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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

WOYWW #415

Wednesday once more, and a week away from our 8th Birthday. I can't imagine our lovely Leader, Julia, over at The Stamping Ground, had the slightest idea this blog hop would still be going strong after 8 years, when she first started it. On my desk this week, are mainly the makings of my ATC's.
The backs all stamped, ready for filling in. Behind them are some pots of acrylic paint, £1 each in The Works.
 The old Ferrero Rocher tub holds my spare round sponges for the blending tool. A handful of stencils to the left. A selection of inkpads at the back. And of course, the Tim Holtz/Tonic Stamping Platform, which did make stamping all the backs a breeze.
 On Saturday we had an impromptu day out. I'd seen something on Facebook about the RHS Spring Show at Malvern, and as the weather forecast for Saturday was good, we took ourselves off.

Some glorious gardens,this Meditation Garden was so tranquil, and on the left of it was a decking area to sit.

So many beautiful plants, far too many to show them all.

I loved this pure white Aquilegia, they are one of my favourite flowers.

This one too was gorgeous, a sort of Raspberry Ripple type of colour.
 Both were quite short, compact plants, all those I have at the moment are quite tall.

A happy little bee visiting a pansy.

This Iberis was a stunning sight,as white as snow.

Did a lot of walking, bought a number of plants, lol, but my legs ached after all that. But it's the exercise that improves things, so all good.
 I have the appointment now to see the Oncologist again, next Monday the 21st, so they clearly have the info they needed now.

Sound advice.


Sarah Brennan said...

Glad you had such a good day out in Malvern. All the best for next Monday. Sarah (no number yet).

Helen said...

what a fabulous day out I love the RHS shows ! You've been busy getting your atcs ready too.. I haven't even thought about it... Have a great week - sending positive thoughts for the appointment on Monday. Helen #?

Annie said...

What beautiful flowers Shaz. I'm really enjoying the developments in our garden at the mo....no sooner does one plant bloom and go over than something else bursts into colour.
Annie x #14

Anne said...

Hello Shaz loving the photos of the flowers, glad you had a lovely time. My last experience of a show like that, in Cheshire two years ago was a very, very wet day!!! Beautiful displays there but it threw it down all day! Glad you have your appointment through and hope all goes well. Anne x #10

I can't seem to email you for some reason for the swap - wonder if you can me via my blog??x

lisa said...

Ohhh I'm very envious. I would love to go to Malvern, it looks a lovely show but it's a bit far from us. I watched it on the TV though. I'm glad you had a lovely day.
Will be thinking about you on the 21st and hope all goes well
Hugs Lisax #19

donna garner said...

Loved your post, Shaz, a day well spent methinks, one of my greatest sources of happiness is creating my gardens now I have the land and the time, and I am becoming quite Posh, as over here they use the latin names for plants, so I have stunned myself by using the 'proper' nomenclature...I have some very tall blue aquiligea - sooo pretty... dxxx cant remember my number but hey you know Doone eh?

Magic Maggie said...

Hi Shaz
for ages I had no idea the plant you pictured is called an aqualiega - my Mum always called them 'Grandmas's Bonnet'!
Love the re-cycling of the ferrero rochas box. I'm struggling with storing a few things - do you do storage counselling please?
Maggie (Yorkite)

sandra de said...

Now that is a lovely way to spend a day and looks like you got some gorgeous photos. Always wondered what the plant was called... and now I know. All the best for your next appointment.
sandra de @3

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I like the sentiment at the end! It's so true - life is definitely improved by sparkle!!! Lovely pics from the Malvern Show, I know that deskers Lynda B and Ali H were going, but didn't realise your ere as I'd have mentioned it to them...the raspberry ripple aquilegia is called Nora Barlow...she's a bit wanton and freely mixes with other types, a bit of a floral tart!
Hugs, LLJ 6 xxx

Bubbles said...

I LOVE grannys bonnets! I have a garden full of them :) One of my favorites is very similar to the white one you have shown here, but its almost black. When I bought the seeds many years ago is was called "Granny's Blackberry Pie"... I think it's just called 'Black Barlow' now - not nearly as nice a name but still a gorgeous flower - and it grows very tall :)
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Bubbles #22

AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. A friend of mine went to the Malvern show. Wish we lived closer, as I would have enjoyed it. ATCs - well done for getting on with them. Mine will probably be made on the last day! Ali x #23

Sharon Koole said...

Love the meditation garden. It looks so...relaxing. Your desk looks all ready to go!

Sharon K #29

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

well, Shaz, your aquilegia make ours look quite tame.. there are on of my fav.s too, Shaz but haven't even seen any so frilly and full as yours, we have more of the single variety but dont grow well up here on north coast, I mainly knew them from Melbourne days some folk call them Granny bonnets too..
Well your desk looks interesting, indeed, with stencils etc... I'm still not done one atc... will get there but too may other tings ahead time-wise..
Glad you've a date... praying earnestly towards that for you now.
Thanks so much for sharing your desk and happy WOYWW!
Shaz in Oz.x #27

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

Claire said...

