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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

WOYWW# 376

Not my desk at all, but perched on a garden wall at LLJ's house at the weekend. As you can see, we had some lovely weather.

Jan, Hubby Gordon and myself, having coffee.

Then there was the three of us sorting through some craft stuff over brunch on Sunday morning. Was lovely to see Julia, and she is looking extremely well.

We really ought to run a caption competition on this one!
 LLJ had been collecting salad from the garden.

 We'd also been to Plymouth on Thursday, and after leaving there Friday morning, we stopped off for a short break at a place called Trago Mills, a huge hypermarket type store where you can get anything from a paper clip to a washing machine. Needless to say, they had a craft section!

 I was quite restrained, to be fair. These three embossing folders, all by X-Cut, just seem to have so many possibilities.

This circle cutter is also by X-Cut, and I liked the fact that it doesn't rely on making a hole in the centre, it holds down by a suction cup.

A set of stamps, all relations, was only £6.50.


I finally finished completely my Christmas Tree cards, they now have their acrylic star on top.
 And so, I'm done. Time to go put my link up at The Stamping Ground, where Julia is once again trying to keep us in order!


Kyla said...

So pleased you had a great few days and what lovely weather too.

Morti said...

"Jan pondered which meat she was going serve with her two veg."

Glad you've had a fab time - Trago Mills is fab!

Helen said...

sounds a great weekend, Jan, Julia and shopping! Helen #?

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lol 😃😃😃😃 you can't take me anywhere!! I apologise for lowering the tone of your blog....actually, you're as bad as me. LOVE Morti's comment! It was so good to see you both.
Hugs, LLJ 3 xxx

Twiglet said...

Visiting early today for a change - was awake at silly time so sitting enjoying peace and quiet with my coffee and biscuit and then I nearly choked on it!! Fab photos of the "3 little girls from school" and as for that LLJ - well really she does lower the tone!! Ha she is probably thinking " If the veg is still here, what have I just chopped up for salad!" xx Thanks for the giggle - glad you had a lovely time with the happy gang.

sandra de said...

Sooo lovely to see you all together having fun. Jan looks like she is creating her own Vege tale.
sandra de @11

glitterandglue said...

Morning Shaz. What a great time you had while away. Didn't know Trago Mills had a craft section... have been there several times, but never found it :-( You found some great things there - a good circle cutter - well done. I'm sure there was plenty of laughter with Jan and Julia as you all got together to go through a HUGE box of crafting goodies. Well done on the tree cards - they look lovely - yes, I'm done with my Christmas cards, too. Have to take advantage of a few minutes here and there up here on the North Wales coast, just plod away at them, and suddenly... Finished!!!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret '6

Kathyk said...

Looks like a great visit, loadsa fun. Love your batch of Chrimbo cards too



Julia Dunnit said...

I've heard tell of this Trago Mills, how fascinating! Great to see you. Even though it causes me to wink unnecessarily, I'm happy for you over the finished cards. Really! Someone's thought about that circle cutter, what a good idea the sucker thing is.

lilian said...

Looks like you have had fun, Great Christmas cards,
Lilian B # 16

Annie said...

Wonderful pics of very special friends. I'd have loved to be a fly on the wall :-) Jan never changes does she....that's why we all love her not it? Julia looks so well....it's great to see you are both recovering well after your hospital experiences.
Have a great week.
Annie X #13

Jackie Mackay said...

It's great to see the pics of the group of you together following an 'interesting' time. I'm not a paper crafter but I like the look of that circle cutter. Have a great week - the sun may last for one more dayx Jackie 18

SusanLotus said...

H aven´t been online for a while so I browzed
a little through your posts and did get very
inspired by your embossed panels and some oyour background
stamping techniques.

Have a nice day!
SusanLotus, nr 20 WOYWW

Caz said...

Happy times with friends......
I haven't really thought about Christmas cards yet - even though I promised last year that I would start in July this year!!
Caz #28

Christine said...

Wonderful weekend for you all and in the sunshine.
Love those folders, I can feel a visit to the Range coming on .....
Those stars have lifted your cards into the gorgeous zone, I thought they were good before but the addition of a small piece of plastic has transformed them.
Take care
aka Bishopsmate #40

Belinda Basson said...

So nice to see the three of you having a get together. That salad does look a little perky... As for the 3 folders you bought, I would have gotten those too. I have not even contemplated my Christmas cards yet, let alone finished any and you have done a whole lot! Way to to!

Chidkid said...

