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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

WOYWW #295

Wednesday again, and here we all are, almost at the end of January. Where'd that month go?
 This weeks desk, I admit, is being done on Tuesday afternoon, as tonight we are off out to a concert- Slipknot and Korn at the NIA, Birmingham. So nothing will be happening desk wise tonight. As always, the reason for the desk shot is our weekly gathering over at The Stamping Ground, where our much loved leader, Julia, attempts to keep us all in order.
Three pics, and yet more retail therapy! And I have to say, I would not have been buying any of this, had it not been for a rumour, which I checked out and found to be correct, that Ranger are discontinuing the Adirondack line of pads and re-inkers. You will see the connection in a minute,I promise!
 I came across mention of this on SCS, and e-mailed Ranger to ask the question, the reply I got back was Yes, all the Adirondack line, apart from Alcohol Inks, are being discontinued. They are putting out the Paint Dabbers under the Ranger name,and launching a new line of inkpads. I had a look at the first 12 colours on the CHA release, and some do look similar to Adirondack colours, some are definitely new. But they are all, so far, very strong 'brights', none of the paler 'lights' amongst them. So off I went in search of as many re-inkers as I could find to complete my collection. Countryview Crafts carries some, and Susan, who runs it, has very kindly ordered me the ones she doesn't carry from Ranger, which I though was fantastic customer service. I also found a few on Amazon.co.uk. The result was that whilst I was on Countryview Crafts site, I saw her January Sale section, and a bunch of stuff just fell into my basket, on the reasoning that they were extremely cheap,lol! See, I told you there was a logical connection here.
First pic, some Sizzix dies, a Nesties Decagon die set and an M-bossabilities folder.Second pic is two stamp sets, and these are designed to work with the Nesties Heirloom Ornaments dies, 2010 & 2011 editions, both of which I have.
 Final pic is back to embossing folders- Tim Holtz Debossing Christmas Words, and a Sizzix/Hero Arts pair of Snowflakes.

That's the trouble with Internet shopping- its far too easy, lol. Sitting in front of your pc with a nice coffee- warm,dry and comfy.

Now a quick mention of how things stand with me, and I am a very Happy Bunny today.  Yesterdays appointment with the Oncologist yielded way better news than I expected. I was fully expecting a tough course of IV chemo, and  losing my hair to it. The result is my IV chemo will be one two hour infusion, followed by two weeks of the same chemo tablet I had before, then a one week break. That's a cycle, and I have to have four, so it runs for 12 weeks in total. I really expected the IV chemo to be a lot more than this, a lady I know had it for a different cancer, last year, and hers was 8 hours a day for five days at a time, so I feel I'm getting off lightly. The best bit though, is that my chemo again does not cause hair loss. You have no idea how much of a boost that has given me. I do know that in the scheme of things that really should be a minor detail, but for me, it isn't.  I think that its partly because this cancer problem still does not feel real. I don't feel ill, in fact the only problem I've had has been caused by the treatment, rather than the disease. So I find it hard to 'feel' like there is anything wrong with me at all. We also got to see the scan images, the first one from back in August, and the one from January. You can see shrinkage in it, so the radiotherapy did something, but its just bigger than the surgeon would be happy with removing. I also saw the coding T4,NO,MO on the screen, and did some research when I got back. According to the Cancer Research website, which lists all the codes used for cancers, this means that it has grown through the bowel lining, no lymph nodes show any cancer cells, and there is no spread to other organs, so this puts mine at stage 2B. That was another boost, as the stages are 1-5,with 1 being the lowest, and given how large it had grown, and that it could have been there for a very long time as I'd had no symptoms, I will be honest and say we seriously did not expect my staging to be lower than 3, and more realistically we were expecting a 4.
 Well, I'm done now, so have a great Wednesday, and I will catch up with you later today.


Regina Hamilton said...

Retail therapy is my favorite time. You've picked up some nice goodies. #10

Helen said...

