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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

WOYWW #237

Yes, I missed another week, I know. We've been having odd nights off lately, to use up the last of our holiday hours from work (we get x number of hours over a year, as opposed to a set number of days, due to the shift patterns), plus after 10 years you get an extra 2 days a year, and we got to the end of November with the equivalent of almost a week to book off, and only 3 weeks in which to do it. Anyway, long story short (not really, but the thought was there), I get completely lost as to what day of the week it is anyway, and with nights off I was completely thrown. So, are you all nearly ready? Tree up? Lights & decorations? Pressies bought & wrapped? Cards made & sent? I'm so far ahead of myself this year, I think I may have been swapped by Bodysnatchers, lol.
 Over at The Stamping Ground, our lovely Fairy Godmother of Desks, Julia, is waiting to see what we've got, so, click the link and join in!

 I was trying out the die I bought at the NEC, the Le Creatif  Poinsttia.Its actually a really nice die, and makes a smashingly useful size of flower.

 Cool thing too, if cut out in different colours, it still works as a great flower, without necessarily looking like a Poinsettia. These are Black, White & Silver, a mix of pearl papers & vellums, with beaded centres.

 While mooching about in drawers, I came across a scrap of some dark red leather effect paper, quite thick, and thought it would make a really nice Poinsettia.

The texture of the paper works really well, and the colouring is perfect.

I cut 1 large, 2 medium and 2 small flowers to build them, but ended up only using 1 small one, as the paper is quite bulky.

Thats the camera setting, they aren't that bright!

 Here they are all layered up, I also got a couple of smaller ones, using up the layers I didn't include. This is closer to the true colour of them too. Really need to learn about my camera settings!

Visited B&Q at the weekend (Hubby needed some Laminate for the other room), and a smashing set of Christmas star lights jumped into my arms. Well, what are you to do in such a situation? They had to come home, and look great in my craft room window.
Another case of the camera getting the colour 'off'- they are more purple than they look here. Have a great Wednesday, will link & catch up later. Off to Tesco on the way home, to get most of our shopping. Working on the theory that it won't be TOO bad at 6.30am!


MaggieC said...

My shopping is booked apart from finding the time to get to the butcher and the farm shops. The presents are still unwrapped, the cards unfinished and indent, the mince pies unmade, no Christmas cake and no time to do anything. Who was the raving idiot who arranged for the whole house to be painted two weeks before Christmas - oh yes, that would be me! And now, this stupid predictive has no idea what I am trying to say, and changing all my words to gibberish...... I have totally flipped out. Happy Christmas. xx Maggie #25

Scrapcat 1 said...

I have a few things left to do but feel like it's all under control, love the flowers you have made. Thanks for sharing, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Tracy #41

Lunch Lady Jan said...

LOVE that poinsettia die...I much prefer the monochrome version actually! As you say, a really useful die to have, I bet you'll use it all the time!
Wishing you, Doug and your family a wonderful Yule, Christmas and New Year. Bright blessings to you all!
Hugs, LLJ 43 xx

Neil said...

Good morning
Just popping my head around the door to say hi and wish you a very happy Christmas.
Thanks for sharing your workplace and I love the flowers, very pretty.

Neil #20

Andrea said...

well done you being so organised give you time to relax and enjoy the festivities poinsettia pics are ace i got the same die but not tried it out as yet . great lights I can see how they fell into your arms. hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends over the festive period ...happy Christmas hugs Andrea x #48

Winnie said...

Your flowers turned out great! So different looking from one another so lots of uses for them. I am loving those lights that jumped into your arms! My tree is up and made cards for family, but tonight I will be using boxed cards for the others as time ran out with all the overtime I am pulling this year. I need rest! I am off the week after Christmas and plan to sleep! Merry Christmas!! Winnie#51

Krisha said...

I have been looking for a good sized, as in not too large, poinsettia die. This looks perfect and will look into it.
I love the star lights in your window.
I am officially ready for the holidays, except for some baking. Not sure if I will go that far this year.
Merry Christmas
Krisha #23

Darnell J Knauss said...

Love the shiny stars, Shaz! Of course, you HAD to get them! I loved your post today. Those poinsettias in the black and white and silver just took my breath away! And you've given me a great tip, too. I have some of that leather-like paper in various colors and see that it would make stunning flowers! Thank you for that!

Happy WOYWW and thank you for visiting me and leaving some love! I wish you and your beloved hubby the happiest of holidays!! Hugs, Darnell #10

gardenpinks said...

Fabulous flowers and love that die. Wonderful festive stars in your craft room window :)
It is fantastic to be so organised isn't it? Only problem is keep thinking I've forgotten something!!
Lyn x

Danie May said...

I may just have to go in search of that die Shaz, I love poinsettias and it looks fabulous in black and white, but WoW that red leather look card is stunning! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Danie #37

Julia Dunnit said...

I don't know how you shift your body clock so flexibly, it really is a skill! Love the starry window. ANd I love the review of the die set, not least becuae you mention size and proportion and for flowers and card makers, the two are invaluable.

BJ said...

I just bought a Poinsettia die too. My craft mates have different makes and now yours is a fourth different make. Love it. Yes it is great to use a just a flower die too isn't it and the beads in the centre great idea and LOVE the window lights especially if they are more purple (I wonder why!) Thanks for visiting me this week. Happy Christmas BJ#35

Anonymous said...

I have seen SO MANY pontsettia dies over the years and I get tempted by each one, for a time, and still don't own even one of them. THIS one is tempting too, but seeing them made up it might be the winner! Ask me nest year LOL.
Sorry to be late but now I can get to my desk, it's commenting time - pop back to see my tidy-up 85% done....

Happy last WOYWW before Christmas!
Mary Anne (24)

Monica said...

Ah Shaz, I never get finished. Just found another list of cards to send.Ugh! Like those stars, will show DH as he was looking for something different.

Monica 13

Regina Hamilton said...

The Christmas tree and lights are up. I have made and mailed the Christmas cards. The present are bought not wrapped. Have fun getting everything done. Try to get some rest. Sorry for the late visit. I'm trying to finish Christmas projects. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. #6

Lisa-Jane said...

That's a very pretty die! I can see how useful it would be for other flowers too. I hope Tesco wasn't too busy. Have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for 2014! #41

Kyla said...

ooh its SO difficult working out leave isnt it! I was recently reminded I worked mine out wrong and needed to add 1.5 days! Happy days!!

Happy belated WOYWW and thanks for visiting my desk already

Fandhmum said...

Lovely flowers, I wish you a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and New Year,
Rosie x