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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

WOYWW #477

Ok, so I'm going to say it. It's too darned hot! It's been so long since we've had a proper summer here in the UK, we can't cope with it. Fortunately, it wasn't totally scorching on Sunday, but it was still a hot day at Farnborough Airshow. We had a fantastic day, and would definitely go again. Some pics at the end of this post.
 Linking up with Head Desker Julia at The Stamping Ground, for this weeks desk fest.
 Little bit of crafting done, I've actually been trying to do a You Tube video making a triple stamped card, so now have half a dozen cards, but no video! Once or twice I hadn't turned the recording on, then I had desk shake that we've had to fix, so I'll be having another go later on.

Still, if nothing else, I'm upping my card stash,lol.

I bought this set of ICraft Alpha dies a while ago, and decided today to take them out of the box, and get them onto magnetic sheets. This is the Upper Case, there is a Lower Case available, which I didn't get, and a Numeric set, which I also got. While laying them out, I discovered that I'm missing the letter 'R' from it, so I've messaged Oyster Crafts ( where I got them from), and asked for help. They are a really good size, 2" tall, so ideal for the Eclipse technique, for one thing.

 Something I think worth a mention, you may know there was a court case going on between the creator of the MISTI, and Tonic/Tim Holtz over their platform.
Apparently it has now been settled, and Tonic will stop selling the two current iterations of the Platform in the USA, Canada & Mexico. It also sounds as though the two companies intend to collaborate on the next version. Tonic will still be selling it in the rest of the world, but as the USA & North & South America, would be I think their biggest market, and if they are intending to launch a joint version, I won't be surprised if eventually it gets retired altogether. So if anyone is considering the purchase, I really wouldn't wait too long.

The Airbus A350, which is one size down from the A380, and is one of the Aircraft that we make fasteners for.
 All was good, nothing fell off!

The amazing Harrier Jump Jet. Seeing an aircraft this size hovering in front of you, and turning round on the spot is spectacular. It just doesn't seem possible that something that size should be able to do that.

I got to get up close & personal with my Dream Machine, the AH-64.

Better known as the Apache Helicopter Gunship.

I had a poster of one of these on my wall for years,lol.

I'm a real fan of helicopters in general, and this one in particular.

That scene from Apocalypse Now, where they come in over the sea to the sound of The Ride of the Valkyries!

Unfortunately, you could only get inside by climbing up the footholds on the side, and that wasn't happening!

We also got to go inside a Super Hercules Transport Plane, and a Chinook, all courtesy of the USAF.

And finally.......................


Helen said...

I really enjoyed the pics you both shared on FB - glad it wasn't too hot last weekend (we benefited too, in York) or it would have been unbearable.
Fab cards - look forward to your next video! Helen #4

Neet said...

Fab cards and good luck with the next video attempt.
Great photos of the airshow - did see some of them on Facebook but not you getting so up and personal with the big boys.
Have a great week you two
Hugs, Neet 3 xx

Anne said...

Great cards and the Airshow looked great fun- I've not been. Love planes and helicopters too! Have really had enough of the heat now. Anne x #9

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Shaz, the smile on your face shows what a great time you had at the Airshow, glad the heat was slightly manageable.
Interesting about the Misti/Tonic/TH case, i'm sure this goes on all the time as all these new inventions have been recreated somewhere down the line before. I confess that I have both sizes of the TH stamp platform the larger only used when i'm having to mass produce, the smaller one was a gift which sadly has not seen much light of day. There's nothing like just getting a block and stamping. Will be interested to see what happens next with it all.
When the heat dies down there will be no stopping you with your videoing.
Happy WOYWW Tracey #6

Sarah Brennan said...

Hi Shaz, glad you had such a great time at Farnborough; such luck that Doug won those tickets. Love the triple stamped cards, I haven't made any of those for a while. I will have to look out for some large letter dies as I want to try out the Eclipse technique too. Hope you get your R sorted. Sarah #13

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hah, that And Finally made me laugh because I'm just like that too!! May we never grow up, you and I xxxxx
Love those triple decker cards, so clever and very effective. You had an awesome day at the show, I think G was very jealous about that, glad you had such a good time!!
Hugs LLJ 11 xx

glitterandglue said...

Morning Shaz. loving those triple stamping cards - have done them in the past... maybe I need to resurrect the technique as they are so incredibly effective! Hope you get the missing "R" soon - such a useful letter! Great pics of the airshow - well done - those sort of days can be utterly exhausting as there is so much walking and standing. you must be feeling really good - you certainly look great!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #5

Christine said...

Glad you had a good time at the airshow. I am staying in out of this sunshine, never been a fan of it!!
Love those triple stamped cards.... hope to make one 'some day'!!
Take care and good luck with the video
Christine #19

Marit said...

I don't have 'a thing' for planes but still I enjoyed your photos! The last phrase/text made me smile... someone once asked my son (he was seven years old at that time) what he wanted to be when he grew up. His answer: "Myself." It was/is the best answer I've ever heard! Have a great week, stay cool and be yourself! Warm (!) hug from Holland, Marit #21

Diana Taylor said...

I do love your triple stamped cards, they are so effective. Good luck with making the video, I should imagine it's quite a tricky job. Great pictures of the air show - it looks like you had a fab time.
Hope you have a great week,
Hugs, Diana xx #16

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm SO glad you stopped by my blog, because for some reason, I skipped both you and Sue. I guess it was how I scrolled or something. Anyway, I love those cards you made. That's another reason I don't make cards. I'd never be good at it.