No wonder you went shopping with such good news!! Susan at Country View really offers such fabulous customer service, other companies could take note! I heard about the inks being discontinued in amongst all the CHA new product news I was following. At least you've tracked down lots of reinkers. Take care Helen 4

Queenie Jeannie said...

SUCH wonderful news!!! Praise God! I'm just so happy for you!!!!! And you certainly deserved some lovely retail therapy! Enjoy all your new goodies.

Happy Crafting!
Jeannie #5

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Such positive news deserves a little treat, methinks!! I completely get it about the fear of losing your hair...I'd be exactly the same. Onwards........
You did well with your buying up of the surplus Adirondack stock...what fab service from that lady, she really went the extra mile for you!!
Hugs, LLJ 20 xx

MrsC.x said...

wonderful news, i hope that the upcoming treatment goes smoothly.

and i think that a sale needs no justifictaion for the spends...i mean it would be rude NOT to have a look wouldnt it?

love Mrs. C x

Neet said...

Great news on the illness front - and I can totally relate to the not wanting hair loss. I think it is very important for most ladies if they are honest. A bad hair day can result in a down in the dumps day.
Great bargains and thanks for the heads up on the Adirondack - see I did not pick that up at CHA so you know far more than I do.
Take care, stay happy
Neet 1 xx

Debbie Rock said...

FAB new goodies Shaz and anything Tim Holtz makes me tingle! I have never known customer service like that from Susan & Country View Crafts ... beyond the best in my opinion. Glad the meeting with the oncologist was better than expected and you feel more reassured ... won't be long now until all this is behind you! Much love, as always. Debbie xXx

glitterandglue said...

Ah, yes, Shaz. Retail therapy! Wonderful stuff!!! You found some lovely items falling into your basket... well done you. Haven't been around much over the past 12 weeks due to J not being at all well, but have now caught up with you. Take care my friend - and I am so glad nothing has spread! I praise God that this is such positive news for you.
God bless you both in all this.
Love n hugs
Margaret #33

Laura said...

I'm glad your news wasn't too bad
All the best with the treatment x
Happy Deskday

House of Bears said...

Good news that your treatment is not as invasive as you feared. I think losing your hair is a big worry as you feel less like you so it's even better that you won't have to face that. I hope the treatment is as painless as possible and that you get plenty of care and rest in between. A retail shop is well deserved.

Horace @ no. 46

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I'm all too familiar with the phenomenon of stuff "falling into my basket" LOL! Isn't it annoying when companies discontinue stuff you love and are accustomed to? Avon keeps changing their face creams and foundations - just as I find something that works, swooosh, it's gone to be replaced by something else unfamiliar and less good. I'm sure the new Rangers inks will be good though, it's not like cosmetics, after all. Happy WOYWW, Shaz! Zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #41

Di said...

Happy dance for you here Shaz! I know, what you're going through ain't good but you did have some real positives - so I'm dancing, clacketty clack :) That was the sound of me clogs!

And I do so like Country View Crafts at the best of times but isn't it great when shops go the extra mile! No wonder a few extras fell into your basket :)


Di xx

My name is Cindy said...

So pleased with your news Shaz, that must have given you a real boost. The hair thing is completely understandable and I can totally get that it is a relief to know your treatment won't affect it. Hope your treatment conitues to go well :O). It's really worrying how fast the time is going, I can't believe it is nearly February either! Have fun with your new stash! Cindy #43

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

That's such good news. I totally get the hair thing. Lovely goodies and thanks for the tip about Adirondack, I'll tell my friend.

Fiona #58

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I just love internet shopping! It really caters to my inner lazy bastard. ha ha! I started getting cat food from Amazon now. PetSmart keeps sending us coupons because they fear they've offended us. No, I just don't have to leave the house to get cat food delivered!