Gorgeous photos!
It's been a while, but lovely to be back at WOYWW :)
Claire x no.25

Jan Ltc said...

What a great WOYWW TFS xx Jan

Cara said...

Beautiful photos, do love a pretty flower. Fingers crossed for your appointment. Cara x

Lindart said...

What a lovely day trip! that Mediation garden looks wonderfully peaceful! So jealous of that Tim Holtz stamper platform! Can't wait to get one! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #33

Lm Collis said...

Hi Shaz, beautiful photos, thanks. I'd still be in that meditation garden at closing time!
I hope your appointment goes well, I'll be beaming positive thoughts to you for it on Monday, Lynne #37

Sue said...

Hi Shaz, I love it when we can re-purpose things for storage.

What a lovely garden. My dad had Aquilegias, but not the Raspberry Ripple one.

Glad you came home with some plants.

Will be thinking of you on Monday and sending positive healing thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #18

Carol Norby said...

Beautiful photos! How wonderful to have a day out and the weather cooperating! Nice tidy desk all ready for more use! Hope you have a wonderful week and a GREAT appointment!
Carol N #31

Stacy Sheldon said...

Ha, I have a bunch of those containers... and I have been looking for something to put those foam circles in. THANKS :) I have not seen any of those blooms in person ever so, these look so gorgeous in the photos. I have my fingers crossed you get some good news this next visit Shaz! ~Stacy #35

Suzanne Alexis said...

Ah, English gardens. Something I've never seen in real life, but have heard much about their beauty (I'm quite the Anglophile). I hope all goes well with the oncologist. Every time I visit your blog, I wonder how your health is going, because when I first joined WOYWW, you had just come through some surgery.

Suzanne #38

Neet said...

Love the meditation garden, I can imagine sitting there for hours. It looks so tranquil. Gorgeous flowers you have treated us to as well.
Those paints look great from The Works, but I dare not buy any more paint or I will have to start painting the walls in the house with it all.
It was good to see you the other weekend, still smiling at all the memories of all the lovely folks I met.
Hugs, Neet 13 xx

Sandy Leigh said...

You were right...I LOVE that quote! Big blessings on your visit to the doctor, and I love your post today! Sandy Leigh #34

Angela Radford said...

More guilt from me, oh dear must get those ATC started! That garden looks lovely, bet you had a great day. Hope your appointment goes well. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x15x

Plush Possum Studio said...

Thanks for sharing your pretty pictorial visit to the RHS Spring Show. Simply lovely!
Rose of Rose's Art Garden

BJ said...

Don't know how you have done it but your desk has given me an idea for my ATCs. Thanks for the visit BJ#4

Andrea said...

love the Malvern photos shaz that garden look so serene and calming...thanks for sharing it with us. you have been busy that's quite a stash of ATC backs I see .... the stamping block is on my wish list it sound like its a good buy happy belated WOYWW and I hope the 21st goes well I'm in the woods well forest break next week but still planning to take part in swap INTERNET access permitting keeping everything a surprise till then have few to swap crafty hugs Andrea #42 x

Kim said...

What a lovely day you had! I can't wait to get my hands on the stamping platform. I love my mini MISTI, but it has its limits, being all boxed in. I hope you get the best news next Monday. Have a great week.-K #40

Dorlene Durham said...

Such beautiful photos. Great idea to go to the festival. Thanks for visiting me earlier. Dorlene #39

April Story said...

That looks like a beautiful place to meditate. The flowers are beautiful. Good luck at your appointment.
April #26

Melissa said...

What a fun look at your desk and that batch of beautiful spring photos!

Twiglet said...

Hi Shaz - we love aquilegia too and have lots in our garden if you want some seeds in the Autumn - very easy to grow. We even have a white one a bit like the one in your pic. xx jo

Vicky Fisher said...

Great way of storing your sponges, I also have such a tub laying around somewhare, if a foodconatiner looks interesting i was oit out and store it in the basement, you never know when it comes in handy, have a nice weekend, vicky #5

glitterandglue said...

Hi Shaz. Fear not - we had indeed already agreed to swap - you hadn't jumped the gun:-) What a fantastic time you had on Saturday - so glad you are well enough these days to enjoy long days like that - and trusting the oncologist appointment goes well on Monday - with all the appropriate info to hand this time!!!
I have indeed had a fantastic time with my friends - walked what felt like the length of Anglesey one day, then all round Bodnant Gardens another, then went up the Great Orme on the tram and had lunch at my church café another day!
Take care young lady. God bless you both.
Margaret #2

okienurse said...

beautiful pictures and beautiful flowers and pool! I will have to take some photos of my flowers next week. I hope you are getting all better! Hope the oncologist has good news! I have considered getting the Tim Holtz stamping platform and went back and read you post. I would like to own one but it seems none of the stores here in the USA are selling then right now due to some backorder issue for revamping it. Thanks for visiting my desk earlier. I was so happy that I remembered in time to participate in WOYWW this week. I think the meds and illness has really impacted my memory! Vickie #43