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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

WOYWW #396

The first WOYWW of the New Year and our first link up with Julia at The Stamping Ground, for our weekly desk fix.
New Year, and I thought it time for a new Banner pic too.

 No crafting going on, I've been sorting out my Christmas stamps. I have them all in 3 ring binders, but no order to them at all. The stamps are all just added to the first available space, and I realised that as I then tend to stop at whatever is new, lots of stamps are never getting a look in as I don't get that far in the folder. So, I decided I would sort by theme, I have no problem splitting up sets, generally. And so it began.

If you think that looks bad, you should see the desk behind the desk!
That's had all sorts of crap thrown on it while this sorting was happening.
So that will be the next sort & tidy job, later today.

But, the stamps are sorted, and I'm happy with that, at least.
 4 Folders, 3 with image stamps, and one for sentiments. It was awkward to get a picture, as my door is only about 3 feet away, so I had to do it sort of side on to stop it going blurred.

Final picture is a funny I saw on FB yesterday- this week has me confused already-Tuesday night was Dougs first night back, so of course it's felt like Monday all day to me. I'm writing this on Tuesday evening, today I went for the first of my exercise classes, and expect to find my muscles complaining on Wednesday, so I'm scheduling this one, as my desk won't be changing at all.

Made me laugh, this did.
 Still no news on the surgery front, I shall start chasing them if I don't hear anything towards the end of this week.


Helen said...

Happy New Year to you both. Well done on re-organising your Christmas stamps.. Hope you use a lot of old loved images next year! Love the squirrel of judgement, I fear I shall be disappointing him. Helen #?

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Congrats on sorting ...seems another job I need to tend too. I've baby cards to make and can't even find that theme with the mess I have created. Enjoy a good week.

Tertia said...

Happy New Year to you! I am hoping not to disappoint the squirrel of judgemnt this year. We wait and see.
Wouldn't you hop on a plane and come and sort my stamps too please?
Happy WOYWW!
Tertia #8

SumBunneh said...

Thank you for helping me set up my blog so I can join in the fun... now I just have to learn how to link Julia's page... something for next week then lol xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Shaz,
Well done on sorting things out there in your stamps .. a mammoth task! BTW managed to get some small set of four sheets x10 for $2.99, so will use them for just my small stamps till can source them somewhere cheaply here.
Sorry the non medical contact. Pray it will be asap.
Happy WOYWW!
Shaz in Oz.x #9

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

okienurse said...

love the new banner pic! Do you do medieval/ren reenactment? I belong to the SCA here in the states and have a blast with it. Good job with the stamp organization. I am having issues with trying to find something right now and have been trying to organize by set and putting photo copies on my computer so I can know what is what in each set. Love the Squirrel of Judgement meme! My daughter posted it to me on Facebook today. Happy New Year! Vickie #12

BJ said...

Great sort out of the stamps but the Squirrel of Judgement takes the biscuit (and he probably would too - LOL) Happy WOYWW and Happy New Year - BJ#13

Kathyk said...

S'funny, I saw the exact same thing on fb yesterday and "pinched" it for a post too!!! Your desk looks great and very creative. Good luck with getting a date for surgery



misteejay said...

Well done on getting your Christmas stamps organised.
Sorry to hear there has still been no news about your appointment - so frustrating being kept waiting like this, my thoughts are with you.
Lovely photos on your new banner.
Toni xx

Annie said...

You did better than me with all your organising....I did nothing creative over Christmas apart from a little knitting. I'm back open for business this morning for the first time so let's hope the customers come flooding in eh?
Happy New Year with lots of fun and friendship.
Annie x }17

lilian said...

Sure does look a busy time you are having, I don't know about you BUT I always make more mess when I am trying to stay tidy


Lilian B #18

Anne said...

Hi Shaz. I've not even started to sort out anything. Decorations still up, craft space still a dining room :-) I should be doing it now but no - catching up on here instead !!!! I need to do a good sort out and organising but not feeling it yet. Anne x #21

Julia Dunnit said...

It has to get worse before it starts to take the shape of good organisation...it's my mantra! It would help though, if everyone would stop chucking other stuff into the mix and making every surface look as bad. And of course, by 'everyone else' I mean me..
Really like the new Banner, been looking at new layouts myself..we must both be experiencing a need for a clean sweep! Happy new year to you both, and the best of whatever is to come.xxx

glitterandglue said...

Happy New Year to you both. This all sounds incredibly organised, Shaz. Glad you are so happy with the end result, though. Always worth the hard work and effort when it comes out right.
Take care. God bless, and trusting you soon hear from the hospital.
Margaret #4

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Sorting always seems like such a good idea until you actually start doing it! Good luck with that chasing x

Fiona #24

Shoshi said...

Great to get everything organised, Shaz. The folders of stamps are a brilliant idea. Not sure about the squirrel of judgement - he's got a real gleam in his eye, hasn't he! I can feel him sitting on my shoulder already! I'm astonished that they still haven't contacted you about surgery - I can't imagine what they are playing at after all this time, and I'm sure you're right that you should chase them up again.

Hoping for a really healthy year to come, and happy New Year to you both, and happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #23

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I spotted the new banner immediately! Looks great! That's something I've been meaning to do for a while, but can't find the motivation to get around to it! I know the squirrel of judgement very well LOL - although sometimes it takes up different forms! I just try to ignore him and go at my own pace! Have fun this week and thanks for visiting earlier! zsuzsa #25

Lindart said...

