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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

WOYWW #337

Hi folks, and we're back again, meeting up at Julias place, The Stamping Ground, for our regular snoop around the worlds best, and worst, kept desks.And here's my entry for the week:
As you can tell from the dark outside my window, this was taken late yesterday evening, but looks much the same this morning. From the bottom right, the blue folder contains the images I started on for my Christmas cards last year, which never got made, so at least I have a head start (In November, I call that a head start, lol). Beneath them is some black and white card I ordered, and in a few minutes I'll show you why I always order online from PDA Card & Paper. I did look round the NEC for black card, but why is a 'true' black so hard to find? Next is three of the new Distress re-inkers waiting to go away, some little pots that were used to hand us pills in the hospital that I thought might come in useful, lol.Baby wipes, every crafters staple item, rolls of DST, and low tack masking tape on the holders. The Spa tub was from a Christmas pressie a few years ago, contained bath stuff, now holds cotton wool balls,a Stix To layering ruler, a bit further on are Wilkinsons glasses wipes, a wooden IKEA holder with pens in, a couple of those egg shaped sponges I've yet to try, and a mountain of the NEC stuff to put away.Behind that, a couple of houseplants,and so many odds and sods I'm not going to list them! I've spent most of the week storing the images in Evernote- its a free app that works on PC, tablet and phone, and syncs between all of them. You can use it for keeping track of anything, I'm using mine to gradually store all my craft stuff, to stop me buying duplicates.
This is what was in the blue folder, they were done with stencil paste which was glittered before it dried. I need to matt them up, then find the card blanks I bought last year to fit them. They are in my craft room, which is about 15 foot square- how hard can it be?

I said I was going to show you why I order from PDA Card & Paper, apart from price and choice.

The parcel comes wrapped in a waterproof poly bag, which when opened reveals a corrugated cardboard box.
Open the box to find the contents wrapped in bubble wrap.

Remove the bubble wrap, and your purchase is wrapped in brown paper.

Remove that, and the top and bottom of your stack of cardstock is protected by a sheet of 'scrap' card, which is perfect for using as chipboard.
Now while I'm not normally a fan of what could be called excess packaging, when I'm ordering cardstock, I want it to arrive without damaged corners, or indeed any sort of damage at all, so love the fact that the company goes to great lengths to ensure your order arrives as perfect as it left them.
So that's my offering this week, just leaving you with the results of my check up with my surgeon at the QE last Thursday. He's absolutely delighted with how everything has healed, and with my progress since he last saw me. He was especially pleased that I no longer have the weakness in my left knee & ankle, and that I have no pain, only that my butt tends to ache and get numb if I've been sitting a lot.The numbness in my thigh, and tingling in my left foot will subside as the nerves heal, and were all expected. Nothing that isn't kept at bay by Paracetemol, so you can tell.
I still have a catheter, and saw a specialist in Urology today. Everything functions properly, I just have no sensation in my bladder at all, he said the sensation should return, but could take up to 12 months. To be truthful, it's a small inconvenience, compared to some of the possible after effects of the surgery we were advised of- I could have had permanent weakness in my left leg, leaving me with mobility problems, I could have had chronic pain from the removal of the tailbone, I may have had the opposite bladder problem of incontinence, so all in all I do feel I've got off lightly.  So that's me for today, I'll be round to visit shortly.


Nikki said...

I've never ordered paper online but I know I will eventually and the fact that the company takes great care in making it to you without damaged corners us fantastic hugs Nikki 5
Glad to hear your doing better minus the one inconvenience

Helen said...

that's a busy desk - love your card preps, hope you find the blanks to fit them on!! The packaging for your card is excellent (and lots you can recycle, result!!)
Great news of your progress - thrilled the surgeons are so pleased with you. keep at it. Dashing off to work now! Helen #1

Judys Lace Creations said...

Good to have a head start on those cards.You'll enjoy making them all the more as you won't have to start from scratch.So glad you've got good news on the health front. It's been a tough year for you! maybe you can have a lovely calm, peaceful Christmas Season.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! That is some well wrapped paper! and I so agree - nothing worse than getting crinkled corners, so so annoying. Not a company I am familiar with but I always need quality blacker than night cardstock so if they do a good one I'll have to add them to my list of good 'uns. Thanks for the tip!

Love the card toppers. I would always pick sage and celery and lime over Christmas green, pink and burgundy over Christmas red....

not late, for a change!
Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (2)

Debbie Rock said...

