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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

WOYWW #283

Morning folks! To be honest, my desk is a mess this week. No crafting, as there was a bit of furniture building, and new PC building going on. Which meant the removal of all the stuff from my old PC desk, so that could be disassembled, and the new one built. We got me a slightly smaller desk from IKEA, as my old one was rather huge. It also meant I could fit in another couple of Alex units by the desk- well, you can't possibly have too many drawers, can you? So this is what my room, and workdesk, look like right now.
Everything moved and piled in one half of the room.

This was the corner where the old desk used to be:

Hubby getting ready to construct- I'm still banned from lifting, and to be honest, I felt really worn out all weekend, just seemed to move from sitting down in one place, to sitting somewhere else. Which is why nothing as yet has been put back, my energy levels were on the floor!

New desk put together and in its corner. Now I just have to put stuff back.
 Did get two new drawer sets, and a new chair. My old one would collapse down every so often- most disconcerting, lol. Nice shiny new PC all built, thanks to Beloved Hubbys tech skills. Still have to put everything away!
 By today, I am half way through my treatment, it has gone quite quickly. Didn't go in to work Monday night, as I still felt tired, but was feeling a lot better last night, so went back.
  So that's my show and tell for this week, keeping my fingers crossed my energy levels stay up, as I've booked a ticket for the Hobbycrafts show at the NEC, I shall be going on Saturday, as Thursday and Friday I have my treatments, so they are out, and Sunday I will have time to recover if I'm tired. Anyone going Saturday, give me a heads up, and we'll meet up somewhere. Which also means I need to get my stuff sorted and put away, as I need to find the ticket I printed off!


Lynda Beazley said...

What a lovely new work space! Well done Hubby.
Ali H and I are going to the NEC too on Saturday. We will look out for you!
have a happy week
Lynda B 10

Regina Hamilton said...

I really like your new desk. You have such a sweet hubby putting it all together #8

Bridget Larsen said...

Your new desk looks great, awesome to have a handyman hubby. Hope you get your energy levels up soon so you can play
Bridget #2

Helen said...

Hope you enjoy NEC and find some deskers to meet up with! The new workspace looks fab - lucky you having Doug on hand to fix it all - hope you enjoy putting all your stash back in place... take care. Helen 3

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Shaz
When I read you brought a smaller desk my brain went WHAT but then I se it in all its glory and can see why... Well don BH it all looks amazing.
Half way through already it has gone quick I hope you don't over do it at the show .... I wish I was going but it's just that but too far and expensive to get to.... Not to mention how much I would spend when I got there .... Enjoy
Janet @16

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Wow, that new space looks amazing! All shiny and new :-) Are you going to crack a bottle of champers across her bows??!
Hope you get to the NEC, it sounds as if you are good at garnering your energy. I can't believe you're halfway through your treatment already....sending hugs...
LLJ 25 xx

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Loving those new blue sets of drawers on your new desk! Do hope your energy level stays up so you can enjoy yourself this weekend. Looking forward to seeing what you create. Prayers sent your way. Diane #25

sandra de said...

Now that is a serious computer set up. Lovely to hear to you are half way through the treatment. Lots of positive thoughts and prayers going your way.
sandra de @21

sandra de said...

Now that is a serious computer set up. Lovely to hear to you are half way through the treatment. Lots of positive thoughts and prayers going your way.
sandra de @21

glendabrooks.blogspot.com said...

I love your new desk. Aren't husbands just wonderful? Hope you are feeling better!
Glenda #37

Robyn Oliver said...

Nice new desk Shaz, no hurry to get it sorted just keep taking care of yourself. Cheers and hugs RobynO#39

Artatag said...

This desk is really great!! I love things, that fit in a corner so nicely. Saves a lot of space in the room!!
Gabriele 30

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

It's always handy to have a man around the house! Enjoy your new space and have a lovely week creating something fabulous! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #42

Monica said...

Nice space ready for you when you feel like working. Always good to have helping hubby. When I was on rads my energy just ebbed away and then when it was all was over i felt reinvented one morning.
monica #43 I think

StampinCarol said...

Great looking desk and work area. Hope your energy increases! Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #50

Krisha said...

Hi Shaz,
Glad to hear your half way done with your treatments, they are tuff.....PERIOD!

Your new workroom set up is really fantastic......and new PC too?? WOW! Can I borrow your DH for a short while??

Keeping you in my prayers.
Krisha #24

Lisca Meijer said...

What a lovely desk! And a new shining computer too! Your husband is spoiling you!
I'm so glad your treatment is going relatively smoothly. Already half way! That's good news.
Have a great time at the NEC. Wish I could come too!
Thank you for letting me look over your shoulder.
Have a good week.

Katie Muck said...

Whatever would we do without IKEA? Love the new desk and computer and hope you get some energy back soon.

Katie #63

Debs Willis said...

Hope you get your energy back. Good old hubby sorting it all out!
Enjoy the NEC, don't overdo it :-)
Debs (not woyww this week, just checking in)

Mrs.D said...