OMG I love the Squirrel of Judgement!! Will have to print him out and display him prominently! You and I are in the same frame of getting organized stamps. I have only just begun. Any advice? I too have no problem breaking up sets, sometimes the sets are all a mish mash of themes! Great new Banner Pic as well! Happy New Year! Lindart #37

Patio Postcards said...

The squirrel of judgement gave me quite a chuckle out loud. We get so many squirrels in our yard, blacks, greys & reds & now that I think of it, I do often get that look of judgement, but mostly because there are no peanuts out for them. ... Mary-Lou #26

Carol Norby said...

Oh my gosh, that squirrel made me laugh!!! Great one!
Love all your organizing. I really need to purge old stuff that I no longer use. Great banner of friends and loved ones. Thanks for the visit and I hope your 2017 is fabulous!
Carol N #31

Stacy Sheldon said...

oh, yes I have to do that with mine too ( sort by themes) and I do for the most part but, I got lazy last year and started buying clear stamps... and those I did not mix with the rubber. so, the new rubber ended up with where ever there was space. but, I figure I will sort them slowly as I unmount more of the sentiments. and all that good stuff.
Hopefully you hear from them soon so you don't have to chase them for a date.
~Stacy #41

lisa said...

Happy New Year, Shaz. I love your new banner. I spent a few minutes looking at all the photos when I first popped over.
You are going great guns with all your organising. It's looking great.
Have a good week.
Hugs Lisax #38

Nancy - said...

Thanks for stopping by! I am glad my post made you chuckle. I love sorting my stamps in three-ring binders. Good luck with the sorting and happy WOYWW! NancyH #42

Christine said...

Thanks for your visit earlier, must admit never thought of taking photos .... there should be some great changes.
Love your new banner heading, great photo of everyone, specially Doug!
That squirrel made me laugh out loud, brill!
Have a good week
Christine #19

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, like you I have my stamps in binders separated into themes, in the stuff it in the next empty pocket fashion. You say you don't mind splitting up stamp sets, and I can see that would be really helpful, but I'd be sure to forget which set a stamp originated from and who the manufacturer was. How do you deal with that, or do you not bother? Hope you're not suffering too much after your exercise class. Oh, and be afraid, be very afraid, of the squirrel of judgement - he looks as though he means business :) Have a good week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #21

Annie Claxton said...

hehehe Squirrel of Judgement, love it! It's a brilliant idea to re-organise your stamps, I just did the same, and my little collection of dies as well - cos I just wasn't using them before, hopefully we'll make good use of what we have now - one of my mantras for 2017 :o) Happy New Year Shaz X Annie C #32

Angela Radford said...

Very sensible to get your Christmas stamps sorted and put away though I always feel that I should start making next years cards now while I still feel in the mood but it wont happen! Thanks for the visit to mine, Happy New Year woyww, Angela x 18

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Screw you, Squirrel of Judgment! PJ #33

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Okay, I'm just finishing up my squirrel stew, so I can get back to commenting now. I say that your organizing project looks rather disorganized... well, I know you have to make a bigger mess first. Things are so nicely sorted and put away now, we'll all be expecting Christmas cards now. Thanks for the visit earlier. PJ #33

Kim said...

Happy New Year! I love that squirrel! I'll do my best not to disappoint. I love that you're able to get all your stamps in binders; while I have unmounted a few, I just can't bring myself to do all of them. I can barely slide my big tote it is so heavy! Plus I don't find I go to the binders I have that often. Something else I need to work on! Have a great week. GOod luck with the Dr.
-K #45

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Happy New Year Shaz!
What a great feeling it is to get sorted and organised, something I intended to do over the Christmas break but never managed to accomplish. Throughout the year my room has gradually gotten more and more cluttered with partially completed projects and items that I think I might use for the next card/project so I haven't put it away and now I feel stifled. I must tackle this before I get in to some serious crafting soon.
I hope the week goes well for you.

Twiglet said...

Ha ha - love the squirrel of judgement! All the best to you for 2017 - I hope it's a really good year for you. Love the new banner pic - fab photos.x Jo

Neet said...

This "no date for surgery' is getting beyond a joke. You must be getting really fed up by now. Mind you my minor surgery on the 20th December left me feeling a bit uncomfortable over Christmas and a bit into the new year so at least you could have a nice holiday period.
Oh Shaz, do not mention getting muddled up with the days of the week, I have been upside down all the time. I never seemed to remember what day it was.
Love your new blog header, it really is eye catching and great fun playing 'spot the person with her." Love the last one of the two of you, Doug looks very handsome in his outfit and with his hair untied. Wish I could see more of you but I can see you on lots of other photos and hopefully will see you in the flesh at Port Sunny (depends on op I guess) but, from what I can see of you, you look glam.
Love how you have sorted your C stamps - mine are in a box, a drawer and a poly bag (jumbled up - a mess) so you put me to shame.
Happy New Year - Hugs, Neet 5 xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Firstly, LOVE the new header!! Secondly, well done on the sorting - you are the Sorter Supremo :-D. And lastly, the Squirrel's gonna be disappointed. I've done nothing crafty apart from crochet and even that's going at a snail's pace. And I shall be packing up my craft room shortly as we exchanged today and shall be moving on 23/24th Jan! Ooo-errr, Exciting times ahead.
Would you like me to come and give the surgical team a kick up the jacksie? It's getting silly now......
Hugs, LLJ 15 xxxx

Magic Maggie said...

Love that squirrel - very Kung Fu Panda. Thanks for cheering me up. My little craft room will have to wait a while for it's spring clean - I really must sort out the loft (which is a REALLY big job as stuff is everywhere since we had the roof done )(no more leaks though - she said hopefully)
Happy New Year to you and yours.
Maggie (Yorkite)