Also had a huge re-stock of black & white card this week ... will be sure to make a note of the company you use for future consideration though! I kinda over-ordered and now have nowhere to put my new stock so it is squirrelled away all over the place - I have no doubts I will be finding it at random times in random places for years to come having forgotten where I have put it all! Having a DUH!!!! moment here regarding the DST & low tack tape ... why, oh why have I never thought to put it on a pull out reel thing like you have Shaz! Such a good idea!!!!! I remember you making those card toppers last year - how fantastic you are already half way there with your cards now ... am sure they will soon come together for you! Absolutely brilliant news regarding your last check-up ... said it before and have no hesitation saying it again ... you are bloody amazeballs my dear and are well on the way to a full recovery from all you have been through ... rest! relax! recuperate! Love to you, Debbie xXx

Annie said...

I so love reading your posts Shaz. You always look for the positives with all you are going through healthwise and that is a lesson to us all. I'm so thrilled your Drs are pleased with your progress. Keep up the good work my friend....and good luck with those Christmas cards.
Annie x # 6

Neet said...

Years ago when I first started stamping I kept a database for my supplies - that does come in useful (when I remember to update).
Nice selection of images there ready for the mounting process and just think of what you can do with that packaging you have had sent to you. Some times makes you wonder how they manage to send all that - cost?
Good news about your health, hope the bladder problem gets less and less as time goes on - but as you say there are many horrid alternatives.
Take care, don't overdo things.
Hugs, Neet 24 xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Well of course you kept the little pill cups....I'm supposed by the revelation!! I'm with you on the way card is delivered...I think it's the difference between card cutter/manufacturing types and the general retail market. Very reassuring. By impressed at the number of pre made images for your cars. In a fifteen foot room...prolly take you longer to find the blanks than it will to mount and finish the lot!!
Delighted by your medical news, certainly all going on the right direction..time in this case, definitely working for you. Although judging by the link, you must have been up quite early. shouldn't you be lying in till about 11?!

Glenda said...

some beautiful work going on there. I have the hanging ornament metal stencil too. I love using it at Christmas!
Glenda #28

My name is Cindy said...

Lots on your desk - yes I could never list all the odds and sods that are hanging around. Thanks for the heads up on that paper company - will check out. So pleased to hear that you are doing so well with no complications - you deserve to catch a break after everything that's happenned this year! Happy WOYWW, Cindy #30

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Hi Shaz, I'm so glad to hear that you're healing well and feeling a bit stronger. That is indeed a well-packed parcel and the packaging materials are never wasted on us crafters! Whenever I get something in the post, I'm almost as happy about the cardboard as the product I ordered! Have a fantastic, creative week! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #33

buterfliecrafter said...

The 'excessive 'packaging can be used in so many ways, the bubble wrap as stamp or texture on the gelli plate, the cardboard can become a bookcover...Lovely head start on your christmas cards. Vicky (#20)

Tilly Tea Dance said...

Shaz you've got such a positive outlook on life, it's really lovely reading your blog. I'm so pleased that you're healing well. I really should take inspiration from your blue folder and dig out all my part finished christmas card bits. I'm always leaving things unfinished! Happy crafting, Max #29 :-)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Well, you'll order from that company again, won't you? How great to see someone taking so much care with an order...especially as you can re-use all the scrap chipboard and bubble wrap etc :-) I love that stamped image you found, that spirally Christmas tree is gorgeous!! That's the one I'd buy :-)
Great news from the Med team...onwards and upwards :-)
Hugs, LLJ 7 xxx

Lisca said...

I'm so glad you are so much better health wise and that you have no nasty repercussions from the op, only a few expected discomforts. And a catheter is not the end of the world once you learn how to manage it.
I'm not posting today. I haven't had time, besides, there's nothing on my desk. I'm busy making a digital photobook for my mum of her first great-grandchild. Albelli are doing a special offer, but has to be finished by the 23rd to get the discount. So, CU next week, God willing,

Sofie V said...

I love the glittery Christmas cards you are making!

Greetings, Sofie #17

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Shaz, I'm not sure I know the paper company you mentioned so will have to look into that. I think you are right we do seem to have similar tastes in craft stuff. Pleased to hear you are mending well. Take care, thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x26

lisa said...

