 years we have been together.
Screen 4 the little one underneath is a YouTube playlist I am working on of favourite songs we both loved, along with three used in the project. 

As for the funeral it is looking to take place at the Redditch Crematorium on the 19th march at 10:15am and it will be broadcast, once I have that link I will of course share it with you lovely lot. The stream can support between 100-150 simultaneous views so please only watch on one device as i don't want it being taken off-line, so I think it best i figure out a way to get it you rather than simply post it in here, that is unless someone wants to be the one to share it?

Post Covid we will of course crop, and morn Shaz properly, at least one of Sharon's siblings would also like to attend,  of course I will be still attending the crops as you are my extended family too x.

Going to call it there for this one as its dragged on a bit, well done on staying with and reading up to now :)

as a reward a random sweet photo taken back in July 2007 on Crete 

I have this scheduled to go live at 6 am, and if I am up I will do the linky too, if not I will do it later, if you want to see some actual crafting for that you will have to go elsewhere I am afraid, so check in with our own queen of the desk Julia at the stamping ground and take a peek at what is going on. 

And that just leaves the and finally...


Sarah Brennan said...

Oh Doug, it is so good to see you joining in with WOYWW. Shaz would be laughing at the and finally too! I am sorry I won't be able to watch the live stream as I will be teaching on the day of the funeral but I hope that there will be a link to watch later if possible. So good to hear that you will still be coming to crops too as you are indeed also a big part of the WOYWW family. Stay safe - Sarah #11

Helen said...

Doug it is so good to see you posting and I am glad the comments have helped you. Thanks for sharing the date of the funeral, I hope to be able to attend (virtually) as will try and take the day off. Much love. Helen #10

Neet said...

As what day of the week it is, hopefully I will be watching on the 19th March. Lovely to see you here and to know you are going to be attending the crops whenever and wherever they are.
Using Shaz's wedding dress and cape for Memory Bears is a lovely thought, I can well imagine there will be many tears shed as Annie puts in stitch after stitch, what a wonderful honour for her to be able to do something like this. And what a lovely Memory Bear will result.
Sending Hugs, Neet 13 x

glitterandglue said...

Doug - what a precious post you have put up there this morning. Well done on so many levels! So glad you feel a part of the WOYWW family - and will be attending crops with everyone. Good for you. I have put 19th March in my diary - and hope to share in the funeral with you all.
Love the "and finally" - been there - even got the teeshirt!
Stay safe. Take care. God bless.
Margaret #9

Annie said...

What a lovely post Doug. Glad you’re enjoying the cake 🥰 the bears are going well so hopefully will be finished either today or tomorrow 😀😀😀 I’m thrilled with how they are turning out so really hope you will be too.
Sending you lots of love,
Annie x #18

Julia Dunnit said...

Good to see you. You’ve a lot on your mind and by hod, a lot of stuff on screens, your desk made me sit back in wonder! We’ll attend Shaz’s funeral virtually, and of course, when the madness is over, we’ll crop and celebrate and mourn all together, in the flesh and for real. And you’re right..a lovely sweet photo. big fat enveloping hugs to you man.

Twiglet said...

A really lovely post Doug - so glad to see you are keeping the WOYWW desk well maintained! You are a gem and we all appreciate everything you are sharing with us. Take time out for yourself too. Such a lovely photo of you both. xxx Jo

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Good morning Doug, it's so good to see you here today, I was hoping you would. Lovely tribute's, cards and cake.. I believe you about the two slices hee hee! What a wonderful idea for memory bears made from Shaz's wedding dress and cape, definitely pulled on a heart string again.
You have a great set up to keep everything in one place, something i'm used to seeing from my Hubby, Son & Daughter as I juggle from one device to another.
A beautiful picture of both of you, thank you for sharing it with us and finally your and finally is very much me.. HR's nightmare I am.
Best wishes this WoywW, stay strong Tracey #4

De serendipity said...

So lovely to see your post and as always the final meme gave me a big smile. It was soooo Shaz. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family for her service.
Sandra de

Lynnecrafts said...

Doug, that’s a really lovely post, thank you. I’m glad you’re getting into an audio visual show for Shaz’s funeral. I did a bit of one for my Mum and it was a great comfort to do. People liked to see iit as well. Her funeral was 2 years ago so pre-covid and I just had it rolling on a laptop at the wake.
Big hugs to you, it’s such a hard time. Thanks for your “and finally”, it’s true and so funny, I think we’ve all been there!
Take care,
Lynnecrafts 23

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It was good to see you on the Linky List this morning, thank you for a lovely post - those cards are fantastic aren’t they. Everyone wants to do something to help despite this bloody pandemic. I’m so glad that a wormhole opened up in time and space that enabled the fabric to get to Annie and that allowed sponge cake to make the return journey. Cake and Crafting, that’s what we’re all about and why a Crop revolves around it. I still don’t think we’re going to get to the funeral in person but will attend virtually. Let’s see how things pan out over the next couple of weeks.
That is a gorgeous pic of you and Shaz in Crete, you two had more love in your 28 years than some people manage in a lifetime.
Love and hugs from all the Appletons xxxxxxx

Lisa-Jane said...

Goodness that's a lot of screens young man! I can't imagine how hard it is to put all that together but I'm glad that some of the stories and pics from last week have helped give a little smile or two. I look forward to seeing the wedding dress re-created into a bear and well done for getting that sponge back in one piece. I can volunteer to watch a recording of the stream in case there are too many trying to access it. Lovely to see you here and hope to see you again at the crops at some point in the future. Look after yourself, she'd never forgive us if we didn't take care of you! Lisa-Jane #14

Annie Claxton said...

