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Thursday, 8 February 2018

A few Stampscapes Scenes.

 I have made about a dozen of these scenes, but will blog them in small batches,as it will be a photo heavy post!

Stampscapes Rubber stamps are exactly what they sound like- stamps that create scenes- landscapes/seascapes/skyscapes. This link goes to the makers US website- Kevin Nakagawa- and this next link goes to the UK supplier.
Visit Kevins website for loads of picture inspiration, and he has a massive list of You Tube videos on all aspects of scenic stamping.

The stamps blend together seamlessly, so masking isn't required, and they can be arranged and combined in an almost endless variety of scenes.

   For all my scenes, they were first stamped out in Black Dye ink, and the colour added later, using the Colorbox stylus tools and dye based inks. Adirondacks, Distress, Marvy and Memento were all used to colour them. You could also use sponges or daubers, even brushes to add your colour, I bought the Stylus tool & tips as that's what I'd watched Kevin using.

Starting with the first picture, the top left card was stamped out using the following stamps:
 144F, Cabin with Fence,
149F, Waterside Bluff, Right,
196F Pine Tree and
244E, Tree Cluster.

The cabin was stamped first, then directly below it the Waterside Bluff, R. This also comes in an opposite image, Waterside Bluff Left.
Following that, the Tall Pine on the left was added, then the 'Bushes' were stamped, using just the top portion of the Tree Cluster.
Although I said there was no need for masking, by using a torn piece of paper towel as a 'mask', then stamping the Tree Cluster with just an upper portion of the image above the top edge of the paper towel, treetops can become bushes, or tall trees made shorter, and appear to be growing out of the grass.
 The colour is added in layers, starting with the lightest value of colour, then moving up to a mid tone, then finally your darkest tone. 3 colour values are often all that is needed.The water only used 2 blue shades, the sky, 3. Moving on to browns for the cabin and rocky edge of the Bluff line.
 Followed up with green tones for the grass, the added in some meadow flowers using gel pens. You could of course use coloured inks to stamp out your scene.

The second scene, top right, picture 1, shows how you can combine different images.

 The stamps used here are:
359G, Snowy Creek, stamped out first. Although it's called Snowy Creek, it can just as easily become a creek surrounded by grass, simply by how it's coloured.
Next comes 144F, Cabin with Fence again. It becomes a totally different scene to the first one, just by changing out one stamp.


Next addition is 251C, Sedge Filler, which is stamped out on both banks, to turn it into a grassy meadow, rather than a snowy scene. There are a number of grass 'filler' stamps in the range, and really help to bring a scene to life.
Next the addition of some trees, again using 244E, Tree Cluster, and added in exactly the same way as for the first scene.

 Now the colour addition starts, and it is good to have some light- the white of the page- left in the sky, for a light source, and reflecting this on the ground/water in your scene.

Again, 3 values of blue were used in the sky and water. Then onto green for the grassy areas.
  A very pale green to start with, followed by a yellow green.

Then a slightly darker green was brought in,
 and then a quite dark one, all the time leaving some areas in the lighter shades, so that your scene has some depth.

 Finally some meadow flowers added again with gel pens, then a final bit of stamping, right at the front,068D, Reeds Large.

OK, final scene in this post. The longer scene uses a stamp called 049G, Lakeside Cove lge.
The image actually looks like this:
but I made it look the way it does by using a slightly longer piece of card,and not centring the image, but stamping them side by side. The 'Northern Lights' were created by streaking in some light green and purple/pink in the sky, then building up some blue layers on top. That was also reflected in the water. Brown added to the rocks, and stars created with white gel pen.

All the images were done on glossy cardstock, but matte coated works just as well. When the scenes were dry, they were sprayed with Artist Fixative, which helps to bring back the colour, as it does fade a little on drying.

All these scenes are now posted on my Stampscapes Gallery page, and all the stamps used in each image are listed next to the photo.


cuilliesocks said...

Absolutely stunning scenic cards Shaz, brilliant composition of images and the colours are wonderful, love them, Kate x x

Gibmiss said...

Rhi Shaz
Fabulous cards... Love the scenes you have created
Hugs Sylvie xx

Helen said...

Perfection! I have loads of Stampscapes but haven't used them for ages, I must get them out again. Look forward to seeing some more soon.

Myrna said...

I totally love Stampscapes and you have done such a marvelous job bringing all the scenes to life. Also you have given me some ideas.
Thank you.

Aimeslee W. said...

I always love looking at Stampscape cards, but I know I definitely would not have the patience myself. Bravo to you! xoxo

Welsh Dors said...

Fabulous cards. I have the cove stamp, but I have never managed such a seamless join. I really enjoy your blog, you explain things so clearly. Thanks

Cindy Littler said...

Great cards!! I haven't had my Stampscapes out in a long time. Now that will change thanks to your great ideas!!

Twiglet said...

I'm sooo late getting round the desks this week! I am glad I got to see your beautiful stamped scenes - they are fab! Love the Japanese way below - that's me too!! xx Jo

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Excellent post Shaz, really enjoyed it all, just had another order from Kevin last month, don’t get from Oz they’re way too expensive. I get it sent to my friend in USA as Kevin’s post here is way out of my league. As they’re unmounted they don’t cost much more than a letter to post.
Some of those scene fillers were my latest additions. Hugs Shaz.x

Kim said...

I love your Stampscape cards! Thanks for the step by step; I'll have to sit down and give it a go..again!

April Story said...

Just lovely. Being able to create those scenes takes such patience.

scrappymo! said...

Oh my goodness...this is my fave post ever. Your walkthroughs of how to use these types of stamps is great!

Beautiful cards, Shaz. You did an amazing job with them.

rachel said...

absolutely stunning Shaz - these are beautiful! I do miss that lovely challenge - it is a small world isn't it???? Rachel xx

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