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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

WOYWW #313

Good Morning everyone, back to our regular review of desk apocalypse the world over, all lovingly managed by our much loved Lady of Desks, Julia, at The Stamping Ground.
 Mine is showing signs of use at last- the glittery sparkles are the remains of the Glamour Dust used in the card in the previous post. Laying amongst the sparkle are the ATC's I've received in the last few days.
This beauty, along with a larger card, is from Diane, ( A Focused Journey).
 Here is a larger image of the ATC, so you can see the gorgeous 'cracked glass' effect used on it.

These ones are from Neet, (top left), Sandra de, (top right)- love the 'WOYWW Fan'! and its funny, we'd already arranged a private swap, and she was actually the person who had to send to me.
 Bottom left is from Angela,(Felix the crafty cat), bottom right is from Nann4, and the middle one from Laura R.  They are all amazing ladies, thank you all so much.

One picture I forgot to include last week, from one of our walks along the beach at Seaton.
These are known as 'Hag stones' or 'Odin Stones'- they have a hole straight through them, worn that way by the sea. They are said to heal, and offer protection, and almost all fishing boats, especially in the South West of England, will have at least one on board, threaded onto rope, for protection at sea.They were also used by West Country folk for 'protection against malevolent witches'! Another belief is they allow you to see into the world of faerie, or to see the truth behind a glamour.
They are said to bring you luck if you find one. You are supposed to find them 'by chance', by walking over them, rather than specifically searching the beach for them.
 Talking of luck, I had the results last week of my liver scan, and it came back completely clear, so that was fantastic news. On Thursday afternoon we have an appointment to see the surgeon at the QE, so it looks as if either the cancer is attached to my tailbone, or he can't be sure from the scan images, so will be doing the surgery just in case.
 Either way, I'll update my Cancer page on Friday with whatever info we get.


Helen said...

Great news about the liver scan!! The pebbles will be bringing you luck, I never knew that story about them, but do remember seeing boats with stones threaded; Hope Thursday goes well. Helen 3

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Glad to hear it was great news from the liver scan. I love the stones. I have a couple here, found during my years of living in Exmouth.

Fiona #4

jill said...

You must be so relieved that the liver scan was good news .
Happy woyww Jill #7

MrsC.x said...

so glad about the good news! lets hope that when your surgery happens it is also great news those stones must be working for you already!

great selection of ATCs :)

Have a great week

Charlie #1
or find me here

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I've got a couple of hag stones too...love 'em! I'm so glad you had a fab weekend, it looked like fun. I love it down on the coast there.
Sandra and Neet's ATCs made me laugh a lot :-)
Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

And excellent news about the cancer too....love ya xx

RosA said...

Good news about your scan. I think I have a stone like that ... somewhere?
Thank you for your ATC which came with a lovely batch from Julia, but I don't see one of mine on your post, so if you let me have your postal address, I will put one in the mail :)
RosA # 25

Jac Desordre said...

That is good news about the scan, that will be those pebbles, such good news, love all the ATCs as well

Thanks for the snoop
N0 24

AnyOldCraft said...

Wonderful news on the all clear scan honey.
Ooooh I used to see those stones all the time when I went to the beach.
Never knew the stories behind them though.
Will have to remember to collect one or two next time I walk over them :) #31

glendabrooks.blogspot.com said...

What an interesting story about these stones. I don't think I have ever heard about these. Glad your scan was a good one.
Glenda #36

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Smiled when I spied my ATC. Such ecstatic news about the liver scan! Like many others, never heard of Hag stone. Being the science geek that I am I of course want one but not living by the ocean makes it rather difficult! Scrolled further down to read about the card. I love Queen Ann's Lace. Diane #28

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for sharing the fun ATC's...and the stone photos. I love unusual ones. I've a few I collect on vacations also. Best Wishes to you with all your health issues. Keep positive and Keep busy. The walks on the beach sound like a good idea...who know maybe luck is on the way. Enjoy the week#39

Shoshi said...

I've never heard of those stones before, Shaz. Most intriguing! What a lovely collection of ATCs you've got. Hopefully I'll be able to join in next year...

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #30

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm simply THRILLED about the liver scan. One hurdle down, one to go. I hope the surgery goes well.

Being in a land locked area, I've never heard of hag stones. But of course, they sound really cool. Sounds like the walk was good for more than fresh air and exercise, too.

Thanks for visiting me while I slept. And thanks for sending Bleubeard a hug. He and I send one in return. Happy WOYWW from # 5.

Neet said...

Waiting for the news from your oncologist - must be hard for you to sleep the night before (that's tonight, right).
Never heard of those stones but `I will be looking out for them when I go on a beach, not that I do much these days as walking on pebbles is pretty hard work for me now.
Thinking of you and stl holding you in prayer.
Hugs, Neet cc

Sandy Leigh said...

