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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

WOYWW #303

So, it's Wednesday again, and three parts of the way through March already! Soon be Crop time again, yay! A browse around the workdesks of the world, courtesy of our Head Desker, Julia, at The Stamping Ground. On my desk this week, a few purchases made at the NEC Hobbycrafts show last Thursday. I went along with Marg, Silvercrafter, and met up with Debbie, Tattered Rocks. Just as well I had such wonderful company, as the show itself was a huge disappointment. I've been to the March one before, and know its not as big as in November, but this one was tiny! Very few visitors on Thursday too- if you've been to the November one, you know how much of a crush it is, and how difficult it can be to get around.
This one felt almost deserted. Biggest complaint I heard from people walking around was that the organisers dare to charge the same for this show as the Christmas one, when it's only a fraction of the size. So that was definitely my last spring NEC show. Well, what did I get then? A Clarity stencil, of random sized boxes, a Sweet Poppy stencil for Christmas, and 3 sets of Clarity 'Wee Folk' stamps, which I think will go well with a lot of my scenic stamps.

Some Majestix stamps and some low tack masking tape. A set of heart dies, and one purchase I was really pleased about. For ages I'd been looking for a Diamond shape die set, and couldn't find one anywhere. Just happened to spot a single set hanging up on someones stand, so grabbed it.

Two random u/m tree stamps- I think the bottom one has a real 'spooky tree' look to it, and only £1 each.Some nice spotty ribbon, 3 new duster brushes and 3 new Stickles.Also some square card blanks- 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7.
 I usually fold my own card bases, but square leaves a lot of offcuts, and I end up with too many scrap pieces to try and use up. Which always turn out to be not quite big enough for what I want!

One new Inkylicious quote stamp, and a few new Lavinia stamps. Love that spiky mushroom!

Last purchases now, and I left this one till last, as I know that LLJ will be swooning over them!

New additions to the range, and launched at the NEC show- a pair of boxing hares, and a lovely 'looking upwards' hare.

One last picture to leave you with, as you know we lost the awesome writer Sir Terry Pratchett a couple of weeks ago.
This pic was taken at a BBC 'do' a couple of years ago, where my eldest, Ant, got to talk to the great man. Apparently, he looked across the room, spotted Ant, and made a beeline for him, due to the green beard! Ant said afterwards, that Sir Terry was one of the nicest people he had ever met, a very genuine and extremely interesting person. They had a chat about a sword Sir Terry had forged for himself from iron ore, and about childhood games in general.
 So, I'm done. Had a stinking cold this last week, which was not good! Just got me in the 7-14 day danger period, typically. Breathing got difficult enough I had to go to the Docs on Friday, and he's given me antibiotics to clear any infection, ahead of my 3rd IV chemo on Friday. Have to go for a blood test on Thursday, and if that's ok, then I get the treatment. So hopefully the antibiotics will have done their job, or I'll get put back for a week or so, I expect.


MrsC.x said...

its a shame that the show was a disappointment i have been finding that they often are at the mo and i think that it is because so many of us shop on line it doesnt make sense for them to haul everything out to a show, but a shame as i like show days coming home with a bargain bit of bartering if you can all good fun :)

what a lovely load of goodies love so many of the stamps but the pink dies stood out to me cos they were pink! i love pink :) i am a marketing mans dream :)

feel better quickly {hugs}
thanks for sharing
Luv Mrs. C.xx

Helen said...

I saw on Barb's blog that she was practically demo'ing to herself on Thursday! nice buys though... hope the antibiotics have worked and you can still have the next round of chemo. fingers crossed. Great pic of your son and TP - what a loss. Helen #3

Lynda Beazley said...

Shame about the NEC but you seem to have got some lovely new things to play with! We are making the long trip up to Ally Pally next month and looking forward to that. We have nil shows in Wales! Sorry to hear you haven't been well, hope you get your treatment on time. Enjoy playing with your new stash!
Hugs Lynda B 17

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Nice to see all those goodies from the show. I felt so sorry for the exhibitors. They were all struggling apart from the pound stall and I reckon they all had trouble making their stand price even in sales. Hope you are feeling better after those antibiotics. xx Maggie #14

scrappystickyinkymess said...

I hear ya - the Stamp show in Newbury last July was a HUGE disappointment, and it seems they are all getting smaller and smaller. With shops shutting down it will soon be hard to get to see stuff in real life before you buy if the shows go away. :(

Sorry to hear you are under the weather and hope you are back on form for the crop! Be nice to see YOU in real life too :) Luckily there is a bit of time yet.....but it always comes on us so fast.

And PS love the poppies in the previous post. I've always been impressed with Indigo Blu.
Happy WOYWW day!
Mary Anne (2)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Too right, I'm swooning!! I've never seen hare stamps before, those are fantastic and I bet you use them all the time. The same with that fab punky mushroom...love it! Shame that the show wasn't as good though......
I hope that you've beaten the cold enough so you can have the third treatment on Friday...fingers crossed.
Sending big hugs,
LLJ 24 xx

Debbie Rock said...

It was thanks to you dearest Shaz that I got to the NEC ... my first ever show like that and a real eye-opener! LOVE LOVE LOVE all your new goodies ... serious stash-envy over pretty much all of it! Much love to you. Debbie xXx

kilnfiredart said...

Hi from a fellow desker, I love the hare stamps, hares are on of my favourite subjects to paint.
Jill #22

Julia Dunnit said...

Argh, am sorry that you've had another set of meds to take, hope you're feeling better and that the bloods don't reveal a cause to delay.()() ()
I think back in the heyday, the industry was keen for 2 shows a year but it just doesn't work anymore, inevitably, one is very diluted. Still, you scored some good buys, and I see those small figures sitting nicely within the squares on that stencil. Gotta laugh at the hares, they're great!

