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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

WOYWW# 116- Inkpads & Promarkers

This week I had a play with some inkpads!
Being fairly new to Promarkers, I have picked up some of the basic rules about which inks to use with them- definitely not Staz-on, and that pretty much everyone recommends Memento.So I was browsing the net, as you do, and found that actually quite a few people were also recommending that you could use a number of other ink pads with them, and then someone else would say no you can't! So I decided I would try out any of the pads they said you could use, which I own.
These are the results:

Memento (left) Archival (centre) and Adirondack Dye (right)
The Memento, on the left, obviously works well- the image stays nice and crisp. The Archival, in the centre, shows clear blurring of the image (Ignore the slightly wonky stamping here).  The third one, Adirondack Dye, Pitch Black, actually gave me a real surprise- no blurring of the image when I coloured over it, even when I used the blender pen, and a nice strong, crisp black image.

Versafine (left) & Impress (right)
  These two inkpads are recommended by a number of people, but I got a very poor result from both.On the right the Versafine shows clear blurring of the inked image, yet a lot of people said this works fine for them,but it is possible that this one works if you are colouring inside an outline image rather than colouring over the top of the ink. The Impress image, (this was the only colour I have in Impress pads, they were on sale somewhere, lol) really doesn't work at all, although I did get some interesting colours from where the ink blended with my Promarkers, even if that wasn't the intended result! Again, a few people said it works fine, maybe the black does, or maybe it works as an outline image. I will test this out later and post the results.
 Another point seems to be card or paper- everyone has their own preference. These samples above were done on plain white 100gsm multi-copy paper from Staples.Yet the Memento and Adirondack performed really well.  But just in case the paper type had a bearing on the Versafine & Archival, I tried both on NEENAH card, which seems to be one that almost everyone recommends.

Archival (left) & Versafine (right)
 Again, the Archival on the left performed really badly,(if anything worse on this card than plain paper),the blurring around the butterfly isn't my attempt at blending, its almost as if the Promarkers 'bleach' away the ink colour. You could get some interesting (but probably not very controllable) effects though. The Versafine on the right didn't fare any better, you can see that it still smudges & blurs any fine detail, I didn't think there was really any difference between the two types of card/paper. Oddly enough though, I did notice more bleeding of the Promarkers outside the image lines than I had on the copy paper-not sure if this was just me being a little careless, or if it does bleed more.  I will be trying a few more images in outline, to see if that improves how the Archival, Versafine & Impress perform, and I have ordered a Letraset Bleedproof pad, which is recommended also for Promarkers, so I shall do some comparison images on that too when it arrives. Have a great WOYWW.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What an interesting experiment. I would have used Staz-on because I use it for everything. What do I know, right? It's a good thing I'm not much of a stamper and I have none of those cool pens. I sure like that you broke it down for us, though. Have a great WoYWW.

jude said...

I would normally stick to memento but maybe archival as that seems to give a crisp image.Sorry im not one for promarkers ..im selling my packs see blog.I am and proud of it a copics girlie.
Have fab creative wednesday
#hugs judex 20

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I am supremely unqualified to pass comment really because, as a non cardmaker, I have no idea about the differences between the various papers/inks. However... I really do like the butterfly and text image - I could leave it black and white and be happy with it, but the green colouring is pretty! Hugs, LLJ xx

Susan Flynn said...

Thanks for that I use Memento and have often wondered about other inks but have never tried any. Its interesting about the paper though as I have always read that you need to use certain paper to prevent bleeding, however yesterday I got some 160 gsm from Staples to print digi paper and tried it out for stamping and it was fine - no bleeding. It is certainly a lot cheaper than the one I use at the moment which shows it is always worth experimenting. Thanks for sharing x

sasa said...

I'm a Versafine lady when it comes to black!
Thanks for the tips!
Thanks for the peek! Sarah (at 4)

Helen said...

What a great study you made - good to see the different results.
Have a great week.

Tertia said...

Very interesting! Wish I had that many ink pads to experiment with.

Liz Miller said...

Thank you for sharing your findings with pictures to compliment. Love seeing the different effects the ink and paper have had.
Liz x

NatashaMay said...

That was a good experiment. Thanks for sharing it with use. :)

SueH said...

It’s definitely a steep learning curve with Promarkers isn’t it?
I’ve been using them for a little while now (had a few for ages and was frightened to use them) but still have a long way to go. As for card and ink I use Black or Grey Memento depending if I’m working with bright or pastel colours and mostly cheap White card from the Range. It’s about £3.50 for 50 sheets of A4 and it works fine. Other than that I use whatever comes to hand.

Have a good week and…………
Happy Crafting!


Julia Dunnit said...

This is really a good test..I shall bookmark this and recommend it to others that ask. I have to be honest, I have no problem remembering which ink pad works for what, but I sure don't want to have a seperate stash of paper for optimum results. Perhaps this is why I rarely use my Copics!

Angie said...

I didnt do a woyww this week but thought I'd drop by some friends ...glad I did as your experiment is vert interesting ...I was told to use Impress by the promarker lady ...I might invest in that bleed proof one you talk about ....love that stamp btw.xx

The Crafty Elf said...

Hmmmm very interesting! You've done a great job here and explained it well. This is great information Shaz. I usually use Memento and I'm a Newbie to ProMarkers so I found this information to be extremely useful! Thanks for the peek and have a great day!

fairy thoughts said...

great idea for testing, definately dont use staz on as they are both spirit based and the ink will just blend in. With most stamping it depends on the look you are trying to acheive,each piece is unique

okienurse said...

Great project testing the different ink pads. I tend to use Memento to stamp with cause I use some clear acrylic stamps and Stazon being a solvent based ink can damage some stamps. I let it dry at least 24 hours before coloring to keep from getting the dye bleed. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for the comparison. Don't color much but have plans for winter on learning more. Enjoy Sept.

RosC said...

Interesting comparisons, Shaz. I usually stick with Memento and have not found Archive to be reliable too. Versafine is neither bleed-proof nor does it give fine detail in my experience so I ditched it. Memories India Ink gives a fairly intense black but is no good with alcohol inks. This project is really useful and could grow I suspect.
Pleasure to visit again, Shaz,
Ros. (117)

Neil said...

Hi there, great creative space, thanks for sharing. Never got round last week and missed it. Hope you have a fab week. I love the Adirondack personally. Was very surprised when I first tried it to get such a clear image.

Crafting Time said...

That is a great test to see, thanks for sharing.
This is my first visit to your delightful blog but I think the first of many visits. I found you on WOYWW, feel free to pop by and see me if you have a few minutes spare.
Helen x

Elizabeth said...

What an interesting and informative post. I mostly use Memento, have the brown, grey and black pads and my preference is to leave the stamping 24 hours to dry before colouring with the Promarkers. I tread digital images the same way - leave overnight to dry. I'll be interested on your findings with the bleed-proof paper. Thanks for sharing this info. Elizabeth x #51

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Shaz very interesting post - I tend to use black ink then emboss before I colour that way no bleeding no matter what - on watercolour paper fund the Archival worked okay as used it for one - but you need to allow drying time but guess you did that, thanks for sharing. Shaz in oz.x

MaggieC said...

The only thing I would add to your study is that if you print digi images and want to colour them with Promarkers, leave them to dry and "set" for at least 48 hours. That way I have had no problems.