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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

WOYWW #336- The Nec Edition

Yes indeed, it is the NEC edition, linking up with Julia at The Stamping Ground. First thing I will say is that very early on- the second aisle to be precise,- I admitted defeat and let Hubby go and get a wheelchair to push me round in. We'd started down the first aisle, and halfway down was Inkylicious, so we stopped to shop there. By the time I was paying for what we'd chosen, I felt like I was going to faint. So we headed back to the entrance, and I sat on a chair for a while.
 When I felt ok, we resumed where we left off, and finished aisle one, and got halfway up aisle two, as far as Visible Image. Same thing happened again, and I paid for my stamps and we went back to the entrance so I could sit down. At this point I had to admit that there was no way on earth I was going to be able to walk the whole show, and let Hubby go off to get a wheelchair, as they hire them out, as well as mobility scooters.He came back with a mobility scooter, as they had no wheelchairs left. I hadn't wanted one of those, as being a non driver, I had expectations of destroying stands and displays all round the hall.It turned out to actually be very easy to use, and made the world of difference for me.So, on to the spoils of my rampage around the show:

A small selection from Inkylicious, and some from Lavinia stamps- most of the stamps bought today were a joint choice, my Enabler was very restrained this time, I have to admit. Can't remember where I got the little Gorjuss stamps from, but they were only £1.75 each.

On to Visible Image, the site of my second almost faint, sorry, Mark & Helen! I bought a few stamps that time, and went back a little later and got the others I wanted.

Some more stamps from Cardio, loved the penguins and snowmen! The two Creative Expressions stamps came from The Art of Craft, after I saw some stunning samples done with them.

Could not resist these when I spotted them, I remember reading somewhere that they were not going to be made available over here, so grabbed them while I had the chance.It's the stamp and die set of accessories for the Crazy Bird stamps. The Crazy Words stamp was Hubbies choice.

 A cardstock selection- some Lavinia Stamps scenescapes, some Lavinia Matt cardstock, a few sheets of embossed card in black, and some card blanks. I really do like the square format, I think it's my favourite base.

Some dies and stencils- Sweet Poppy metal stencils, and a variety of plastic ones.The dies were a couple of Happy Birthday ones, including the large one at the front, which will make a card on it's own, layered up. I think this pic contains most of Hubbies enabling, lol.


  The square Dylusions journal was a surprise to come across, I've only ever seen the A4 & A5 version. A Tim Holtz spray bottle, and a couple of sheets of chipboard letters & numbers, along with a sheet of Cut n Dry. Can never have too much of that stuff.

Finally, the odds and ends. I visited the Powertex stand, as I'd seen the Buddha heads on Kylas blog earlier in the week, and I've wanted some for ages. I also came across a lovely Green Lady, and a pack with two Native American casts in, so was very pleased.The packs of craft bottles were in a £1 bargain bin,there are two rolls of ribbon with a golden Bee on, from the same place, I spotted the box of wooden cogs on another stall, and finally, 3 rolls of masking tape!
 Thanks to having the mobility scooter, I got to really enjoy the day, and could take my time browsing. Which may account for spending so much, lol.
 But, I can now get up and down to my craft room unsupervised, which means I can spend some time crafting, instead of reading or just surfing the net. First job, however , will be to get this lot loaded into Evernote!  
I will do some extra posts showing the stamps and stuff completely, as in these pics they are lay atop each other, but that's for another day. I'll be visiting later, have a nice Wednesday everyone.


Rita said...

Good Morning Shaz. So glad you enjoyed your day at the NEC. Love your stash and really look forward to seeing what you do with them too. Take Care. Hugs Rita xxx

Helen said...

Great to see your haul from the NEC! I got one of the green women pieces from powertex in Glasgow, it's gorgeous! Glad you had a good time after you got the scooter. Helen waiting for #linky!

Neet said...

WOW! That's some stash! Sorry to hear you had two near fainting attacks which just goes to show that the brain often thinks the body can do more than it can. Hope you are recovered now and don't overstretch yourself in the future.
Love the things that you bought and am so envious of your square n, did you know she has a black pages one as well just come out. I am trying to steer clear of buying stamps at the moment as I have far far too many but your stash is making me have that longing feeling coming back. Oh heck!
Take care
Hugs, Neet 4 xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

By heck, was the any left??! Lolol only joking, I'm glad you had a good time (apart from the nearly fainting, didn't like that bit). Now you can have fun playing with all that...soooo pleased you can get up to your craft room, that's real progress, eh?!
Hugs, LLJ 2 xx

buterfliecrafter said...

o my, what a great stash you collected (can you feel the envy) have fun with these new supplies. butterfliecrafter#9

Annie said...

