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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

WOYWW #416- It's our Birthday!

Indeed, Happy Birthday to us! 416 weeks of amazing deskers sharing their workspace, and of course, 416 weeks of our much loved leader, Julia, organising us from her home at The Stamping Ground- well, minus a few when the awesome LLJ stepped in to help out. But even so, it's an incredible achievement that it's still going strong, and we get to 'meet', 'chat' and share our desks every week.

Not a lot to be seen on my desk this week, just the completed backs of my ATC's, and a randomness of inkpads.

 Sunday night we went to see Iron Maiden, and had a fantastic night.
 Today, I seem to have managed to pull some muscles in my COPD exercise Rehab lessons this afternoon. And I'm just shocked and saddened by the awful event in Manchester. And so I'm struggling a little, to be honest.
 This pic shows how packed it was, and the shot is of roughly half of the hall.
 Everyone having a good time- just like they would have been in Manchester.

So, I'm done. Other than to say my Oncologist appointment got cancelled again on Monday- 45 minutes before we were due there!
 Apparently, they still haven't had time to discuss my scan at the MDT meeting. Which makes me think, as he obviously wants to get other opinions, that there is something that shouldn't be there on the scan. But equally, it can't be all that much to worry about, as I'm clearly not a priority for the team.
 Next appointment will be in two weeks, as his clinic day for Redditch is Monday, and next weeks a Bank Holiday. She did say she would see if she could get me into his Worcester clinic, which would be sooner, so we'll see. Good job I don't let this stuff stress me out, is all I can say.😊
I'll be adding an asterisk to swap ATC, and if there is anyone who I said I'd swap with who hasn't let me have their addy yet, theres an email link in my sidebar.
 So far, the names I have to swap with are:
Ali Wade, Sandra De, Neet, Anne( Copper Beech),Margaret(Glitter& Glue),Sylvia(Little Treasures),Donna Garner(Doone),Twiglet & Wipso,ShazinOz, Sharon Madson,Kay Hammock,Kelly, Kim Young, then Jan, Julia and my swappee. If anyone else wants a swap, just let me know in the comments. I have some spare, and can make more if I need to.😉


Sarah Brennan said...

Wow, you're up early this morning. Funnily enough an old school friend of mine was at the same concert as you and Doug. As for Manchester; there are no words. I have no ATCs but if you don't mind a tag in return then I'd love to swap. I'll email you my address if you can send me yours. May not have chance to post until the weekend. Sorry to hear your appointment was put off again, especially so last minute. Happy WOYWW Sarah (no number yet).

Helen said...

I am sorry to hear your appointments have been rescheduled again... I am glad you are not letting it stress you, because it would me!! Much love for this 416th week of desk sharing fun. Helen #1 (she's up early!)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Golly, I am sorry to read about your appointment getting rescheduled. I hope things work out well. I'll try to visit more often, so I can keep up on your progress. I love the Manchester sign. It is wonderful and shows the love and support everyone has for the tragedy. Happy 8th Anniversary from # 1.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Firstly, I bless the day that our paths crossed through WOYWW and have enjoyed getting to know you and Doug over the past few years - someone who is on the same wavelength I think :-D Secondly, that's a right b&*%^r about your appt but if there was something wrong, surely they'd have called you in before now? Please take care and get your strength back over the next couple of days, making more ATCs should be the aim! And lastly, thank you for the shout-out at the beginning, I'm glad I helped keep the unbroken chain going for a couple of weeks :-D Love Ya!
Hugs, LLJ 10 xx

glitterandglue said...

Oh Shaz. I'm so sorry your appointment was put off yet again. I trust you will be able to "bear your soul in patience" as you wait. Wonder who said that in the first place??!! Trusting too, that your muscles heal well in the next few days!
Golly, that hall really was packed, wasn't it? So many people in there for the concert - glad it was so good and you both enjoyed it.
Popped your ATC in the mail yesterday afternoon, so it should drop through the letterbox soon.
Take care girl - and that lovely man of yours. God bless.
Margaret #6

Annie said...