Oh, the ATCs are beautiful. And the rocks! I have this love and fascination with rocks and those are just amazing. Thanks for sharing. Happy Wednesday! Sandy Leigh #44

sandysewin said...

Your ATCs are lovely and those stones are so interesting. Hope all goes well with your surgery.

Thanks for the blog visit earlier.

Happy creating and happy wowyww,

Sandy #22

Shoshi said...

Thanks for your lovely comment, Shaz - glad you like my little lavender bags. My chemo quilt arrived today - photos to follow on my blog soon! I'm feeling wiped out today now my sister has gone so I'm resting for a while and hopefully will feel up to doing some more sewing tonight. You're right about the chemo being an up and down thing!

Shoshi x

Lynda Beazley said...

Great news about your scan! keep those stones close they will bring you luck. I have never heard of them before but will certainly pay attention when I am on the beach next! Lovely ATC's too. I missed all the celebrations this year. I read your last blog too and we have both been busy with silhouettes and yellow! Lovely cards Shaz.
have a happy week

Lynda B 10

Lindart said...

You must be very relieved about your scan! Those stones must be working! I've never heard of that tale before, but now i will know when I come across one! Thanks for visiting -Lindart #51

CraftygasheadZo said...

Fabulous news about your scan, hope your Thursday appointment goes well too. Love those stones. I have a jar of pebbles my grandfather collected, he's not with us now so it's a lovely keepsake. Wishing you every positive vibe I can send you. Take care Zo xx 33

Lisca Meijer said...

Fantastic news about the scan! I bet you were relieved... I'll go and read your cancer page later on.
I love your ATC haul. I'm going to try and participate next year.
How Interesting to read a bout the odin stones.
Have a good week,

lisa said...

Great news about your scan, Shaz. You must be relieved. It's been fun getting such lovely post this week hasn't it? So many clever people in this WOYWW world of ours!!!!
You must have a play with your Brusho's you'll love them, they are great fun and split into lovely colours with a spray of water but be warned you only need the tiniest amount of powder, they are very intense.
Thanks for popping by earlier.
Hugs Lisax #20

Sue said...

Lovely ATCs.

The stones are fab. Never heard of them.

Hope all goes well with the consultant. Sending positive healing thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #26

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Shaz and very big happy WOYWW and so good to hear things are looking positive for you. Must be an omen for you to find those "hags" (what a cool name) My fence moving is all serious get in and do it now but as for my garden I'm taking it slowly just an hour or so in the mornings and little by little it'll come back to life - no rush. Thanks for visiting and have a fabulous week Cheers RobynO#32

Robyn said...

WOO HOO to positive Dr visits!!!!! love your faery stones- I can feel the energy from here! and your ATC's love all the inspiration and diversity.
thanks for visiting
robyn 34

scrappystickyinkymess said...

Such cool stones! May they bring you all the luck in the world. DS and I always searched for heart rocks (ie rocks shaped like hearts) and we have a ton of them. but these you could thread on a chain and wear around your neck for portable luck. I'll have to hope to find one by chance one day - cause who doesn't need a bit of luck?

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (2)

Tertia said...

Awesome news about the scan! Love those ATC's and I am so bummed that I missed the party last week. It is so good to be back snooping about at everybody's desks and seeing all the positivity and talent.
Happy WOYWW!
Tertia #60

Hettie said...

FABULOUS news Shaz. I am so happy for you Honey.
Seems like the stones are working in double quick time!!!
Fingers crossed Honey.
PS the ATCs are nice.

Nannie4 said...

Shaz, I received my ATC from you and it is beautiful! Thank you so much. I posted a pic on my blog nanniescraftinest.blogspot.ca THe swap was a first for me. What fun to create ATCs and to receive them.
So happy to hear about your scan. Will check your cancer page. Still pulling for you...all the best. Hugs.

Claire Grantham said...

Hi Shaz, thanks for the visit, sorry for the late one from me..its been one of those weeks. Love seeing all your ATC's - good news on your scan, hope that the surgery goes well - sending good thoughts your way. Cx #48

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, late as I am I'd just like to say how happy I am for you that your scan is clear ... it really is fantastic news. You will have seen your surgeon by now so I hope all went well there too. The ATCs you received are all fabulous. Thanks for your earlier visit and comment. Hugs, Elizabeth #41

Shoshi said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, Shaz, and for your kind words about my stamp cutting lol!! I did manage to snip the tip off one of the ladybirds' legs... As you say, they are just the right size and will be so useful. The birthday card you made for me is so fabulous and I loved the different sizes of dragonfly. So glad you like my little boxes. I'm very pleased with how they are turning out. I have also made two blue ones which I will upload tomorrow.

Take care of yourself!
Shoshi x