Hi Doug, how wonderful to see you posting for WOYWW, great idea to make the memory bears and what a beautiful photo of you both. Your PC set-up looks like my son's - except his desk would be garnished with takeaway wrappers! TAke care of yourself, big hugs. Annie C

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Lovely to see you link up, Doug! Keeping busy is probably a good idea! I'd love to see your slideshow when it's ready - working on something like that can be very healing, I expect. Some lovely cards there and how thoughtful of Annie to send you a cake! And the memory bears are a wonderful idea as well! Hope you're holding up ok - it was so hard for us on WOYWW to process the news (we're still working on it!) - I can't even begin to imagine how hard it must be for you. We're here for you if you need a virtual shoulder to cry on, or just to reminisce about Shaz. xx zsuzsa #27

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Doug, great to see you here and the photograph at the end is beautiful. I'm sure the wedding dress will look great when it's repurposed. It's a sad time for lots of people right now and I've had a share of it too so I know how you're feeling but I also know that Shaz would expect you to get on with your life and I'm sure she's up there telling you to do just that and you will do in time. Take care and keep smiling, hugs, Angela x19x

The Hardy Stamper said...

What a lovely post Doug. The memory bears are such a good idea - as is the cake! It's your duty to ensure that it doesn't go off, so I insist that you have another slice!
I would like to be able to watch the funeral at a later date please (I'm not in the WOYWW group). Sending you much love, Lynn.

BJ said...

Oh my life Doug, wasn't expecting a blog post, let alone such a beautiful one. The memory bears, how wonderful. Unfortunately not Midlands based now but was born in Bromsgrove so with you in spirit, have marked my calendar to hopefully watch on line. Hugs BJ#1

Catriona said...

What a surprise and pleasure to see your blog post today. I hope you are finding comfort going through all the photos of your life together. I love the photo that is your favourite too. Hugs from Scotland.

Crafting With Jack said...

Hi Doug, great to have you joining in today. That is a lovely photograph of you both and the picture at the end is something I have experienced too many times. Angela #31

Lillianb said...

Hello Doug, What a lovely post. its lovely to have you joining in. Love the photo of you both, The memory bears are a great idea.

Take care Doug and stay safe, Sending hugs from Bristol,

Lilian B #16

Mary Anne said...

Oh Doug, your post is just a loving tribute to both our much-missed Shaz and to the incredible relationship you two shared. That final picture both makes my heart sing and brings me to tears. Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself, when all the work for the service is done. The quiet times will be harder, but you have to know that all of WOYWW is here every week to prop you up.
hugs to you and ll of Shaz' family

Sorry, I'm late for WOYWW!
Mary Anne (2)

Aimeslee Winans said...

Oh man, Doug, I had been hoping you would keep posting! You do a great job, so now you are hired permanently (hope!). We are addicted now, so you are doing God's work, plus Shaz gets to keep her blog going, a fine gift indeed. Thanks for the update. As I live in the States, I will out of respect and courtesy for you all not clog up the bandwidth looking at the funeral live, maybe later on. So wonderful you "told" the dress to go to Annie's and I bet her cake WAS delish. All of it, so wonderful. You're never alone, Doug, we are all here with you. Hugs XXO

Anne said...

Hello Doug. Such a lovely post and so good to see you joining WOYWW. Have been thinking if you and wondering how you are. I hope to watch the live stream.
Take care and I sincerely hope you continue to join in WOYWW. Take care. Hugs. Anne x 37

Kathryn Frantz said...

Hi, Doug! I am a WOYWWer from across the pond . I connect with Instagram as I am blog impaired! I met Julia and Bart several years ago when they came to visit Julia’s sister in the States. I had been following WOYWW for many years prior, everyone just didn’t know it! Shaz connected with me on Instagram. Generous with tips and advice. Love her enabling too!

I so wish I could have joined in on those crops, to meet and hug everyone!

You are in my prayers
Stay well,

Kathryn #35

Susan Renshaw said...

Well done Hublet on taking part!
What a lovely idea to make a memory bear with Sharon's wedding dress.
My thoughts are with you...
Take care.
Susan #8

Mrs.D said...

Oh Doug, what a joy to have you join in with WOYWW.
And what a lovely idea having Annie make a memory bear from Shaz's wedding dress, it will be a very precious bear.
Chris (No blog this week)

Shoshi said...

Sorry for the late visit, Doug. It is absolutely great to see you on here! I hope you will be joining us regularly. Shaz would be so proud! It was lovely to see your own desk too - it all looks extremely well organised and hi-tech. Great that you have had so many cards, and the cake too - cake always helps.

As you know, we are all thinking of you. We are all missing Shaz like crazy and there have been so many lovely tributes to your lovely wifelet! I shall never forget her kindness to me and her support and encouragement. Today in my studio I thought of her especially, because I was using some "bleed-proof white" paint that she recommended - the great enabler that she was! Most of us will have at least one thing on our desks that will regularly bring her to mind.

Take care of yourself, Doug. Sending love to you and all the family.
Shoshi x #15

Spyder said...

Morning Doug. Sorry for the late visit I was scooting round to see who'd I'd missed or visited and not commented and there you were. I've been reading all the tributes, they are all very moving, funny,sad,full of love. And how wonderful to have her wedding dress made into those lovely memory bears! I never met Shaz but she was always helpful, a lovely lady and when I disappeared from blogland for a few years, she remembered me. You are very special, a real gem, thank you for continuing and sharing here. A lovely photo of you both and the last cartoon....how many times and I yelled that one out! God bless, take care. ((Lyn)) #6

pearshapedcrafting said...

As I often am , I am late visiting (Shaz was used to me having massive catch ups) I'm not sure I have the tech knowledge to 'attend' but I know a man who will! Well done to the dress and cape for making that journey all alone!! Take Care, Chris

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