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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

WOYWW #273

So, the post- Bank Holiday edition. That's us done for holidays now until Christmas. And that's coming waaaay too fast. Another Wednesday upon us faster than you'd believe possible, so time to go link up with Our Lady of the Desks, Julia, over at The Stamping Ground. Absolutely zero on my desk this week- mainly because we didn't stay at home for the weekend, instead we took ourselves off to Wiltshire, and stayed with LLJ and family, for a smashing relaxing weekend.  Saw Julia as well, for dinner at Jans on Saturday evening. Considering she's been ill you know, she is looking very well now. The weekend then. Jan and her Hubby took us to Winchester for the day on Saturday, where we spent some time walking around the cathedral. Its a most amazing place, there is so much art and architecture to see. The amount of carving, and the detail, is incredible.

 There was one wall which was covered in small animal carvings- Doug was seriously amused by this bear, which looked like it had tried to leap over a stump and got stuck! The little dragon on the right was amazing, as was the bat on the left.

Me and Jans Hubby in a little side chapel, which has the most stunning carved wood altar. Its clearly a whole tree stump- and has been carved with fishes. The benches were very unusual too- curved and flowing.

After the Cathedral,we visited the cafe for coffee and cake. I was very restrained, and had some delicious shortbread. Can't say the same for Beloved Hubby though.

A towering cream and Strawberry jam scone.

A stroll around the town and along by the river helped him walk that off!

Back at Jans, and they've been very busy re-ordering the garden. She now has a lovely area to look out on from the kitchen window.

 Ron, sitting in what is clearly his favourite spot.

Does my bum look big on this?rofl!

Sunday, on our way home, we visited Bath for a walk around. Been through there before, but not actually stopped off. Gorgeous town, so many wonderful buildings, you spend all your time walking around looking up at them, not watching where you are going.
 The park was amazing too- these floral sculptures of butterflys and a dragonfly were wonderful.

 So, now we are waiting for an appointment  to see the consultant, and see what the plan of action is. You will see I've started a new page,and everything will appear on there now. I'll update it as and when we get any new info.Its running in sequence top to bottom, so you'll need to scroll down to the end each time there's something to update. Wasn't sure whether to do it like that, or reverse the order, and have the oldest stuff at the bottom, and newest at the top.That may be better-let me know what you think, will you?  Off to bed now, will be visiting later.


Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love the way the stained glass has made your hair even bluer in the first pic! It was such a fun couple of days, thanks for coming down :-). Ron is definitely looking as if he's overflowing the ammonite there...I won't show him the pic :-)
I know what you mean about walking around Bath looking upwards...you get a crick I'm the neck after a while. I do love it though, especially all the hidden side streets :-)
Hugs, LLJ 20 xxx
Ps I shall keep an eye out for your other blog too but think it might be better to keep the updates at the top like we do with the craft blogs.......xxx

Winnie said...

I just visited Jan, and enjoyed her post about your visit too. You guys look like you had a blast. Such lovely shots! I would be like your hubby and have the scone as it sure looks yummy! Enjoy the day! Winnie #35

sandysewin said...

I definitely think the newest stuff needs to be at the top.

Love those floral butterfly sculptures, wow. It looks like you had a wonderful time, thanks for sharing the pics!

Happy creating and happy woyww,

Sandy #44

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, it's a wee while since I visited so I was stunned to find out what is happening to you ... I hope everything goes well for you and that you have a speedy recovery too. Newest stuff at the top please. Love the photos of your weekend away - that cream scone looks delicious. Hope you have a good week. Elizabeth x #46

Sandy Leigh said...

What a wonderful way to spend your weekend, and that scone looks divine! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #48

Cardarian said...

I see you all had a very good time, I enjoyed looking at all the lovely photos. Thank you for sharing! I need a holiday too, but I am waiting for the retirement one he, he :-)
Hugs Cardarian

Lynda Beazley said...

I'm glad you had a lovely weekend. Winchester looks great and you stayed with some great hosts! I did laugh at Ron sitting on the stepping stone and your comment.
Lynda B 49

Krisha said...

What a lovely visit you had, will go to LLJs next and see her pictures too.
Krisha #19

CraftygasheadZo said...