Nice desk Shaz, nice new computer, all bright lights and nice shiny new chair, you deserve it, love the screen saver too.
Love your lovely beaded bag hanging over edge of your desk in first pic, what is it for?
Bless you
Chris #27

Chrysalis said...

Hi Shaz - the new desk looks great, and will be a fantastic place to work, once the stuff is put away. Do take care of yourself, and not try to do too much, won't you? The NEC sounds great, though. Have a lovely week, Chris # 7

My name is Cindy said...

Great new workspace - but deskspace or drawer space? Not sure I could choose!! Glad to hear you are getting through your treatment - my bestie finished in September and said the worse thing was the tiredness but she is back to her normal self now. Enjoy the NEC! Would love to be going but can't justify buying anything really.... though I am looking at that brother scan n cut.....
I've even found somewhere it could go.... Happy WOYWW, Cindy #38

pearshapedcrafting said...

Just remember Shaz, you don't have to do anything, oh! ok!, find your ticket, and enjoy the NEC! Really, do what you need to and leave the things you want to for another day!!! Hugs, Chrisx 57

VonnyK said...

Wow, that is an awesome table. That will make a huge difference. I have a chair that makes me go down when I sit on it too. I spend way too much time pumping it to get it to go up again. I hope your energy levels let you go to the NEC. Take care and the treatment will be over before you know it.
Luv Von #23

Anonymous said...

Nice set up! The NEC has been totally NOT on my radar till this week, I guess all the chaos of long-stay visitors, my car in the shop and the problem seemingly hard to diagnose, etc just drove it right out of my head. A few WOYWW folk mentioned it so you might get lucky. Oh and I keep meaning to mention (and I have NO IDEA about Blogger so keep that in mind) that when you comment on my blog there is a URL that comes up. It seems to go to a very old WOYWW (like 149!) on a Wordpress blog. Not a huge big deal, but I wonder if I see cause you are logged in to Wordpress when you comment on my blog Clicking on the link in your comment is going to take them to your inactive blog, not this one. Not sure how much it matters, but I know I do sometimes click a link in a comment if I see someone I am going to visit anyway :)

Cheers and enjoy the new desk, the NEC, and endure the treatments as best you can

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (1)

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Wow Shaz a new 'puter how clever is your dear husband eh??

..and new desk as well wonder if Ikea pay your government as little tax as they do here apparently they pay 4% - I dont get how they get away with it??!

...praying for your treatment to be effective an' all - and would love to meet up for NEC - what fun that would be!!

.. happy belated WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #74

Hettie said...

Woooo! Hark at you with a snazzy new desk!! Lots of new drawers to lose everything in!! LOL!
Glad to hear you are kinda feeling ok and your treatments are well underway. Have fun at NEC.

Julia Dunnit said...

I tried to comment through the blog link on Facebook but it simply doesn't register as stuck. Weird. Stupid iPad, I bet!
Your new desk looks fab, even slightly smaller it will be really nice to have an ergonomic desk. Im not surprised that you havent had the 'vim' to get on and sort out,even without chemo it would take me some time to get to it. You stay resting and just do what you fancy as you fancy it. No better way girly. xxx

okienurse said...

awesome new workspace. Love the alex drawers. I bought a couple sets of the wider ones and stacked them one on top of the other. Need to bracket them together now! Hope you are feeling better! Have a great week. Vickie #68

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Your new set up looks fab. I'd love some of the Alex drawers, they're great. Have a great time at the NEC and be kind to yourself on Sunday x

Fiona #61

voodoo vixen said...

Oh wow, love that new desk, very smart and new 'pooter too! Yay! I love those Ikea drawers, they are so handy for storing my stamps and inks and stuff... hope you feel better soon and get all your lovely stash sorted into them. Sorry I am so late visiting, still plugging away at the list!! Annette #18

glitterandglue said...

Hi there. I am SO late visiting this week.
Well, Shaz - just look at that man of yours grovelling on the floor with the instruction manual next to him, putting in your new computer! Brilliant work, Doug!!!
I'm not surprised your energy levels were so low - When John went through his radiotherapy we were told to expect that at the halfway point, as the levels built up to their maximum.
Did you get to the NEC? We didn't this year - usually come down with John and Mrs D - but John went down with a chest infection, which has meant no going anywhere for the duration. Another time!!
Thanks for finding the energy to visit this week - lunches continue to go well, and the table top sale was a stunning addition to the funds for the Uganda schools. An information feedback from the team who have just visited Uganda is coming up this Saturday - so - yes, you guessed - I'll be helping out... Being in a kitchen is just my thing really...!!!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #11

Shoshi said...

Sorry to miss this last week, Shaz - what a fabulous new desk! You must be so thrilled to have this lovely revamped creative space - this sort of thing can give one a real boost especially when dragged down by ill health. My hubby is the same - so thoughtful and lovely. He took me out today and when we went through Plymouth market he spotted some simply fabulous tops at a very reasonable price and suggested we buy them!! What a honey. Why does retail therapy feel soooo good? Lol!!

Thinking of you.

Shoshi x