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Friday, 29 April 2011

Wedding Stationery

This is not a new project,but the stationery I made for our Wedding in 2009. I came across the images on my pc, so thought I would post them. The base card is Pearl White, from PDA Card & Paper, A5 size. It was creased at 1 1/2" from the right hand side, and 3" from the left.

  We wanted a monogram of our initials on the front, (Doug & Shaz),so I had two options. The first was to have a rubber stamp made, then stamp & emboss-I decided against this, as I had visions of smudged images causing a lot of stress! I had some paper I bought a while ago which allows heat embossing onto computer printed text, so this seemed the best choice. The font I used is called 'Vivienne', and I used Photoshop to place one letter over the other. The longest part of this was lining the monograms up on an A4 sheet to enable me to cut them out with the minimum of  trimming after. The monograms are 1 1/2" square, so I got 35 per A4 sheet.
We had chosen Black & Burgundy as our wedding colours, and you can see some pictures on the Personal page.
My next step was to cut up all the monograms, then enough burgundy squares (1 5/8"), then black squares,(1 7/8"). I found 'batch-making' each step was definitely easier & faster than making 1 card at a time. The monogram was attached to the burgundy square, then this to the black square. Fortunately, a couple of years ago, I came across the A4 Xyron Creative Station, in Tesco, reduced to half price to clear, and had bought one. It was perfect for this, as I could feed the monograms and burgundy squares through and have glue on the backs all in one go. The monogram was to overlap the two front panels, so I used a glue roller to add glue to the black square just on the left side.These were added  more or less centrally on the front.
I bought the Black & Burgundy organza ribbons from e-bay-I knew I needed a lot, at least 18" per card, and local prices were ridiculous! And I still have loads left for cardmaking, lol.
 I wrapped the first card with ribbon, and made the bow. Then I unwrapped it, and cut enough pieces to the lengths I needed - bow lengths went into one tub, card lengths into another.To secure the ribbon on the card, I tried silicone glue first, but I couldn't get it taught enough, so I used a little bit of tape glue roller on the front of the card to hold the ends down. I positioned the ends where the bow would go.Next I tied all the bows, then added these with a little silicone glue.
 The insert was computer printed onto clear vellum, again from PDA, and attached top & bottom with vellum  tape roller. The little black cat was punched from sticky backed black velvet paper, and added at the bottom. We have a black cat called Ambrose, so this got him into the wedding, as well as being a good luck symbol.
The Wedding & Evening Invitation wording on the front is a Black Peel-off, from Craft Creations- again solely because I did not want the stress of mucking up an Invitation if a stamped word didn't come out perfectly. The Evening Reception was to be buffet style, so I didn't have to do place cards, menu's etc- big relief!


MaggieC said...

As the recipients of one of those beautiful invitations, we know how lovely they were and how much effort went into getting them absolutely perfect.

The Crafty Elf said...

These are going to be perfect and thank you for all your time sending me this link! I am saving it and going to use it!!!!


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