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Wednesday 29 October 2014

WOYWW #282

Another week gone, another closer to the years end,lol.  Back at WOYWW for our regular browse at the desks of the world, thanks to our Champion Desker, Julia at The Stamping Ground. Only a couple of things on my desk this week, I've been swapping stamps over to the Aileenes Tack it Over and Over method, and I must say I'm liking it.
Last weeks selection of Stampscapes, and a few oldies, painted with the glue and drying off.
 I reckon this bottle will last forever, such a small amount needed, and I'm painting it on with a foam brush.
 For those who don't know about it, its a sort of repostionable glue, almost like you find on the edges of Post It notes.  Stays tacky for ever, almost. This way, they stick to the holder sheets, and your acrylic blocks, and generally take up far less storage space than using the foam EZ mount. I did at first put all my u/m's onto that, but over the years have found that it started to separate from the stamps, and quite some number have started to 'cup', which means they don't stay on the carrier sheets, or the blocks. So thats an ongoing project. Talking of stamps(!), Chocolate Baroque, every now and again, have a sale of what they call 'Broken Biscuits'. You can probably figure that out, its stamp sheets that didn't all come out perfectly, so the poor ones have been cut away, and replaced with a good stamp. It means you get all the stamps in a set, they are just not all joined together on a sheet when you get them. As you are going to cut them apart, that's no difficulty. And generally they sell them at roughly half price, which means I got an A4 set for £15, instead of the usual £24.96.The set I bought is called Artistic Affirmations.

I was expecting to get a bag of mainly loose stamps, but when it arrived, it was almost a complete sheet- just one stamp separate from the rest!
 Not a lot of crafting done this week, we called in at IKEA on Friday, and I bought another couple of drawer units, a tall Alex and a wide one, so there has been some tidying and reorganising going on.
Last and final thing I want to show you: Beloved Hubby has struck again! The things he manages to find on the Internet never ceases to amaze me. I knew he had ordered something for me and Mikey, but had no idea what it was. Then on Saturday morning two packages arrived, and he told me to go ahead and open them.
 This is what was inside:

Two cushions, with pictures of Ambrose on. One set for us, and one set for Mikey and KT.The fabric is suede- like, and the image quality of the prints is amazing. Got Mikey to pop over yesterday, with KT, said we had something for them. They were both chuffed to bits with them.
My treatment is  plodding along, still so far, so good. The worst part is the time involved- 45 minutes there, the same back. The actual treatment takes less than 10 minutes, and three days last week I was called in within 5 minutes of arriving. Monday this week, we got there to discover they were running 70 minutes late! Not funny. Also this week, on Monday, I returned to work, doing half shifts at first to see how it goes.


Belinda Basson said...

Those cushions are brilliant! Travelling is the pits...but may that be the worst part of your treatment! Sounds like you are doing well if you are contemplating working a bit. I too hate the way the EZ mount comes off and slides...must investigate this glue. #4

Helen said...

What a fabulous way for you to remember Ambrose! Doug sure is a keeper!!
The only thing that puts me off using repositional glue is the lack of foam cushion for my stamping, but I guess you adapt to the pressure ... Hope the treatment continues well. xx Helen 2

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

He's a keeper, that husband of yours, but you know that already. I've not seen that glue before. A friend has something (in sheet form) she puts on the blocks rather than the stamps. Do you find it works well without the foam layer? Glad the treatment is going well xx

Fiona #20

glitterandglue said...

Well found, hubby!!! A lovely thoughtful gift. A great special offer find in those stamps.
Oh, how I remember going off to Cov for John's radiotherapy - and the different time it took getting there and back, waiting for the treatment, etc. On one occasion it took us an hour to travel from the road to the car park - helicopters were coming in, so the road was stopped!! Happy days, huh?
Glad you are feeling well enough to go to work part time. Take care and get yourself plenty of rest.
God bless.
Margaret #16

Neet said...

Gosh Shaz, I cannot believe you are back at work, albeit part-time, and having chemo at the same time. Hope things go well.
Love the cushions, what a gem of a guy you have there.
Blessings, Neet 29 xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh Shaz would join that queue for broken biscuits too ..
..but tried to get them posted before to Oz, no go if remember rightly but perhaps is just as well.. :D far too many already.

I am liking the sound of that Aleen's glue.. might have to look for it. I ventured this week into Amazon mm not sure if that is good idea .. love your hubby's gifts how gorgeous and recognise some of Stampscapes below and dont use mine enough..praying for you Shaz.
happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #25

Anonymous said...

My Tack it is at least 10 years old :) Love the idea of the cushions. How cool is your DH? A total keeper. Mine seems to find cool stuff online but only at geekbuying DOH! Hang in there with the travel. Hopefully it'll be done soon. Oh and love the stamps. Some great sentiments/phrases there.

{sigh} word verification sucks. Let's see how many times I have to try it this time. My limit is now 3 - any more and I go without leaving a trace....

and crap - I can tall it's going to be at least 2 already.
Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (1)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

That hubby of yours is worth his weight in gold! What a wonderful, thoughtful and heart warming prezzy of the Ambrose cushions :-)
Love all those word stamps you got...be careful that Julia doesn't see those. She's a devil for text!
Hugs, LLJ 28 xx

Glenda said...

Loving your post this morning! Thanks so much for sharing!
Glenda #33


G'day Shaz. Happy WOYWW. I have been thinking of going back to the tacky glue thing as I am having the same trouble with my Ez mounted ums too. Oh how cute is yr hubby...love the cushions. Glad to hear the treatments are going OK but not good with the travel and wait. Also great your chest infection has improved too :)
hugs Annette In Oz #12

Christine said...