Anyway, I understand the need to fill out your ink line before they are not to be had anymore. Thanks for sharing your latest retail therapy with us. I love seeing what everyone else is up to including what they are buying. Judy #64

Anne said...

That's the best news Shaz - so pleased. You certainly deserved the retail therapy!!!! Hugs Anne x #32

Nannie4 said...

So happy to hear your good news! And yes, it really does a soul good to get some new crafting supplies, especially to celebrate something this uplifting. Good for you, Shaz.

Julia Dunnit said...

I'm utterly distracted by your health news. Good and heart warming amd significant to your strength in fighting the effects of the treatment. The 'cycle' seems long and no doubt you'll be tired, but crikey...there's a sort of finish point in all of this now. significant about your hair...I think until faced with it, none of us know how we feel about it, and when you consider, it is a huge part of our identity. Delighted for you over this detail. And a bit jelly over the online purchases!!

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Generally a positive outlook which is so encouraging. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Hobbycrafts. I have just had an idea on how to recover another mishap and I cannot understand why I did not think of it before. Just shows you should never give up on a piece. Have a good week and speak to you soon. xx Maggie #29

Shoshi said...

Not that we probably ever needed any excuse for retail therapy, Shaz, but I do think we both have EVERY reason for it now lol!! Love the new stash. Is Adorondack going to be taken on by anybody else? Do you know the reason why they are stopping? I have a few bits and pieces but nothing to panic over too much.

Your cancer news is very good. I am very happy indeed for you that you will not be losing your hair. This is NOT a minor thing. It can have profound effects on us, for our confidence and self-image - men probably don't have those feelings so strongly! Anyway, very good news, and I'm glad the treatment regimen is not as arduous as you'd been expecting. Keep smiling! Your attitude does me more good than I can say!!!

Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment - so glad you like the embroidery. Do get your cross stitch going again. I've got a couple of UFO projects on the go which really need attention.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #48

sandra de said...

Sooo pleased your medical news is better than expected. But still hard going and I really pray that all goes well for you during the next phase of treatment. Internet shopping is my addiction!!! I can't believe how easily I slip into clicking the purchase button. Your goodies look like great finds and buying the reinkers is probably the best solution.
sandra de @47

Eliza said...

I would of bought everything in the shop that I wanted with that type of news, oh this is such a good bunch of news, see prayers do help. I am shocked and didn't know about the ink pads and refills I will have to get some while I can thanks for the heads up on that. I hope you have a wonderful week crafting and thanks for visiting already. Sorry I am getting back so late, work is getting in the way and as soon as I walk in the door Yoda starts howling.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 45
Belated WOYWW greetings

Lisca Meijer said...

That was good news on the cancer front! I'm so happy for you that so far it's all going well and better than expected.
Oh I know all about internet shopping... Up to a certain weight the postage is the same so why not buy just another item?
Thank you for visiting some days ago now. Sorry that i haven't been able to do much visiting. We've had terrible storms for days and consequently power and internet were down for a few days. We're up and running again and I'm trying to catch up.
Have a good week,

Kyla said...

Oh some fabulous news deserves some retail therapy (and i love the way that the Adirondak line means you need the other stash-like your thinking!!).
Bet the gig was a blast and a nice change.

Good luck with the IV, remember to take it slowly and hope work is cool with it too.
Kyla x

Morti said...

Got here at last - better late than never, eh? Nice stash!!!! I've just scrolled through all your posts at high speed trying to ignore all the gorgeous offerings so I don't feel the need to go and spend...... eek!

The reason for the scrolling through was because I'd no clue about your cancer till coming on your blog today. OMG. Bless you for being so stoic, though I bet there have been days when you haven't felt like it. At some point I'll go back right through and read your posts properly. Sending you love, hugs and bright blessings....

Thanks for stopping by....

Morti said...

Meant to add - awesome news though, and I totally get what you mean about your hair. It's our crowning glory, isn't it, and you have such a lot too....!