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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

WOYWW # 340

Again it's Wednesday, and time to meet up at our Julia's, over at The Stamping Ground. Another week closer to Christmas, and it's officially ok now to panic.Don't know about anyone else, but despite all the stress and problems of the last year, it seems to have absolutely flown by.
So, to the desk. Main desk is still in the process of the same Christmas card I showed you last week, so I thought I'd show the desk behind the desk, as it were. The plan was that it would keep some stuff close to hand, and that it would be useful for laying open folders of stamps on, stuff to dry, and so on.
Not exactly a pretty sight, is it? Dumping ground for all sorts of stuff. Envelopes in the front are waiting to be opened, some are stamps bought in the Black Friday sale that Visible Image and Indigo Blu had, the other holds last months Tim Holtz colour.Some colouring books,and a pack of cards and envelopes. The easel is the one I usually photograph my cards on, in front of that and a pack of envelopes to go with the cards I'm making. Offcuts of black card on top of a tub of foams for the blending tools.There is a basket with acrylic blocks for stamps in, and the wooden rack at the end holds embossing powders. Along the back, the DIY holder for my markers, which is now also home to my DI markers, as now they won't fit in the original tubs. A tub of mens shaving brushes, which double as duster brushes. A few stacks of mini drawers which hold all sorts of little odds and ends. The purple box holds my Card-io stamps, there is a black box next to it with my Gorjuss girl stamps in, and the black box underneath holds my Visible Image ones. Just visible at the top of the picture, some hanging trays from IKEA, which hold various sprays. And if you think that's bad, be grateful I'm not showing you the table I use for my cutting station! At the moment, it's buried under all the Christmas pressies bought online, and a few other odds and ends.All this will get put away, but probably after Christmas, as the one problem I have at the moment is needing to be in two places at once. I need to be in my craft room, getting stuff done, on the other hand, I also need to be downstairs to answer the door when said stuff ordered online arrives. Due to my surgery, I'm still walking with a stick, and it takes me a while to get downstairs if the doorbell goes, and usually by the time I've got down, they've given up and gone. So I've taken to staying downstairs until after Doug gets up, which isn't a problem, I'm just doing what I can manage in the time I've got. Nothing in my room is urgent, anyway, the Christmas cards are almost finished, the rest will get done when it gets done.
Thats me for today, just going to finish with a bit of enabling, lol. Country View Crafts are running an Advent Sale, every day from the beginning of December till Christmas, with different things on offer every day, so don't miss out.


Neet said...

Wish I was in the same position as you with regards to Christmas cards. Still lots to do and faffing about with churches for some reason.
Glad you are getting stronger but don't overdo things, we want you to get fully recovered so staying downstairs is really not an option, you need to do it.
Take care Lots of Love
Neet xx

Helen said...

I have a pile of cards that really must be written very very soon...! The trouble with having extra space is that of course, we fill it... I've been checking out the advent sale too, so far I've been very good and not bought anything!
Hope you carry on recovering well and work out how to be in two places at once.. it would be a great trick to share please!! xx Helen

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I can see this desk makes a good staging area, as well as a drying area. Of course, I can see it may be a pain to clean, too.

Hope you are healing well, even though you still have to walk with a stick. At least I'm glad that you are up and around.

Looks like you are really taking advantage of the sales this month, and I look forward to seeing what you buy. Stay positive! Happy WOYWW from #1.

Lisca Meijer said...

I'm glad you are slowly recovering. I thought Doug worked nights...
Never mind the desk, health is more important. Christmas card not being ready in time pales in importance.
Have a good week,

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Ah, so you're the Enabler Extraordianaire huh?! Makes a change from your hubby!! Lol.
Your Workdesk looks very busy - actually that's an understatement! Apart from a bit of sewing, mine has been dreadfully neglected. I took my mess down to Julia's instead and created havoc there...good idea, huh?!
Hugs, LLJ 16 xx

Diane Baker-Williams said...

I am proud of your attitude! With everything that you've gone through this year, who cares if the cards get done on time! It's great that you are getting crafting time in. I'm hoping it's more therapeutic than stressful.