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Shaz...my you did have fun at NEC that's a lot of great stamps etc.Hope you're over the cold soon. Cheers RobynO#27

Mrs.D said...

Morning Shaz, I am sorry to hear about your cold, hope the tablets from the doc do the job.
You got some smashing stuff from the show on Thursday. I really love the tree stamps.
We went to the show on Friday and were disappointed too. There were far fewer people there, made it easier for John to get round on his scooter, but I went with a list and some things were simply not there. Didn't stop me spending money but we probably won't go to March show again.
Hope the treatment goes well on Friday
Bless you
Chris #17

Nannie4 said...

Love your haul, Shaz! Great stuff there. Even though the show wasn't what you hoped, you did well.
How frustrating to have caught that cold right at the time you did. I so hope that all will be well to go ahead with your treatment on Friday. Crossing my fingers and toes for you.... Nann # 49

pearshapedcrafting said...

Sorry to hear of the NEC disappointment! I think shows like that (we have a couple in Manchester) charge so much..not just to us crafters... but to stall holders too! The only show that I find is real value for money is Happy stampers on the Wirral - it always has a brilliant atmosphere and manages to keep costs down, but it only a one day show and all tickets have to be pre- booked as space is limited. Hope the anti-biotics did their stuff and Chemo can go ahead!! Looking forward to the crop too! Chrisx 48

Lindart said...

So many new toys! I love the fairy stamps - heck all the Livinia stamps are awesome! So Sorry for the loss of your friend. Glad that you are feeling better, not nice to be sick on top of being sick. Thanks for sharing! Lindart #57

StampinCarol said...

So sad how the vendor shows are getting smaller and smaller. I attended a local one this past weekend... only 5 vendors yet pricey to enter. You did get some great stuff! Love the boxing hares stamps. So far everyone I've visited today has been ill! Oh my. Hope you get to feeling better quickly, too! Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #59

Pat Taviss said...

WOW you did great even if it was a small fair. I did a similar thing on Saturday and came away with the ability to use gold leaf. Of course that also meant getting the tools necessary. You will have sooooo much fun.

Thx for sharing
Pat #15

fairy thoughts said...

Shame about the show.... but you seem to found a few things to buy though.... some great stuff there too.
sorry to hear you had a bad spell and hope it doesn't effect the chemo too much. Love the green beard ... no wonder terry pratchett talked to him.
Thanks for your visit already
hope all goes well on Friday
janet #19

Lisca Meijer said...

Sorry to hear the show was a disappointment.Having said that, you seem to have come back with quite a stash. Lots of lovely stamps.
Yes, sad we had to lose Terry Pratchet. I remember seeing him being interviewed when he was first diagnosed with Alzheimers.
Thanks for visiting earlier,
Have a great week,

Angela Radford said...

Nice collection of new stash. We were away skiing so didn't get chance to go to the NEC this time, sounds disappointing although the later one does get a bit crowded. Have a great week, Angela x 42

glitterandglue said...

Hello Shaz. Oh - I'm sorry you've been feeling so rough - trust it will all clear up with the antibiotics so your treatment can go ahead this week! Praying for you both at this time.
Yes, in many ways the show was disappointing - but it was good for John. He could get around the room without being hit in the face by so many folk walking one direction and looking another. He was whacked by the end of the day - but was pleased to have done it. we do seem to like some of the same stamp producers... a bit of retail therapy just leaves you feeling so good sometimes, doesn't it?!!
Thanks for visiting.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #8

Shoshi said...

You aren't the only one to report on the reduced size of the NEC show this year, Shaz - it must have been rather disappointing. Anyway, I'm glad yo managed to get all that exciting stash! You will have fun with that. Thanks for your lovely comment. I hope nothing else is going to go wrong this time, and that it will all go through OK. It's certainly been rather an arduous journey, hasn't it. Thank you for your good wishes for Friday - I'll see you on the other side!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #38

Shoshi said...

PS Sorry to hear you've had a bit of a setback with a bad cold - I hope they proceed with your chemo OK, and that you don't get behind with it. I bet you want it all to be over and done with now.


sandra de said...

Won't be long and the only way we can buy crafty stuff is online. So few stores still open in OZ. But I have to say you did get a great collection of goodies and I have never seen a diamond die cut. Lucky girl and probably about time you got some luck. All the best with those antibiotics.
sandra de @50

Eliza said...

Goodness me so sorry to hear you are feeling poorly and need more meds, I hope it doesn't set you back with the treatment. What a wonderful collection of stash you have and a bonus getting something you really wanted. Love the hares and the mushroom. Chin up you will get that holiday in the warm weather one day, maybe you can come downunder and bask in our sun.

Hugs to you both

Eliza & Yoda

CraftygasheadZo said...

Fabulous stash, love the pic of Ant with Terry P. SPecial. Take care Zo xx 64

Neet said...

1. Hope you made the treatment on Friday.
2.Great picture of your son, something to treasure.
3. Yes, had heard the show was not as good as usual - sign of things to come?
4. Thanks for all the goodies for us to drool about.
Fingers crossed you are feeling much better.
Hugs and thanks for earlier visit, Neet 28 xx
ps have been busy with visitors so I am very late, sorry

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Ooh, I love those hares. How cool that your son got to meet the mighty Mr. Pratchett. A great loss. Fingers crossed your bloods come back good for the next round. Thinking of you, as ever xx

Kyla said...

Hi hun, hope your bloods were ok and 3rd round was able to take place?

Love your haul from NEC. I was tempted to go but from the sound of it made the right choice.

Thanks for visiting my blog already