Good morning my friend and a very happy 8th year anniversary. What a wonderful group we are part of.
I'm so sorry to hear of more delays with your scan results but as they say lets hope it's no news is good news my friend.
Thanks for all your visits and for all your lovely comments.
Annie x #19

Christine said...

Are you sure you didn't pull those muscles at the concert?!! lol
Glad you had a good time.
I would love one of your cards so have sent my addy in an email.
Take care and rest
Christine #25 at the mo

Anne said...

Hi Shaz, so sorry your appointment got cancelled, that is too bad. i don't know how you cope with it. I can't seem to contact you via the link in sidebar, not sure why? I'm not very Techie :-) I am going to leave a pm on your Facebook page, hope that's ok. Anne x #27 ( at the moment :-) )

lisa said...

Morning Shaz.
What a so and so that your appointment got cancelled again. You are an inspiration in not letting it stress you out, I would be beside myself, but them I'm a stress head or so I'm frequently told.
Glad you had a great time at the concert.
Would love to swap ATC's with you. Will email.
Hugs Lisax #26

BJ said...

Oh you tease with the backs of the ATCs. Are they all spoken for? I have made a dozen this year so have some spare to do extra SWAPs if you are interested. Mine are on display so you can even decide if you like them first - LOL. BJ#19

Diana Taylor said...

How disappointing your appointment got cancelled again - 45 minutes beforehand is pretty unacceptable I think, they should have had some idea before that and possibly saved you some of the stress and tension that builds in the lead up to things like that.
There are no words adequate for the horror of Manchester, but I applaud your badge. I'm glad you had a great time at Iron Maiden and I hope you feel better soon, I'm always amazed at just how painful muscle strain can be. Look after yourself and have a good week,
Happy WOYWW Anniversary,
Diana xx #24

donna garner said...

Hey Shaz, your's is the face ATC - I'll post it this afternoon, there are two types of terror, that from the outside and that from within, whatever happens with your results I am convinced you will continue to shine with your inner peace.. wait for the facts and then ... carry on regardless...I had done you an ATC then after Manchester I changed my thoughts and made the blown up baby girl face, I hope that is okay, I just felt you wouldn't mind receiving a piece made from my heart at a time the world as well as hearts are broken... doone @23

Cardarian said...

Hi Shaz!
I loved your comment yesterday on Facebook! We live in a very sad world and the only way to fight it is with love and caring for each other! I am sorry you have your medical check ups pushed back all the time - it is so frustrating, but don't let it get you down! I would love to swap an ATC with you if you want!
I am so glad we have met at the crop and I hope to see you this year in Wales!
Love and hugs,

misteejay said...

Sorry to hear your appointment got cancelled again - how frustrating.
The Manchester incident is a sign that their are some terrible people out there if they think it is okay to target children. However, it also showed how folk pull together in times of trouble.
Toni xx

Sharon Koole said...

Glad you had a good time at the concert. Sorry to hear about your appointment. I'll be thinking of you and hoping things work out okay. My mum has one coming up soon and I always get a little nervous.

I think I swapped names and addresses with you for the ATC swap. I got your addy - hope you got mine as I had been out of town.

Happy WOYWW anniversary
Sharon K #37

Ipswich2 at aol dot com

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Thanks so much for sharing your desk, all these years, Shaz ... and for being one of my long long time encouragers, of my blog too.. you joined back to before I joined WOYWW I think.
... Oh and happy 8th birthday of WOYWW!
We can really say WOW to eight whole years, eh? Of fun, friendship and learning!!
I so agree with you re Manchester.. as had family there was relieved to hear from them but thought they wouldn't have been there being week night, weekend maybe. I just feel sad for all those devastated lives by one senseless act and pray much for all concerned..
Praying also for healing mercies for you... and no more cancelled appointments!! with good news in the wings. Smiled that you had my name on my list dont recall saying but i put you on mine .. mind you they're still not completed, but can't post till tomorrow 4pm, as its nightime here.. past bedtime actually.

Happy 8th WOYWW!
prayer hugs dear friend, and chin up. Hope those aches go away... soon. If have access to bath and some Epsom salts, magnesium sulphate, natural muscle relaxant, it works a treat. :D
Shaz in Oz.x #32

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

Cara said...