Pleased to hear your treatment is progressing, hope that the journey continues to be the worst part of it all. I think you're wonderful to be back at work, albeit part time - guess you work with a good cheerful crew!
Congrats to Doug on his superb find!
Bishopsmate #42

Queenie Jeannie said...

I hope you are feeling better; not sure what your treatment is for. Hugs!!! Love the Broken Biscuit idea! The set you chose was fantastic!!

Jeannie #27

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Shaz, I've bought the Broken Biscuits before and they are an excellent buy.
Love the Ambrose cushions they're great.
Have a great crafty week, Angela x 34

sandysewin said...

Oh, those kitty pillow are great. Yay, hubby!

That looks like quite a project, adding glue to all the stamps, but I'm sure it's worth it.

Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the comments.

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #46

Monica said...

Hi Shaz, happy to see you positive spirit intact. Currently kittens are storming desk. When i had to go for rads, it was always the parking that was the hassle. Get well soon. lovely hubby is the best medicine!
Monica #57

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love those broken biscuits! Glad to hear that your treatment is working but don't overdo it yet! Clever Doug surprising you with the cushions - they're great! Hugs, Chrisx

Chrysalis said...

Hi Shaz - thanks for the heads up about the glue and stamps - they're gorgeous, and very versatile. Your cushions are lovely - your hubby's definitely a keeper! Glad the treatment seems to be going well, just a shame about the travelling time. Have a good week and look after yourself. Chris # 24

Unknown said...

I remember using the T I O & O many years ago before stamps started having cling cushion. Still have a few stamps with the TIO&O. Great pillows! How fun! Hope your treatments continue going well! Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #54

Anne said...

Love the cushions and found your tip re the glue. Think it will be useful with my 'clear' SU stamps. Great that treatments are going well. The traveling must be a real pain and worse when you have to wait. Thanks for visiting. Anne x #18

Elizabeth said...

Those cushions are fabulous, Shaz, and thanks for the tip about the tack-it glue, I'll be tracking down a source asap. I expect your Hobbycraft will be bigger than the one up here ... our's seems to be getting smaller every year. I was told by a few exhibitors that the cost of hiring a stand - electric point and a card machine are extra - was getting to be prohibitive and, indeed, quite a few are sharing stands to cut some of the costs. It's too sad. Glad to see your treatment is going well and I hope your gentle return to work doesn't tire you too much. Hugs, Elizabeth x #53

PS: Hugs from The Boss to Ambrose :)

Annie Claxton said...

oh wow I LOVE those cushions! What a great bargain you got with those stamps too. Hope your treatment continues to go well. Happy WOYWW :o) Annie C #50

Ali H said...

What a lovely memory with the cushions. Sending a hug to hope the treatment is going well Ali #21

Lisca said...

What a lovely way to remember Ambrose! Gorgeous photos/cushions.
I'm glad your treatment is going well so far. When I did my radiotherapy, I was staying 5 min walk from the Oncology Centre, so I would phone before leaving the house and they would tell me if and how much they were late, so I could leave a bit later. But it's frustrating if you've traveled so long.
Have a good week,
Thank you for letting look over your shoulder,

Artatag said...

It is great to hear you are doing so well. Lovely things you got this week, great stamp bargain and these cushions are awesome! What a sweet hubby!!
Gabriele 31

Shoshi said...

I've never heard of broken biscuits stamps, Shaz. What a brilliant idea! Considering you're going to cut them up anyway, you're actually getting a bonus because they've done half the work for you! As for the cushions, they are amazing. What a star your hubby is, and how sweet of him to know how much you need some spoilies at this time! Mine is the same - he has been such a support to me today when I've had such an awful time with Mum stressing me out, and feeling so poorly as a result.

Thanks for your great comment, and you do understand what it's like working on a project because you have to. It seems to suck all the joy out of it, doesn't it. This is the reason why I can never do things for sale, or to order...

Happy WOYWW, and let's hope for all good things for the rest of the week!
Shoshi #30

trisha too said...

Had to scroll down and check out last week's woyww to see those stamps, they're gorgeous!

The kitty cushions are amazing, my girl child would love them, even ones with someone else's cats on the front. :)

Glad to hear the treatments are going well, but the traveling definitely sounds like a chore.

Thank you for dropping in this woyww, Shaz, I appreciate your visit!

#56 this week with
a new old stamp set

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Shazat first I thought you had pieces of chocolate on your desk ... then read it was chocolate baroque ha ha. DH has certainly done it again the cushions are fabulous.... what a great reminder of your beloved Puss.
hope the treatment continues to go well
janet #17

fairy thoughts said...

Ps Im just off to buy some of that tacky stuff

Eliza said...

Dont push yourself with the treatments and work, just not a good combination a little bit further down the track. You need to rest as much as you can. Oh and those cushions are brilliant what a find, he is a champion your hubby. I love chocolate baroque stamps but to get them sent to Australia is bleeding fortune. You have some wonderful words in that set too what a buy, a true bargain.

Sorry just getting to visit till now, DD stole my computer and I didn't want to reply on the iPad as it takes forever.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda #9
Thanks for visiting and happy WOYWW

itsamistry said...

Cute cushions and a very thoughtful husband from the sounds of it. Love the stamps and I agree putting them on foam backs doesn't last very well. I tend to just use pritt stick. Hope things go well for you in the coming weeks. Take it easy at work. Thank you for visiting my blog Anita woyww 44

Anonymous said...

How lovely of your husband to find things to surprise you that have a lot of meaning to you. The lettering on those "biscuit" stamps is gorgeous. Happy week, happy WOYWW, and thanks for visiting! ~ Laura #64

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