What a wonderful lot of new stash Shaz made all the more special by the fact you were well enough to attend the show and buy it all for yourself....I'm so thrilled for you.
Annie x # 22

sandra de said...

Now that is an awesome collection of goodies I hope your enabler was also carrying the bags. Have a lovely week and so happy to hear you are getting into your craft room.
sandra de @20

Glenda said...

Oh my goodness it looks like you did some power shopping girl! I'm so glad you were able to attend the show and so what if you needed a power chair to make it through. At my age, I think about that each time I go out! My back has a mind of it's on these days. Hugs to you...enjoy your goodies!
Glenda #25

Julia Dunnit said...

So happy that you gave in and got some wheels...and found them easy to use! There is a singular lack of fresh air in the halls, so am nt surprised that you felt faint. Glad you made it round and had a good day. Very like the visible image texts and I think square is my go to base now as well, I expect it will change one day!

CraftygasheadZo said...

Wow that is serious stash! I'm so glad you got wheels. Using them means you get to do and go where you want and not makes yourself ill. I know. You know I know. It's hard to give in but needs must. Reading your aisle, sit and go reminded me of Tescos a few years back. I did that. These days my wheels are my best friend! Here's hoping you won't need to use them for long though. Take care Zo xx 31

Annie Claxton said...

Wow!! That's a wonderful haul, you have some real gems there :o) Glad you got to enjoy the show ... those mobility scooters are a great thing when you're in need. Also glad your Enabler joined in with the shopping - my DH is really good at finding stuff I will like, doesn't help my willpower at all! Take care Shaz and have a great week. Annie C #33

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Wow! What a haul! I love those tall spindly toadstools from Lavinia Stamps. Great news that you can now get up and down to the craft room. You are doing so well. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Fiona #34

Robyn said...

Glad you enjoyed th show in spite of fatigue and glad you were kind to yourself and scooted!
This is the best way for me to shop and I am wanting one of those TH spray bottles. Let me know how you like it.
Robyn 36

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Oh my, you and your enabler were involved in what I would consider the shopping spree of the year. It sounds like you had a blast, but I'm sorry you had to endure those fainting spells. Enjoy your new stash and Happy WOYWW! #37

Christine said...

Didn't know about the wheelchair and scooter hire ..... it's the walking that stops me from going anymore, thanks for the info.
Look forward to seeing your stash being productive.... with some help from you of course!! lol
Have a good week
Bishopsmate #41

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Love, Love, Love what you bought! And very reasonable prices too! Tell you what, I would probably need a wheelchair too, feeling faint with all this wonderful stuff around me! I would be swooning all over the place! Enjoy your goodies, and hope you're feeling stronger every day! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #39

Kristiina said...

Good for them having run out of wheelchairs! Looks like you had a great time... Just found Lavinia stamps myself, the webshop I've been buying from seems to run out of them every other week, so I've been collecting them slowly but surely :)
Have fun crafting, good you can get to your craftroom without a scooter!
Kristiina #23

lisa said...

Sounds like you had a great time at the NEC, Shaz and what a fantastic haul. I think I need those Cardio penguins, I just love their stamps. Happy Crafting
hugs Lisax #44

glitterandglue said...

Hi Shaz. You certainly had fun at the show once you got the scooter - glad you had such a good day. The thing bout scooters is.... you don't have to carry anything. No heavy bags etc. You can spend so much more when you don't have to carry it!!! John uses one the whole time - couldn't go out of the house without it - they are SO useful. I love Cardio products and use them a lot.
Well done on getting to your craft room.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #32

Lisca said...

I'm so glad you managed to enjoy the day (and thanks to the mobility scooter)
Wow! you got an almighty large amount of stuff! I love those Lavinia stamps. Also the Dylusions square journal is a good buy. Lots of great stencils too. Too much to take in all in one go.
Have a great week,

Unknown said...

WoW Shaz you managed a fab haul from the NEC! We went too on Saturday and had a great day. Have fun playing with all your new stash!
Lynda B 49

Suzanne Alexis said...

It looks like you had a great time buying all of your supplies - what a haul! I'm so glad you can start crafting again. I'm new to this blog hop and am looking forward to seeing your work.

