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Monday, 29 July 2013

Stamping with Acrylic blocks

I've seen this technique around, and wanted to give it a try. An acrylic block, dye based inkpads and a mister. You also need card to stamp onto, and it needs to be able to take water without buckling. I used it on watercolour card, and on some fairly thin, smooth card. The trouble with the watercolour card is that its not smooth, although such a thing is available. Mine isn't, but I did find that the back was smoother than the front.
All you do is apply inks to the block- you can use markers as well as inkpads.

I used Distress Inkpads- Mustard Seed, Wild Honey, Salty Ocean & Peacock Feathers.
Then spritz with water. How much you spritz is up to you, and the surface you are going to stamp on, I found. The watercolour paper takes up a lot of the water, so the result can be patchy if you haven't added enough.

On the other hand, on smooth card, you want less water. And you don't want that much water that the ink runs when you start to flip the block over to print.

First print, not too bad- you can spread the ink a little with a fingertip if its blotchy.

    I topped up the ink, and added a lot more water this time.

 Excess ink in the corner, from how much water I added. I soaked it up with a piece of kitchen roll.

Went a bit mad experimenting, and made a few more. I decided to trim them all down, and use as backgrounds that way. Not sure how successful this would be using it straight onto your card front- I think theres too much likelihood of the card warping as it dries.
So, its cool for a soft, watercolour-like finish, with softly blended colours, I shall try it with some other cardstock, to see if I can get a 'one-layer' card from it.

 Dye based inkpads/markers
 Spritzer bottle
Acrylic blocks
 Card, or watercolour paper.


fairy thoughts said...

Hi shaz
I vaguely remember trying this a long time ago and thinking what a good idea but it wa limited yours have turned out better though. I think you should try a gelli plate the results are really good. My homemade one went mouldy so keep it in the fridge ..... I gave in and brought one but haven't used it yet
I made some mosaic cards yesterday so thanks for the inspiration

Krisha said...

Hi Shaz
Love the turnout of your acrylic stamping. I remember it from times past too, and if you think about it it is much cheaper than a Gelli plate!

Michelle said...

I tried this a loooong time ago I actually loved the way it turned out. I heat embossed a phrase and then did the same technique and it just came out so pretty. I made it for a friend and loved it. :))

Anonymous said...

I loved the pieces you created using the blocks technique and I keep meaning to try this. Must sort out my watercolour pads and try it!! Thank you for testing out these technques for us :)
Lynn xx