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the concert. Ridiculous that your appointment was cancelled with such short notice. I have everything still crossed for you. Sending hugs, Cara x

Bubbles said...

I do hope that your appointment re-shuffle means there's little for the hospital team to worry about. You have a lot of distress inks - are these your favourites? :)
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
Bubbles #36

craftyani said...

Sorry to hear you have had your appointment cancelled again but look on the bright side if it was urgent it wouldn't have been cancelled.
Wow what a lot of ATC's you've made puts my few to shame. Anickoana #15

Stacy Sheldon said...

(( HUGS )) Hopefully the changing the clinic's does not make this more stressful for you guys to travel to, and the next one goes through as planned. I grinned over peeking the backstamps of your ATC's too.
Thanks for all the cool posts you share on your blog Shaz! ~Stacy #42

Plush Possum Studio said...

Rotten luck about that cancellation. Hope the Worcester appointment can work out well for you.
Mind if I use your Manchester graphic? I'd like to post it in G+, if I may.
Rose of Rose's Art Garden #50

Sue said...

Hi Shaz, Glad you enjoyed the concert.

Hope your muscle pull eases quickly.

What a pain that your appointment was cancelled yet again. hope you get to see the consultant soon.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Happy WOYWW, 8th Anniversary
Sue #21

Carol Norby said...

Happy 8th Anniversary!
That's sad about the cancellation, hopefully the next one is a go. And hope your muscles feel better quickly.
Looks like a great pile of ATCs, too!
Hope you have a great week!
Carol N #38

Kim said...

Hi Shaz, Happy Anniversary!! You were one of my first regular desk visitors! I know we'll get to meet in person some day. I understand your feelings...not that any terrorism is acceptable...but a concert where most of the attendees are young girls makes it even more atrocious. And I also agree, if they are ok cancelling, then it can't be bad news.
I hope your week gets better! And an ATC is on it's way!
-K # 39--or 40...for now...

Robyn said...

prayers for all in Manchester. Quite an impressive pile of ATCs!
Happy 8th!
Robyn 13

Lindart said...

It does make you think about going to places like concerts and other crowded places, but then "they've" won, haven't they. My heart goes out to all of you in England where this has been happening far to often. I love your stacks of Distress Inks! You look more than ready for the ATC swap! Happy WOYWW Anniversary! Lindart #51

pearshapedcrafting said...

Thats a HUGE pile of ATCs Shaz - I've only managed one! Sorry to see that your appointment has been moved once again! The act of terrorism in Manchester has had such an impact on everyone around here - worse because of the children that were there! Take care! Hugs, Chrisx48

Twiglet said...

Happy 8th WOYWW anniversary! We are so lucky to be part of such a sharing, caring bunch of like minded folk. I do hope you get your appointment soon. It's not nice waiting even if you don't get too stressed about it. As you say, if they were worried you would probably have an early appointment so think positive. All the best Shaz. x Jo

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, Happy 8th WOYWW anniversary! We are so lucky to be part of such a friendly and caring community as WOYWW and may it continue indefinitely too! So sorry to hear that your appointment has been cancelled yet again but I think I agree that if there was anything sinister amiss your specialist would have seen you sooner. Nice backs to your ATCs. I'll be dropping you a line with my address soon. Have a lovely week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #45/46

Mrs.D said...

Hi Shaz, I think cancelling appointments is what NHS does best, so worrying for you both. Hope everything is Ok when you finally get there.
You have been busy with all those ATCs, lots of people will be blessed with those.
Thanks for visitng my desk and you nice comments, can I warn you that PanPastels are addictive, and at £4.25 to £6 each they are not cheap, but i am rubbish with inks, I find the pastels so much more forgiving.
Bless you
Chris #3

Julia Dunnit said...

Too right it's lucky that it doesn't stress you out, blimey. 45 minutes notice was cutting it fine!
Am not surprised by the depth of your reaction to the atrocity in Manchester, your concert experience is so so recent and you would have left it feeling just the way the people did on Monday, in a great mood of happiness and satisfaction. You put it so well on FB. Xx

Shoshi said...

