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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

WOYWW #270

Flipping Heck! August already! Packed to the gills with birthdays- between the 13th and the 18th  we have 2 every day- with a couple in the following week.The highlight of the social calender being mine and Beloved Hubbys next week, lol. Not got his card made yet(!), but thanks to the wonders of the Amazon wishlist, I've had all my pressie buying done way ahead of time. I knew it would happen one year. Apologies in advance for all the earthquakes, plagues and tidal waves that will probably follow this momentous event. So, the desk then, which is what we are all here for, joining our much loved leader, Julia, at The Stamping Ground.
I spent some time yesterday playing with some of the new VI stamps, and mixing in some older ones,with resist embossing. Haven't decided exactly where I'm going with these yet, but I do have an idea or two.

 Now I have to share this picture with you- taken by my Daughter in Law last week, on my Sons birthday.

As Becky said on FB- Ants face on seeing his Facebook newsfeed this morning- priceless! You'll remember I said we were all changing our profile photo to this one of him.

Ant isn't one to have a big fuss made (epic fail there this year), but Beck wanted to make it special, and personal, so asked everyone who knows him for memories of Ant of the last 40 years. She was going to do it as 40 memories, but had so many responses that she had to change to 40 years.
 A huge pile of envelopes, all stamped with tiny ants, for him to open.

 He used to be an editor for the BBC, but when they closed the Birmingham Studio down he went freelance, and his business name is Green Ant Edits, hence the green envelopes! And beard.

Love the t-shirt- that is so Ant, lol.( I may be wrong, but its highly unlikely).
Loads of blast from the past pictures turned up on FB too- long black hair and dressed all in black- don't know who he got that from :).
So thats a quick round-up of my week, hope you all had a great one too.


Krisha said...

Oh to be 40 again....eh?
What a great way to celebrate his birthday, love the green ant covered envys!

Been to busy to play WOYWW for a while. July wizzed by.
No # yet, waiting on Julia too

Helen said...

glad you explained the green beard, I had wondered... hope he enjoyed the attention; sounds a great day. Just left a message on a (non wOYWW ) post from 2013 where your link took me, lol!! Helen 2

glitterandglue said...

A brilliant way to celebrate, Shaz! Trust your son enjoyed it all. You really had problems this morning with Mr Linky - but found you in the end...
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #11

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah oh to never be 40 again is my cry (re Krishna's comment) quite happy where I am :D love the green beard that is really great!! and all the wee ants :D I have great ant stamp too.. a friend of mine borrowed it for her sons birthday card as he is Anthony and so Ant too.
Love emboss resist.
Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #10

Darnell J Knauss said...

How fun, Shaz! Thank you for sharing the party boy and the details! You made his special occasion very special indeed!! Happy WOYWW and have have a wonderful week! Hugs, Darnell #18

Lynda Beazley said...

Happy Birthday to you both and what a great idea with the memory envelopes. Really special. Have fun!
Lynda B 27

Tertia said...

Love the green beard! Happy 40th to your son.
Please stop with being so organised will you? We had an earthquake measuring 5.3 yesterday. Nearly had a fit, we don't get those in South Africa!!! Thankfully only 1 person died (well, not thankful he died, just that there was not more people) Very scary indeed.
Happy WOYWW!
Tertia #15

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Awww, happy post!! Love the pics of Ant and his birthday stuff - great idea to do the memories bit. Might have to nick that idea!
Love your cards in the top pic too, love the background effect :-)
Hugs, LLJ 26 xx

Debbie Rock said...

LoVe what you have done with those gorgeous stamps thus far and can't wait to see what you do with them - do have huge stamp envy over them but dare not order any for fear of bankrupcy and/or divorce! Can clearly see from where Ant gets that wonderful smile ... and that's a super photo of him from his younger days! Have heard all about Green Ant Edits from Maggie and imagine he loved all those memories ... great idea Shaz! Love to you from Debbie #33 xXx

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

That photo made me smile when I saw it on FB! What a brilliant and thoughtful gift. Love the addition of the ants on them.

Kate said...

Thanks for letting us join in your family celebrations. Happy birthday Ant.

~Kate~ #39

Laura said...

I didn't know a pile of envelopes could look so impressive! Fab idea.
Happy Wednesday

trisha too said...

All else is eclipsed by the awesome green beard!!!!!

How fun is that???

Happy woyww to you!
returning to the WOYWW fold
#62 this week

CraftygasheadZo said...

Oh what a fab post, love your photos and such a great idea for the 40 year thing. It's my 40th next year! Take care Zo xx 57

Chrysalis said...

Congratulations, and enjoy the celebrations! Chris # 5

Christine said...

Wonderful post! Left me smiling!
Have wonderful birthdays next week, have at least as many smiles as your son.
Bishopsmate #47

Mrs.D said...

Oooh what pretty things on your mat there, a technique I keep meaning to play at. Lovely stamps you have.
What fun with the green envelopes and the green beard. Hope he had asuper day.
Chris #6

Angela Radford said...

40 what's that, where did it go Lol!
Cograts Angela x # 38

Robin Spitzer said...

What a wonderful story! Thank you for explaining the green beard...he will never forget the memories from those envies!

Have a lovely week, Robin (State of Serenity). #74

Eliza said...

OH what a fun post, I love the ants envelopes and stationary but most of all what a goatee awesome. sorry somehow I missed the desk.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 69

Debs Willis said...

Love the now & then photos, and bet Ant enjoys his green envelopes!
Thanks for your lovely comment
Debs x