So pleased you were all able to meet up.. great to see you all enjoying yourselves..and you found time to buy new stash too. Lovethe X,as cards btw.

StampinCarol said...

How fun to meet up with friends! Great putting faces with names. Looks like some fun embossing folders and stamps. Interesting circle cutter. Haven't seen one like that before. And great Christmas trees, love the star! Thanks for the visit and hope you have a wonderful week!
Carol N #35

LisaDV said...

So glad you had fun. Love the photos and all of the goodies. Have a fantastic and blessed Wednesday! LisaDV #26

Sue said...

Hi Shaz, Glad you all had such a fun time.

As to the smutty photo - shame on you Jan;) LOL

Have fun with your new stash.

All those cards must have kept you out of mischief:)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #12

Diana Taylor said...

It looks like you had a fantastic time and that picture is sooo Jan! I am loving your purchases and have never heard of Trago Mills but it sounds just my sort of place! I love the cable knit emboss folder - I could see that getting used a lot, and the circle cutter is a great idea too. Thanks for stopping by earlier, I hope you have a lovely week,
Diana #30 x

Monica said...

I may not have been "around" but I read your posts. It is great to see you have recovered and to read how you have adjusted to your post surgical life style. craft buying seems to be in full swing and it looks like you are all on form and the craft industry can rest easy that there will be no decrease in their profits.
Hope this posts as strange occurrences with commenting seems to becoming the norm. Cyberspace must be getting very crowded with undelivered comments, or maybe there is a "comment monster" who feeds on them.
thanks for visiting.
Keep cool and crafting
Monica #41

Sandy Leigh said...

Your Christmas tree cards are beautiful! I love seeing the photo of all three of you together looking beautiful and healthy. So what was Jan pondering...hmmm...maybe she was thinking, "how could I crochet a cucumber keeper?"

Stacy Sheldon said...

I am so impressed by how many Christmas cards you have done and just smiled over the visit mug shots. :) Thanks for sharing! ~Stacy #44

Lea.H said...

Lovely new stash - All those stamps for £6.50 - Bargain! Lea 49

StampedbyChris said...

I'm happy to see someone else who has the Christmas cards ready!
Caption could be "crafting up some cooking"!
Chris P #25

Angela Radford said...

You all looked as though you were having a great time. But Oh! the Christmas cards... so many completed, better get my finger out Lol! Thank you for the lovely comments over at mine and happy woyww, Angela x 15

Neet said...

Had to smile at your comment on my blogpost - re Chloe coming on well with my tuition. Don't think so. I cannot get her into rubber stamping at all but give her a pencil and she is happy. Unfortunately, although she enjoyed the faces she is dog crazy and I cannot draw dogs. Guess she will have to go elsewhere for tuition with those.
Lovely to see the photos of you with Jan and then with Julia too, great weather as well, must remember next time you mention going away - you provide good weather.
Smashing bargains!
See you soon-ish!
Hugs, Neet 5 xx

AliWade said...

Happy Belated WOYWW. Thank you for showing us photos of your lovely time in the sun. Trago Mills - we drove past one of those when we went down to Cornwall, and I fancied stopping, but hubby did not fancy coping with the crowds (there were lots of coaches in the carpark!). Well done for finishing the Xmas trees. Still not made a single Xmas card - not holding up much hope for this month either. Ali x #37

BJ said...

Trago Mills now that brings back memories of Summers visiting my Dad on Dartmoor. Still using a quit cover I bought there and Dad got me my penknife there too. Fond Fond memories of a Dad who left this earth far too young.

Oh I digress.... ROFL at caption competition, was happily reading the words and glanced at the photo before really looking and behold ROFL, Nothin like a bit of salad from the garden!!!

Glad you all had a good time and thanks for visiting me BJ#24

Marit said...

Goodafternoon, "fellow walker" ;) Yes, we 'ladies-of-a-certain-age' take the best out of a good day, isn't it?! I love to see the photos of you, your hubs and LLJ... it looks like you had a lovely and relaxed time. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Happy, belated, woyww and have a great weekend. Hugs from Holland, Marit #22

Nikki C said...

Looks like you all had a fun time together and wow your done all your Christmas cards lucky girl hugs Nikki 10

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

What a lovely get together! And you got to see LLJ's house before she moves! That photo with the cucumber cracked me up, LOL! Great finds in the craft section and I adore your stylish Xmas cards. You are so ahead of the game! Thanks so much for your visit last week, Shaz! Sorry it's taken me almost a week to get back! Hope to catch you again this Wednesday! zsuzsa #21

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