It certainly was terrible, the news from Manchester, Shaz, and so easy to identify with, when you had been to something similar. I am sorry you've been having such a time with your appointments - it's awful to be messed about like this even if you know it's probably because they need more time to discuss your scan etc. but they do need to realise how this sort of uncertainty can unsettle us so much. After my last CT scan check up for cancer I knew there was something they weren't telling me and I had an agonising weekend thinking the worst, only to discover eventually (after a lot of not getting proper answers) that they'd discovered clots on my lungs. I complained to the oncologist about it and she was very apologetic and said it shouldn't have happened. I am seeing her again tomorrow but I'm not worried this time. I hope you get some answers soon - you've been through quite enough!! Thank you for two lovely comments on my blog and I'm sorry to be so late replying to the first but after my extremely busy week last week I was totally exhausted and had to rest, and now I'm trying to catch up with everything. Thank you especially for your kind words about little Phoebe - I still can't quite believe we've lost her now. Beatrice is looking for her which is quite distressing.

We had a great time at the Devon County Show and my hubby had a nice birthday too. I had a good visit from the carpenter this evening about the new pantry and the news is good and exciting - it shouldn't be long before he starts, and he's got a good idea about what I want.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #47

Angela Radford said...

Hi Shaz. Of all the days to choose my friends came round and we've been out most of the day so I am trying to catch-up with the visits before bed. Many thanks for the visit to mine. The more I hear about the Manchester incident the worse it gets. However today is a special day and we should celebrate it. Happy woyww, Angela x17x

Neet said...

Thought I had already commented but a quick scroll through reveals I have not so here goes.
Sorry to hear you have pulled your back doing your exercises, easily happens. My hip is bothering me at the moment and I so wish I was still going to physio but at least am eternally grateful to Munjullah for the work she did on my back.
So glad you enjoyed and remained safe in your concert last week. I too am struggling with the Manchester bombing, a bit too close to home plus a local girl lost her life. Tragic, heartbreaking ... words just tumble out when thinking of it.
Hope all goes well when you finally get to see the doctor.
Thinking of you and sending an atc asap.
Hugs, Neet xx

okienurse said...

IRONMAIDEN!!! I am envious now! I would love to swap an ATC with you! I guess I have been clueless so haven't made any but will do so asap and participate in the party! I have really enjoyed WOYWW! I am so sorry hear the run around you are getting from the doctors. My sister had a bone biopsy Monday and a letter came from the insurance company saying they would pay 100% since it was for a secondary malignant neoplasm! WTF! I was so upset for her cause she called me to ask what it meant. They have been dragging their feet getting her in for a consult! Happy WOYWW 8th Anniversary! It has been a lot of fun blog hopping with this group! Hope you have a great week. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my desk and garden earlier! Vickie #55

sandra de said...

My heart breaks for those in Manchester. Must be very hard on you when Dr's/clinics cancel appointments and I like how you have made sense of their decisions. My atc is in the mail.
sandra de @27

Vicky Fisher said...

Your thinking sounds very logic, don't think I wouldn't be stressed, but your attitude is much better, no stress can change anything, so why bother stressing. I too need to run up and down to get forgotten stuff, but is a way to keep moving :-) and also I try to limite my supplies, works very liberating I'm finding. Happy belated WOYWW Vicky

Andrea said...

very belated anniversary wishes Shaz I had a great holiday. Sorry to hear about your appointment hopefully no news is good news...you are very brave . I hope the muscle strain is easing and you take it easy.. although the pics of the concert would suggest that isn't the case before hand. I would love to swap ATC will email my address to you.As or Manchester so many young lives cut short and for those left behind changed for ever.My thoughts and prayer go out to everyone affected ..crafty hugs Andrea x

Marit said...

I didn't have acces to a computer last couple of days so I'm very, VERY late visiting desks and celebrating the 8th anniversary... anyway, here I am! And oh... those medical appointments... I know all about the anxiety and delayed appointments due to my mum having cancer treatment last year... I hope the next appointment will take place and there will be good news! Thanks for visiting my blog last week, it's so nice to be part of this lovely group of crafters. Hooray, hooray and on to another year of 'desking' and crafting! Hug from Holland, Marit #29