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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

WOYWW #272

Good Morning everyone- first pic this week is the card I couldn't show you last week, the one for Beloved Hubbys Birthday.

Next ones upcoming are a few of the pressies I received- a couple of crafting ones, and some personal. Haven't photographed the amazing platform boots Hubby bought me yet- they do have to be seen to be believed, lol.
A few of these had been on my Amazon wishlist- the two altered art books, and the Stix-2 layering tool.  Drawing pens and rainbow gel pens from the Grandchildren.

Some awesome personal ones, and LLJ, you will love this one!

An oak tree pendant, and an oak tree with two hares key ring, both from Beloved Hubby.

 Oak trees turned out to be a bit of a theme, with a gorgeous leather bound journal from my eldest son and daughter in law, which has an embossed oak tree on the front.

Beloved Hubby also bought me a journal- knowing full well that I was going to want to write the story of  where we find ourselves now.

 So, no real update from last week, I've had the CT scan now, which was a breeze, to be truthful. Next up on Thursday is the MRI. Did get a bit of an unexpected appointment last week, on Wednesday. Got up to a letter from the hospital, which I fully expected to be the MRI appointment, instead it was an appointment with the consultant at 5.30 that afternoon! Did panic me a bit, I will be honest, getting an appointment through that fast!  Turned out to just be a sort of 'fill us in' type chat- That they will have a meeting when they have all the results, discuss what to do, we will then get an appointment to tell us whats happening and when. He talked as if he'd be expecting to have a meeting with us in the first week of September, we will also get a meeting with the surgeon who will do the surgery, as that won't be him. It does seem that surgery will be the first step. I pressed him on what it was, asking him 'this is a cancer we are talking about, isn't it?' which he confirmed, so thats as we expected. He also told us its 15 cm along the colon, which from everything we've read, is good, as the further it is, the easier the removal and rejoining process is. Had a half- day holiday at work last week on Wednesday night, I think to be honest I'd been running on adrenaline since the previous Saturday, and the fuel ran out, lol. By 2 o clock in the morning, I knew I was done, so I went home, had a coffee and shower, went to bed and slept for 12 hours straight. What I will do soon, is set up another page on my blog, where I will keep a regular record of where I am and whats going on, so that I can keep my posts to a sensible length- and still keep you all up to date. So keep your eyes on my pages bar at the top. Thanks to everyone for all the support,and all the good wishes which I knew you'd provide.Have a great week, I'll be visiting later on.


Belinda Basson said...

What special gifts you got. Thanks for the update and I will be watching your sidebar for the posts there. Love and hugs. #32

Lynda Beazley said...

Wow what beautiful gifts especially the journal. Writing about your journey is an excellent idea and so is art journalling. Both of which I have done (for a different reason) but it certainly gave me the outlet I needed at the good and not so good times.
Sending you love and hugs
Lynda B 26

glitterandglue said...

Morning Shaz. What beautiful birthday gifts - trust you were able to have a really special celebration. Sorry that it sounds like it will be all go for you in the next few weeks. Glad you felt able to simply leave work when you needed to - 12 hours sleep - oh what bless that would be!!. Do take care of yourself dear friend - rest when you need to, play when you need to, and keep that lovely sense of humour you and hubby have.
God bless. Will be praying for you as you walk this journey with your family.
Margaret #11

Helen said...

The gifts are fabulous! Seems you are being well cared for and will get swift treatment, take care; my thoughts are with you. Helen 17

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Shaz and happy WOYWW. Wonderful pressies and glad to read some appointments are happening fast so you don't dwell on things too long. Just know we are all thinking of you and send lot of hugs. Be positive cheers RobynO#21

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I don't know where to start! That green leather journal, the hares, the oak trees, the rainbow gel pens.....your family know you so well :-) they are all gorgeous. I hope you feel the love as you use them all.
We're looking forward to seeing you at the weekend :-) I've invited Julia and Bart over for a meal on Sat eve.
Hugs, LLJ 10 xx

Anonymous said...

Another one who wonders where to go first? Love all the art, but then you knew that :) worried for you but in awe of the way you are dealing with it. Encouraged to hear the prognosis is at least slightly encouraging in that the location suggests an easier procedure... what more can I say? Be strong and keep creating. The card is a stunner and I'm sure your lovely DH adored it. Will watch for the platform boots.... :)

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (1)

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Oh goodness Shaz, I had no idea. Wishing you all the strength you need to fight this. You're surrounded by a warm and loving family (and friends) which seems like a pretty good place to start xx

PS Love that oak tree journal and the hares.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Sending hugs and the very best wishes. Keep that positive attitude and working on fun projects. Medical issues seem to be too stressful, even the waiting. Love the card, and your fun goodies. Best Wishes

Shoshi said...

Shaz, I am glad that you have got definite news now, even if it isn't good. The waiting and uncertainty can be very difficult. It sounds as if you are in very good hands, and getting an appointment before all the results are in is excellent as it proves they are keeping you well in the loop. It's a good idea to have a separate page on your blog, and I will try and keep up with that and see how you are getting on.

What a beautiful card for your hubby, and what great presents from him! The oak tree motif is so beautiful...