About two years or so ago, not long after the MISTI came out, someone posted a tutorial on how to make something similar using a clear CD case and (I think) magnets. There was also some type of ruler involved. I don't remember the details or even where I saw it, but I thought it was so clever and only cost the person about $2.00 (USD). Wish I had bookmarked it, but I didn't because I don't make cards (grin).

WOW, dear. You are my hero. I'm also a fan of helicopters and planes for that matter. So good of you to share this with us. I loved seeing you with these "big guns." Thanks again for stopping by. Happy WOYWW from # 1.

BTW, I'm writing this in my air conditioned office. Sorry!

Aimeslee W. said...

Oh yes, that scene in AN!!! Thank God we could watch it and NOT have to smell the napalm in the morning haha!! You look like a kid at Christmas, great to see. xoxo

Annie said...

I’m really loving what you can do with your new toy and that you’re sharing the pics with us. The photos of the air show are fab and you’re funny at the end really had me chuckling cos Little Sam has just written a piece at school and decided he wants to be a Toilet Cleaner!! ....he really does aim high lol
Annie x #14

Dorlene Durham said...

I love your cards and I love that last quote. You always find and post the best ones. Have a wonderful week. Dorlene #34

Sharon Madson said...

Oh, Shaz, I always love your last shot, and I love today's! I had wondered how that came out for Miss Petunia/Misti. I am glad you posted this news. So do you think that means she won her case? I hope she is happy with the joint venture. I love my Misti! I am glad you are getting cards made for your stash. I wish you the best with your video. Will you link us to it when you get it made? Happy WOYWW! #25

Caro said...

Those cards are stunning and it sounds like the airshow was wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week. Love Caro x (#20)

Stacy Sheldon said...

Hi Shaz, I love the triple layer cards and those do look like a good size for an alphabet set :) hope you get an R soon. Ooh that is cool that they let you touch and climb into the aircrafts. ~Stacy #30

StampinCarol said...

Great photos of the aircraft! I, too, like the Apache and have seen them flying occasionally from our Air Force base near here. Hope you figure out your video. I do Lives on my FB page then change to to MP4 format then save to YouTube. I don't know how to edit. Love your Triple cards, they're fabulous!
Have a great week!
Carol N #26

Sue said...

Hi Shaz, Loving the cards. Hope you get the missing R.

Dad use to take me and my brother to airshows when we were young. Always wanted to learn to fly a helicopter.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #8

Angela Radford said...

Hi Shaz, loving the new card collection and your photographs too. I have always loved the Harrier Jump Jet, it's just super cool as planes go. Thanks for the visit to mine and wishing you a great woyww, Angela x17x

Robyn said...

love the layers and a good air show! thanks for the look around. Robyn 27

Julia Dunnit said...

Airshow week..we get so used to it as to take it for granted. The road closures mean that my sister’s 15 minute journey to work takes 45 minutes.. her office overlooks the end of the runway but you practically have to drive around Hampshire to get to it!! Glad you had a good time, they all look big and threatening close up !
Great info about MISTI etc. I’ve got a Woodward version and used it twice. Not my best investment! I’m still loving the heat, but then I have plenty of opportunity to stay out of it i the main.

Mrs.D said...

Hi Shaz, fab cards, I love that technique, maybe I'll try it with some Christmas cards. Sorry I didn't respond to your second comment about the set of stamps,you are right the different type faces are beautiful.
I particularly like your card with the big corner die, very classy.
Chris #18

Shoshi said...

Nice cards, Shaz, and some great photos from the air show. My hubby would have loved that... Thank you for your lovely comment - I quite agree, much too hot! However, our kitchen doesn't get too hot until later in the day and I did all the cooking in the morning, and most of the afternoon was spent clearing up! I did get very hot indeed then. I'm absolutely flaked out today... and my hubby took me out! Lunch out and then Shopping again and I bought some more fabby ethnic clothing. The man in the shop goes to all the festival and does really well selling there. I just want it to cool down a bit now!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #38

Julie Forest said...

Hi, Shaz! Your cards look fantastic! I hear your frustration on the video. I made a couple of attempts myself to make a crafting process video...let's just say, there were multiple failures and still no video. My video production is currently at a stand still. not sure if/when that will change. Good luck with your set up. Can't wait to see your first video. Looks like the airshow was quite fun! Have a wonderful weekend!

Annie Claxton said...

Hi Shaz, we had some thunderstorms here in Norfolk last night, but back to blazing sun again today - as you say, we're just not used to it are we? Last time I can remember it like this was 1976, it was standpipes everywhere that summer, at least we haven't got to that point ... yet! :o) Love your triple layered cards, they look really cool and I will look forward to seeing your YTvideo. I've been making some Y vids as well, and it's tricky isn't it? The editing etc takes me AGES, but it is fun to do and I'm sure it will get easier. I had a peek at your first one and enjoyed it - I always like to put a voice to a face :o) Annie C #10

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, I'm loving all your triple stamped cards and look forward to watching your video once you've ironed out all the teething problems. How lovely to see a Harrier Jump Jet still doing tricks. Way back in the 70s I was quartered at the end of their runway in Germany and got to see them regularly on manoeuvres. got to see a lot of helicopters too - loved them ever since watching Whirlybirds on TV way back in the 1950s. And now I'm playing Ride of the Valkyries in my head. Hope you're having a great weekend - and possibly a cooler one too, now that the rain has come. Hugs, Elizabeth x #24

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

It's great that you're attempting to make YT process videos - you're braver than I am! I guess there must be a steep learning curve there - I've only ever made slide shows and flip through with music but no voice over. But like you said, at least you're building up your stash while working on the videos! I would feel a bit jittery at these air shows - I hate things flying above my head! Thanks for your visit on Wednesday - happy Sunday! It only took 4 days for me to get back LOL! zsuzsa #12

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