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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

WOYWW #476.

Isn't it crazy how fast these weeks are flying past? Seems like only yesterday we were linking up at The Stamping Ground for last weeks WOYWW.
 There has been a little crafting- I cut a batch of cardstock to make some Triple Stamping cards, and have finished one so far.

Had a bit of a nightmare figuring out the dimensions, but got it sorted eventually. I had them written down- somewhere- but no idea where they are now.

In other news, I bought myself a new present- a Silhouette Portrait 2 digital die cutter.

 Went with this model as it's A4, so sits perfectly where my old one used to go.
 I also used the opportunity to have a go at a You Tube video with the unboxing (below).

 So far, we've discovered that the fluorescent lights in my craft room cause a flicker to be picked up by the camera, so while I've got good daylight I'm ok, but as the light gets less into Autumn & Winter, we need to figure another solution. Anyone doing You Tube videos who has an answer, I'd be really grateful.
 Last week Twiglet mentioned a Craft Fair being held in their area, and after looking it up on Google maps, I discovered it was only about an hour and a quarter away, so we had a day out on Saturday to meet Annie(Wipso), Jo(Twiglet) and Tilly Tea Dance.
Jo, Annie & her Hubby on the left, and I'm standing behind Max (Tilly Tea Dance), who is Jo's daughter, and who makes the most amazing wet felted/embroidered pictures/brooches/ pendants, as well as teaching the subject too.

Needless to say, I fully intended to buy one for the wall in my Craft room- then Hubby decided I needed a couple of small ones too to go either side. Lack of symmetry sends him twitchy, lol.

I also bought a Brooch to pin on my backpack, and another of the little sheepy pictures for my DIL's birthday present.
They really are fabulous- I love the sheep!

We had a fab afternoon, we spent a couple of hours with Annie & Hubby over lunch, just chatting away.
This is the wonderful thing about meeting WOYWWers- you are chatting like the old friends you are right from the word go.

Lots of different crafts to see, but this little guy wasn't a craft, he was part of the display from a Photographer taking Disney Princess type photos of youngsters.

This gigantic dragonfly was at the entrance to the Leisure centre, which also had a lovely cafe and a garden centre on the site.

As it was such a gloriously sunny day, the sunlight through the wings was beautiful.


Did someone say Garden Centre?lol.
 I'd actually had plans all week to visit a local one  on Saturday, as I'd removed some of the stragglier plants from the planters, so wanted something to replace them with.
 They had a nice selection here, so that was two birds with one stone.

We are having another day out this weekend, this time to Farnborough Airshow. As we work in the Aerospace Fastener Industry, our company always gets some reduced cost  tickets, which they hold a draw for, for all those interested. And Doug won one of the pairs of tickets,so thats what we'll be doing on Sunday.

And finally......................................



Helen said...

What a fab picture of you all at the show... and that dragonfly is truly stunning. Have a great time at the air show. Helen #?

Anne said...

Love the photo of you all! Great purchases as well. Enjoy your weekend jaunt. The dragonfly is superb. Anne x #3

Neet said...

Well, what a lot of interesting photos you have. Lovely to see you meeting old friends and I agree Tilly Tea Dance has some amazing work - love the sheep and you have just given me an idea for a gift for someone. Your pictures are fabulous and will look great wherever you hang them.
Love the little gnome, I thought he was for the garden at first glance, can see how he proved irresistible to the camera. Also the dragonfly, gosh that looks amazing.
Not done triple stamping in ages, it is so effective now you have done it
Enjoy your purchase and the air show.
Hugs, Neet 5 xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

How lovely to see such a great photo of you all! I love Wipso and Twiglet, they're really fab gals :-D. Tilly's pictures are fab, they'll look great in your workroom. Have fun at the air show, G is a bit jealous about that!!
Hugs LLJ 9 xxx

Annie said...

I love the sound of your new toy and am certain you will get lots of use out of it. It was soooo lovely to meet you in real life at last. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon.
Annie x #13

Sarah Brennan said...

Hi Shaz, glad you had such a lovely time catching up with Annie, Jo and Tilly Tea Dance; her work is amazing. Congrats on Doug winning the tickets for the air show; have fun! Sarah #16

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

What a magnificent dragonfly indeed Shaz. Looks like you had a fab time at the show, great to meet up and be able to choose those amazing Tilly designs. I'd have had a hard time choosing myself.
I have no idea about Youtube & video's so can not comment on what best to use for better light. I'd have watched your unboxing but this darn laptop doesn't want me to see just listen to the sounds.... Grrr!!
Have fun at the Airshow & Thanks for sharing WOYWW Tracey #7

Diana Taylor said...

I love your triple stamped card - what a great idea and so very effective.
And what a lovely photo of you all, I do think your pictures are beautiful, they will look gorgeous as a trio on the wall - isn't Max a talented and clever gal.
I hope you have a fab time at the airshow - how lucky to win tickets.
Hugs, Diana xx #17

Debbie Rock said...

Such a HUGE coincidence this week Shaz ... Alfie came round after I told him about my Wishblade(which either you or Maggie helped me "convert" to a Silhouette) as he needs to cut some stencils. In the half hour he was here he produced more on it than I have in however long it is since I got it (could easily be ten years or so I guess). Anyway, I sent him away with it for him to have a play. Then your youtube video popped up on FB and I nearly fell off my chair!
Love that you got to another craft fair ... and am so, so envious of your Tilly Tea Dance pictures for your wall (lend me Doug PLEASE!!!) Always love your blogs so keep them coming! xXx

Twiglet said...