CraftygasheadZo said...

Fab desk pic. I think we all have similar areas. I have a bookshelf right behind me that keeps everything on it. That's why desk usually tidy!! I'm the same with the door. My craft room (and toilet) are upstairs so I spend 90% of my day upstairs. Thankfully most of the delivery/posties are the same ones so they know to wait or to leave parcels in the box I have in my front porch!! Been thinking of you. Take care Zo xx 28

Tertia said...

Your desk looks busy and interesting. I agree, this year has been a hard slog for me, but I can not believe it is almost over, it feels like I have achieved very little.
Happy WOYWW!
Tertia #21

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

It's a bit of a bind having to keep an eye on deliveries. Blink and you miss it! I always put a note on the front door asking them to leave stuff by the door. It works most of the time! I've checked out some of the shops you mentioned. Too bad I missed the Black Friday sales, but I've found the Kroma Crackle paste for half price at IndigoBlu - even with postage added it's a good deal! Stay strong, Shaz, and have a great week! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #30

jan spencer said...

Funny how christmas always sneaks up on us! Hope you manage to get everything finished.
Jan no 33

Tilly Tea Dance said...

Boy can I empathise with the stairs thing. I live in a three storey house and last year when I was heavily pregnant I missed several parcel deliveries because the drivers drove off before I'd waddled downstairs. I love your 'desk behind the desk'! I love to see all racks of little drawers with every conceivable gadget and finding. You seem to have made use of every inch of your craft room. Happy crafting, Max #34 :-)

Annie said...

Hi Shaz....just do what you find easiest. Your health must come first and we all want you to keep heading in the right direction with your recovery. It was good to see where you keep everything in your crafty space...it's good to have everything close at hand.
Have a great week.
Annie x #17

StampinCarol said...

Oh my! You definitely have a busy desk! Just don't overdo getting things done. People will understand. I just got my gifts mailed to our kids yesterday and just started sending out cards. Take care of yourself! Hope you have a great day!
Carol N #32

Shoshi said...

Well Shaz, nothing like a busy desk to show that you are rapidly returning to your old self! You are doing brilliantly. I wish the same could be said for me... I am still completely mojo-less and my desk remains in the same awful neglected dumping ground state. I did do a small Zentangle drawing the other night, and this morning contrived to knock my coffee pot over and it went on the cover of my Zentangle album and spoilt it...

Hope you manage to complete all your Christmas stuff. Christmas is a complete non-event for me this year and I shall be glad when it's all over. Bah humbug, and all that.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi (not joining in yet again...)

glendabrooks.blogspot.com said...

You have so much going on here! Very busy indeed!
Glenda #25

Twiglet said...

Just chuckling at Max waddling downstairs for the delivery!! Your workspace always looks so neat and sorted - I am getting there with my room but there are never enough drawers and cupboards no matter how many we have! x Jo

Nikki C said...

I always thought when you write christmas cards it might make them more fun to do it tipsy lol but I never remember to do that lol hugs Nikki 5

Christine said...

I wish I would have been as prepared as you ..... maybe next year!!!

Continue to improve, taking things steady.

Take care
Bishopsmate #47

Anne said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anne said...

I have no excuse for mess on my desk aka dining table - in fact not shown it - just my craft stall from last Wed! Ashamed to say I've had to buy some cards- made some but running out of time! Think you are doing so well!!! Anne x # 49

Ali H said...

Busy but orderly ! Glad to hear you are making good progress getting better ! Love Ali #50

sandra de said...

You need a system of pulleys and a basket that you can just lower down and collect your goodies while you sit in comfort. Thanks for stopping by and leaving lovely comments.
sandra de @27

Angela Radford said...

Pleased to hear you're feeling better but just take it easy, don't try to rush things. Must nip over to country view crafts again, thanks for reminding me. Happy woyww, Angela x 24

Sharon said...

Panic? Yup, that's me! I'm panicking. As usual I think I took on too many projects and got started far too late.