Suzanne #46

Sue said...

Hi Shaz, So glad with the mobility scooter you got to enjoy everything. You certainly got a lot of stash.

You take care.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #19

Scrapthology said...

Sorry to hear you had a little wobble on your shopping trip, but it looks like you still managed to shop up a storm and grab some great bargains.

Angie said...

My goodness that's quite a haul you've got. You are going to have so much fun playing with..I mean creating with all your new supplies! Happy WOYWW!
Angie #57

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! What a bunch of fun goodies!!!! You're going to be busy!

Carol N (no desk this week)

Mrs.D said...

Gosh what a wonderful haul from the show, and you had a ride on shopping trolley too, so you didn't have to carry anything. Wonderful, actually I was amazed that you even contemplated going so soon so you deserve to take it easy.
looking forward to seeing what you make with your goodies,
Chris (no desk)

Anne said...

Wow you are going to have fun playing with all that :-) So glad you were able to go and get round!! Anne x #58

glitterandglue said...

Hello again, Shaz. Thanks for visiting, and for your comments. Help - it seems I have told a big fib - unintentionally, but nevertheless, a big fib. I've looked up the page you suggested.... and it seems I don't have a big shit pro, but a big shot plus! Ooooooops! Sorry.
Margaret #32

trisha too said...

Wooooooo hooo, look at all that amazing stash! So much arty fun just waiting to happen! It makes me happy just looking at all your yummy new goodies, Shaz!

#59 this week with
a diy redo, swaps, and
an industrial lamp

Ali H said...

Hi Shaz so pleased to hear that you got to enjoy the show! We had a fun day on Saturday and tonight we have all been at our little craft club trying out our new stash and swopping ideas! I love the Lavinia stamps too! Have fun playing with everything & show us what you get up to! Love Ali #61

Tilly Tea Dance said...

Lovely to hear you were well enough to enjoy the NEC even with the few first aisle hiccups. Looks like you really made the most of the day, you'll have hours of pleasure with that stash! Happy crafting :-) Max #18

Morti said...

Cardio have penguins and snowmen????? I'm off........

Oh wait! Hi Shaz!

Woosshhhh............. (That's me hurrying off to buy stamps....)

Sharon said...

I love all your new stash! I love the Lavinia stamps. I want some lol. I'm not sure if I can find them over here in the states. They will be on my to-buy list when I come visit Mum next year!

RosA said...

Wow, what a fabulous, fabulous haul of goodies! They will keep you busy for ages! Glad it was possible for you to enjoy the whole show. What's Evernote? Off to google it now :)
Have a good, crafty week! And thanks for stopping by earlier too.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see you looking so well at the crop. Your haul is amazing and the best thing is you are one who actually use it all, not just a craft hoarder. I can just see you scooting around, bumping people out of the way to bag a bargain LOL! Looking forward to many posts full of crafty goodness in the next week....

late ... again!
Mary Anne (9)

Sue Jones said...

Wow!! Restrained ?? I love them all - especially those yummy lavinia/inkylicious stamps . Have a fab week playing with them . Soojay 40

Nannie4 said...

Hi Shaz. Please take it easy. We don't want anymore fainting spells. Great haul though!
I'm still belly laughing at GlitterandGlue's comment. I can't even type right now I'm laughing so hard!!

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Shaz - can just see scooting about on the mobility scooter, so glad you were able to enjoy the NEC, and looks like you're in so serious fun with that great new stash. Cheers RobynO#29

Diana Taylor said...

Ooh, you've got some gorgeous stuff there and I especially love your Poppy Stamps - in fact I'm sure it was through you that I discovered their stamps and stencils in the first place - I do love them. I'm glad you had a good time at the show (well, apart from the couple of dizzy spells of course), but it looks like it was a productive trip for you. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do will all this lovely stash.
Hope you have a good week,
Diana #17

Darnell said...

It's so wonderful to see you up and around and posting, Shaz! I'm so happy you got to go to the event and that they had a scooter for you to use. It's not as much fun for either you or Doug if you are constantly worried about going ass over tea kettle at any moment! But now if we could just talk for a second about how you bought everything and left nothing for the rest, tsk tsk!! Enjoy, enjoy! You deserve it all and more!! Hugs, Darnell

Twiglet said...

So late getting round desks this week! So good that you managed to enjoy the show and wow what a lot of fab stuff you found. Enjoy your crafty sessions it must be fab to be back at it! x Jo

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