Oh Shaz what a lovely [photo of us all - it was a treat to meet you both and I hope those pics will remind you of the two "old" sisters and their arty little lass - oh and of course the wonderful Doddy! G and I are envious of the tickets to Farnborough - well done Doug - enjoy every minute. My Dad used to go when he was in the Royal Observer Corps and he always brought me back a little tiny notebook and pencil to practise my letters in - what a wonderful man he was - we loved him to bits. I hope the plants survive the heat - they look fab. xxxx Jo

jan spencer said...

Hi Shaz, how great to meet fellow deskers,a lovely photo of you all too.
Your triple stamped card is great, I've only tried doing one with decoupage!!
I'm not that good at stamping but maybe now I have my TH platform!! who knows
Jan x

Hazel said...

Lots to see today with your lovely photos. And I love the triple stamping. Regarding the lighting I haven't really got any advice, but until a few days ago we had spot lighting in the room where I craft - one of those fitments that has three spotlight bulbs to move into position of choice. I've now given up on having the 'proper' spotlight bulbs and have bought three daylight bulbs that fit and that's so much better for evening crafting. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a good day - Hazel, WOYWW #18 x

Stacy Sheldon said...

This is such a fun post Shaz, I love the sheep art. and that dragonfly looks so cool being so large. I did smile over the gnome too :)~Stacy #30 Oh, I have not tried video's as of yet. ( I did buy a thing that will hold my camera up over the table though and never played with it) lol, Maybe some day. I have a feeling I may have to shoot them in my kitchen though as up here is such a cave.

Angela Radford said...

Hi Shaz, great pics. seeing you all together bet you had a good time. The dragonfly is amazing! Have a great creative week and happy woyww, Angela x12x

StampinCarol said...

How fun to get together with friends and at a craft fair!
Great triple stamped card. Love the elegance of black/white.
Have fun with your Silhouette! I don't play with my ScanNCut2 enough.
Love the giant dragonfly and I'm so getting into Gnomes!
Great quote!
Thanks for popping by! Have a GREAT week!
Carol N #24

Mrs.D said...

Hi Shaz, thanks for visit my desk,and you nice compliment about the card. I like your card too, those triple stamped cards are so effective. Is the sentiment a new stamp? Looks very useful if it is still available.
And I love that dragonfly
Chris #14

Caro said...

How lovely to meet up and I love the photo of you all. The black and white card is stunning. Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#31)

Marit said...

Yep, I'm close to magnificent too ;) I sometimes wish I lived closer (or win the lotterly) so I could come over to craft fairs in the UK and meet all of you! I always love the pics of all those people meeting up and having fun together... oh well, I send you a big virtual hug all the way from Holland. Happy woyww, Marit #19

Lindart said...

Hi Shaz! Lovely condolences card. I do just what you did, write everything down to I don't forget then promptly lose it! I have to send two condolences cards this week, but for only one person who passed. :-( Nice video, I will have to check that machine out, although I don't often even use my dinosaur Big Shot! Nice little collection of flowers for the garden, and what ab awesome dragonfly! I love dragonflies! I think they used to be actually that big in pre-historic times - can you imagine? LOL! Thanks for your visit, and have a great week, Lindart #29

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Shaz, so understand how you’ve instructions written somewhere!!! But not to be found, c’est moi, aussi!!!
Great work on assembling. I adore Tilly Tea Dance’s sheep too, they’re gorgeous!!!
Thanks for sharing your inspiration! Happy belated WOYWW
Shaz in Oz.x #32

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Sharon Madson said...

Great ripple Stamping, Shaz. I forget to do that technique. There are so many great techniques, there isn’t time to do them all! How fun that you got the new fancy die machine. I haven’t succumbed yet. I have a Big Shot and a Cuttlebug
Love the huge dragonfly. And you girls had a ball I am sure! How fun! Happy belated WOYWW! #37

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

What a fun post, Shaz! You can't fault hubby for wanting symmetry - and yes, things are better in threes! Lovely to see some other WOYWWers and that photo of you and Doug in front of the dragonfly is so well composed - congrats to whoever took it! Will take a peak at your video! Thanks for your visit earlier - enjoy your weekend! zsuzsa #9

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Oops, I think it's 'peek' not 'peak' LOL!

Angela Drake said...

Love all the great pics! How cool to meet up with some of our chums from the group. I fell in love with that gnome! As to lighting, I have a 4-bulb track lighting that Bob installed over my book case. Was arranged primarily to shine on my Stampin' UP! storage unit but I set my little typing table up in front of the book case and I have plenty of light in that area for any time of the day/ evening. I'll try to do another video soon or at least put a pic on the blog Wednesday. Hugs and Creative Blessings! Kelly #25

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, sorry I'm so late - so late, in fact, that I've already seen your airshow photos! Love the triple stamping card - I'd forgotten this technique but I think the affect is lovely. Your new machine looks like a touch of luxury. Having met Annie and Dod myself I can well imagine that you had a splendid time getting to know them. I've yet to meet Jo and Max but hope to one day. And there was a garden centre nearby too - perfect! Hugs from one freakin' magnificent woman to another, Elizabeth x #21

Aimeslee W. said...

So much awesomeness in one post, and all I can focus on is that WONDERFUL photo of the two of you!!! Or, the 3 of you with that fab dragonfly haha!! xoxo

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