Looks amazing. Bath is only 20 mins from me and I agree the buildings are amazing. The gardens are fabulous too, always have been. I have photos of me and my nan stood in front of whatever the flower sculptures were at the time. I was probably 3 so they have been doing them for at least 36 years!! Love your hair in the picture, agree with LLJ so blue!! Fabulous. Take care Zo xx 41

Helen said...

What a lovely way to spend the weekend - and it looks as if you had decent weather, although I suppose it was only Monday that was awful... Hope your appointment comes through quickly and they get started with whatever they have to do. Helen 4

Monica said...

Best wishes for life to move on.
Monica 64 in the cornfields of Illinois

Anne said...

What a super weekend you had with Jan- just been looking at her photos as well. Ooohhh that scone looks delicious!!! Thinking of you. Anne x #28

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Shaz
I was sorry to have missed you on Saturday, Lucy was happy to have met you though, she is a big Goth fan.... an x Goth you might say lol.
I read your other post about your cancer and applaude your positive attitude... the only problem I can see with posting lastest first is scrolling down to comment. but I guess it would be the same to read the latest post so maybe that's a stupid thing for me to write .... doh
hope the meeting with the consultant goes well
janet #8

Angela Radford said...

So pleased you all had a good time.
Love Ron, he looks like quite a big cat.
Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 34

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Shaz, happy WOYWW. Great photos of your visit with Jan, love the butterfly garden. Will be thinking of you today and hope all goes well. Hugs and know that you're in our thoughts RobynO#24

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hullo Shaz.. was rather surprised you had never rambled around Bath before .. have visited it twice when in England and loved both lots of rambling there is so very much to see and enjoy..
Saw Jan's pickies too .. wonderful time eh?...
I have just scrolled down to do a catch up as do when not been somewhere for a while and it seems it was good idea as you have had rather surprising thing land in your lap.. will be praying for you in it .. and so glad they are being really proactive about it all. Take care dear friend every blessing, Shaz in oz.x PS thanks for popping over. #10

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

PPS re the posting of updates.. I think use tabs at top of this blog so we can just check medical updates.. you can add extra pages (they are called this in layout) .. I have them on mine.. and if you want to put a brief post at top with link to latest update for folks who are not so off-ay with blogs.... Shaz.x

Robin Spitzer said...

Hi Shaz, what a beautiful trip you had. The butterfly garden is beautiful. Robin #73

VonnyK said...

I visited LLJ and had to come and see your photos. That cathedral is so beautiful. Sounds like a fantastic weekend and that scone is still making me drool. That flower garden is amazing, so clever to get the shapes like that.
Have a great week,
Von #15

Shoshi said...

What a lovely post, Shaz - great photos! I love going on virtual tours with folks! We had a lovely holiday in Winchester once. Great to get together with friends from WOYWW! Thanks for your visit, and I'm glad you enjoyed your virtual tour with me - we love the Barbican with all its arty shops. As for sorting my stuff, it wasn't as bad as I anticipated - the new rug is now down in the office section and I'm in the middle of moving stuff back - just stopped to have a break and a cup of tea!

Regarding your health update page, it would probably be best to have the most recent posts at the top as with a regular blog so people don't get confused. It's easy enough to scroll down for older ones, but a nuisance to have to scroll ever further with each new post lol!

Wishing you all the very best with it all.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #66

glitterandglue said...

Hello Shaz. I think I must be losing the plot! I spent so long reading your new page yesterday that I forgot to comment on this one!!! Ooops! It was an excellent read - apart from the reason for it even being there - clear, thoughtful, and full of things for me to pray for for you both!
This visit to Winchester was a fantastic w/e treat. Lovely pics on your post and on Jan's. What a great time you had. That is some altar frontal!
Thanks for visiting.
Take care of yourself, my friend.
God bless.
Margaret #17

Debs Willis said...

Looks like you had a fab weekend, I live a few miles from Winvhester and think the cathedral is wonderful. That cream scone is huge, Doug deserves a medal for that one!
Big hugs
Debs sx

Laura said...

The Cathedral and the floral sculptures are beautiful. Glad you had a chance to get away and do some fun things. ~ Laura #58

scrappystickyinkymess said...

Just catching up before the new WOYWW posts. Been a crazy week! Saw all the Winchester photo on Jan's last week but nice seeing alternate shots. Totally agree new first is best. I have all my forum accounts set that way as I prefer it. Sounds like most do. Regular readers will want to see the new info first, I'm sure.

I'll be back later to catch the update.