My prayers continue for you, for complete healing from the cancer.

Shoshi x and happy WOYWW #35

Angela Radford said...

Hi Shaz, pleased to hear you are staying positive, it's also good news that they have not operated immediately which probably means it's small and not gone walkabout.
You will beat this my friend.
Have a good week and happy crafting, Angela x 49

fairy thoughts said...

Perfect pressies you had especially live the hares and the green journal.
Thanks for the up date it all sounds positive there is a lot of love a good wishes out there including from me.
I will keep a look out although I'm finding it difficult to keep up to date at the moment DD1 is in hospital too so we are having to help out with the baby. Still she is doing ok at the moment. Take care and give yourself time to adjust to the situation
Janet @6

Sandy Leigh said...

Love all those goodies and beautiful necklaces! The card is perfect too. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #51

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I totally understand the running on adrenaline until you drop thing, very reasonable given where you are at these days. You still have that positive attitude and that is important. Great presents and definitely do share the platform boots!!! PJ #59

Shoshi said...

Thanks for your lovely comment, Shaz - and yes, it seems to be one thing after another at the moment! Today Beatrice seems a bit more hungry so we are feeding her little and often, on demand. She's got a delicate tummy anyway and has to eat special food. Mum was put on antibiotics as soon as Phoebe scratched her arm, and that seems to have nipped any infection in the bud, but her skin is like paper and it takes ages to heal, and also she's a bleeder now she's on warfarin!! Never rains but it pours eh. No doubt we'll get through all this, but we are both looking forward to a time of relative peace and quiet, if that is possible!

Shoshi #35

Krisha said...

Hi Shaz
Being out of the WOYWW loop for a while, so was devastated to hear this health report. I will definitely keep you in prayers and watch for your second page. Positivity is really a strength to have, don't let it go. We are all here for you.

All your pressies are gorgeous! Journals are a blessing in themselves, but your green one is fabulous!

Stay strong and positive my friend

Krisha #61

Debs Willis said...

Fabulous journals, I'm envious! And I'm sure LLJ will be after the hares & oak tree :-)
Good luck with the MRI, you can usually take along a CD to ark them to play to distract you
Big hugs
Debs xxx

Robyn said...

Prayers and healing light to you. Lovely birthday card for DH, and it's fun to get presents- even if they are for you! enjoy your journal!
robyn 7

Anne said...

Hello Shaz. What wonderful presents you received. Lovely card you made for your hubby. I have been thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. Hugs Anne x #33

Anonymous said...

My thoughts while reading your post, in chronological order:
Wauw, that card is great, Love the heart!
Then the altered art books: very interesting. Don't look at it too closely or it ends up on my huge wishlist too! (I'm such a copy cat regarding tools, materials, books...)
Heey, that pendant, I've got that one too, only I called it the Tree of Life. I don't have the little acorns, they are very cute.

That green journal is just gorgeous! Where do you get something like that? Does it have white pages? I've been thinking of starting an art journal, but ofcourse want white pages without lines. And either a really stunning cover, like the green one, or one I can make myself (Altough I think it will stay empty for a loooong time, as I can't decide what to put on it!)
The silver journal looks great too, I love the celtic-ness of it. (Is that a word?) and love the wolf. So far a smile on my face.
Then real life - those gifts mean even more now, chosen with care, love and hope.
What can I say about it, I want to say something positive, to encourage you and give you strength to follow this difficult path in life.
Sending positive thoughts your way, that your trees of life, the spirit wolf and your art may strengthen, guide and calm you on the road ahead.

Debbie/Daqa #18

Cazzy said...

Hi Shaz,

You have a wonderful family to get all those lovely gifts, so personal to you.
Sorry to hear about the cancer. My hubby had malignant melanoma removed earlier this year, he looks like he has the mark of Zorro on the back of his arm now. My dad also had one in December, and just had another lump removed which was low level cancer. Also my neighbours are both being treated for cancer, Margaret has has breast cancer, bowel cancer twice and something else. They are quite philosophical about the whole thing and a lot calmer than hubby was when he got his diagnosis. He is going on a course in a couple of months to help him with coming to terms with it.

I hope all goes well with surgery and after care, I will keep my eye on the blog for what is happening.

Cazzy x #60

Kelly said...

Wonderful gifts. I've known for a long time what a special husband you have. They spoil us rotten, don't they? ;-)

Sending prayers and healings for you, dear. Creative Blessings! Kelly aka ~Rain

okienurse said...

love all the projects and gifts. I wish the medical folks wouldn't give us such scares. I am glad to hear that if it is cancer it is such that you can have it removed and life gets good again. Will be thinking about you! Vickie #64

Monica said...

have neglected WOYWW for a few weeks and was shocked to hear of your medical problems . As a two time cancer survivor I can tell you waiting is the worst part of it all. Surgery is painless and they medicate to keep you pain free. The last time this stage consisted of fluorescent green butterflies playing in my hospital room. They were my own personal butterfly collection so no one else got to see them. If you have any questions that i can help you with do not hesitate to rattle my cyber self. Your family sounds wonderful as they knew just what to gift you so they will be a great source of support and love.

Monica #69 (although I caught this on Bloglovin).