Your sound very cheerful, Shaz. Things sound to be on the up which is brilliant, I'm so pleased.
Love your Xmas cards, I laughed at you getting ahead, sounds like me, I usually end up doing them a few days before I post them!!!
True black card is really hard to find isn't it. I use Crafters Companion matt black, it's fantastic and really is true black.
Hope you have a good week.
Hugs Lisax #16

Bubbles said...

HI :)
I love when a company keeps it's customers happy - I shall certainly have a look at PDA Paper and crd very soon :)
Have a happy Wednesday
Bubbles (Sheleen)

Lindart said...

Great start on your cards! You will have to show us the finished cards! Yes, I agree, overpacking is sometimes necessary! So glad to hear you are doing so well after surgery! Thanks for visiting, Lindart #42

Suzanne Alexis said...

Wow, it sounds like you've been through the ringer with your surgery. I'm glad you're healing well and getting back to crafting. You have a lot of nice supplies.

Suzanne #51

Kristiina said...

Great that you can move around and get to the crafting... and theres nothing like busting old bits for a good use! Happy woyww, thanks for stopping by!
Kristiina #27

trisha too said...

Oh so pretty glittery pieces--good luck to you finding the blank cards, and a happy woyww to you!

#53 this week with
a Dr. Who wedding card

Unknown said...

Cute pieces you have for your Christmas cards. I have to make oodles but keep finding myself doing other things. Glad you're healing so well and as the docs hoped! Prayers still! Thanks for the visit!
Carol N #35

Ali H said...

Great to see your desk in action ! Hope you are enjoying the new stash from the NEC ? So glad to hear that you are making such steady progress after your op - good on you! Ali xx

Sue Jones said...

Thats very "posh" paper :) Wonderful news that you are healing well (((hug))) Thanks for the earlier visit today ( I am SO late getting round today!) Have a great week. Soojay xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, 15' square - that's about as hard as it can get!!! I'm always searching for stash that's gone missing and my craft room is about the same size as yours. Hope you find the card blanks soon. I've been buying from Papermill Direct and like their packaging but it isn't a patch on PDA. Impressive packaging for that card. So glad to hear you are doing so well and that your surgeon is pleased with your progress. Good news, indeed! Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #32

PS: I'm putting stuffing in the little bear - I'm hoping the baby who receives it will want to cuddle it in bed :)

Sharon said...

Your desk looks very busy! The paper certainly was well protected lol

I'm glad you're healing well.

CraftyHope said...

I would definitely call having last year's supplies a head start. Shoot, I wish I already had that kind of head start myself. And, those pieces are really lovely for your cards! Have fun with that. I'm glad to hear you are healing and hope you are feeling well too.
All the best. Thanks for stopping by my blog too :)
Hope #46

Ginny Maxam said...

Hi Shaz, I enjoyed reading your upbeat post and the pictures were yummy!!Your christmas cards will be beautiful!! I'm glad your card arrived in good shape! Thanks for sharing!!Have a great week, Ginny # 12

Kim said...

LOL! Love the comment about searching in a 15 ft square space! I know!! Right? Piece of cake...not. Love the images you have so far, and that your doing so much better! Happy WOYWW.
-K #49

Anne said...

Hello Shaz and thanks for popping by. I tried to visit you last night but internet was playing up - drives me nuts.
It is wonderful the progress you have made - so pleased for you.
I must admit I get quite narked about card and packs of cards and envelopes that arrive with battered corners - not good as you have proven it's not difficult is it. Glad you have got a bit of a head start with the C cards :-) Take care Anne x #10

Shoshi said...

Shaz, it's amazing to see your wonderful and full post for WOYWW - you seem quite your old self again! You have made a truly remarkable recovery. I'm sorry I have neglected you of late - I've had a busy time and also quite a bit going on on the hospital front, but now the chemo is finished, I am into the final phase (hopefully!) and things should gradually return to normal.

I am so pleased they are so happy with your progress at the hospital. You have done so well! Congratulations to you both! Onwards and upwards now.

Shoshi x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Shaz
When I come to your name on my prayer list I keep wondering how you are going... So very glad to read of this update, a blessing indeed... And keep praying for more mercies and healing along the way.

I peeked below at the NEC haul.. :D well done indeed ..
And so agree with you on paper. Well done your cardstock folk.
Shaz in 0z.x who hasn't been blogging much of late...but do have candy as its my fifth blogaversary so hope you'll pop over.

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