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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

WOYWW #116

Well, I'm back again, after missing last week completely. I lost track of the days, and was convinced it was Tuesday,lol. First picture up is the card I made for my Beloved Husbands birthday. The dragon (Tanda Stamps,Dragons & Fantasy Set 4),was stamped onto acetate, with Staz-on, then stuck onto a double sided sticky sheet,(Stix2). I added gilding flakes in Copper Thunder, from Crafty Notions, onto the back, which gave a good appearance of scales, I thought.The dragon is mounted onto a sheet of black card which I sprayed with various mica mists, and the frame is from a Robert Adams craft CD, called Celtic. It is supposed to be an insert, but I resized it to make the centre big enough for the dragon, then cut out the white centre and placed the misted card behind the space.
  As I think I have said before, my Hubby & I share the same birthday, which is odd, but at least he can't forget mine, and get himself into trouble, lol.
         Here are the two cards we received from Silvercrafter,(Marg ) and her Husband:

The one with the butterfly is mine.
These three were made by our Grandchildren, Mortimer & Merlin, and by my eldest son. Merlin's is on the left, Mortimers in the middle, and my eldest sons is decorated with a picture of the much-loved Bill.
                                       My Beloved husband bought me this one:

Very, very sweet!

Now for some other stuff, on Saturday I went to a local craft shop, Pink Tulip Creations, as they had a Letraset demonstrator there, working with Promarkers, Safmat etc.  Her name was Rosie, and her blog, Freycob, has lots of tutorials for using Promarkers, if anyone needs some help.
I have mentioned before, I know, that Marg & I are co- mother-in-laws, (my son is married to her Daughter.) As you all see, Marg & I enjoy our card-making, and dabble in other crafts as well. The thing is, we have clearly spawned between us, quite an artistic gene-pool. Her Daughter is a very talented artist, and has the neatest, tiniest writing you can imagine.I think she could probably get this whole post on the back of a postage stamp- and you would still be able to read it. My son has built models and drawn since he was a toddler. He hoarded boxfuls of bits & stuff to build spaceships, scenes, landscapes- you name it.He also has an HND in graphic design, and works as an editor at the BBC. If you ever see the name Ant Smith on the end of things like The Sky at Night, Gardeners World, Big Hairy Bikers, and a lot more, THAT'S MY SON!!!!(Proud parent? You bet!). Well, they have always encouraged their kids to do art & crafts, and spent time doing stuff with them- as you can see they did the Birthday Cards, they also do all the Christmas cards as well. You probably remember from a couple of weeks ago, I did a post about Ants birthday, and the canvas I printed for him. Well, it seems canvases were the' in' thing this year. Mort & Merlin both did one for there Dad, and here they are:

This one was Merlins, who was 9 in July, with just a little help from Mum.

And this one was Mort's, done all by himself, and he was 11 yesterday.

Occasionally, I feel sorry for Beck, who has to cope with a combined total of 4 Leos!, Me, Doug, Ant and Mortimer.And that is another funny story I will tell you another time.

Blimey, this has turned into a long post! I am doing this on Tuesday night, so I can post before I go to work, and I will be back to start visiting tonight. Hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday, and if you have no idea what this is all about, please come visit the Fabulous Julia Dunnit at The Stamping Ground, and come snoop, stalk and snigger at the dozens of desks around the world!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful card for your hubby. I missed last week too. I was working in my basement, so couldn't visit anyone. Good to see you back this week. Happy WOYWW.

ScrappnBee said...

For starters, that dragon card is simply fabulous!!! Gorgeous! Second, I love it that you got hand made cards! That is awesome! Give me hand made over store bought any day! LOL about the birds! We saw the movie RIO for the first time the other day, and the blue birds make me smile and think of it! Love it! Thanks for sharing your WOYWW! -Amanda

okienurse said...

Great post! Love artistic families! Love the picture of your husbands card! Awesome comes to mind. THanks for sharing. Vickie

Helen said...

What a talented family!! Happy Belated Birthday. Or belated happy birthday, I guess it should be. Love all the cards.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

What a happy post full of love. It's made me really happy too! Love the cards and canvasses, it's good to get kids really involved. Hope you all enjoyed your birthdays :D xx

Jona Panesa said...

awesome card you made and love all the cards you got.

Tertia said...

:ove that dragon card! You have a very talented family, all the cards and canvasses are great!

sandra de said...

a well deserved proud parent moment. Will always look out for Ant Smith. Such a lovely idea that the arty gene pool continues and the paintings are brill. Congrats to Mort and Merlin.

Neet said...

Belated birthday wishes and thanks for sharing those wonderful cards you both received. Must remember the tip about the gold leaf you gave. Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #2

Angie said...

That dragon is amazing ...had to have a closeup look. wow.

You have some very creative little men in your family ...bless them.

Elizabeth said...

Great post - a thoroughly enjoyable read and you seem to have had a terrific birthday, that is both of you ... lots of lovely cards for you both. So, belated happy birthday wishes and here's hoping for many happy returns. Regards to Marg - haven't seen her blogging recently so hope all is well. Wishing you a great week. Elizabeth x #60

fairy thoughts said...

the kids cards are great, you must be very proud of all of them and so nice you get on with the other in law. the dragon is beautiful I hope he appreciates it and his card to you is cute at least he does not do what mine has been known to do..... recycle cards I made last year (in a funny way).. bless him
thanks for sharing

Spyder said...

Love all the cards! 'Specially the kiddies! Great crafter's in the making! Happy belated birthday!
Happy WOYWW too!

DottyA Cards & Things said...

Now that's some card for hubby! I'm a little late getting around to everyone's blog...yeaks! And then having the same birthday.. Wow! that is odd!! but that's life right?