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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

WOYWW #227

Morning all! MIA last week, mainly thanks to Beloved Hubby. Despite telling him he doesn't have to share EVERYTHING with me, he absolutely insisted on giving me his leftover flu germs. Of course, I didn't get the full, terrible type of man-flu, just the weedy female bird-flu version (!), but left me fit for nothing. Plus the week from hell at work didn't help. But I'm back again, and as you see, have been playing with stamps & inkpads. A lot of smallish images to make some batch cards with, which I will be putting together & blogging later in the week. Probably over the weekend, as Thursday is our 4th Wedding Anniversary, so Friday night we are going out for a celebratory meal. Bonus- no washing up!
This was how they all started:

You know all those little 'filler' type stamps you get in sets?The ones that you never seem to use? I decided I'd have a go at using some of them, based on some similar cards I'd seen on Pinterest recently.
And by the way, no, its not a blurred image, and its not your eyes, even if it is early. The images have been stamped twice, in a pale, then vivid, version of the same colour. So, do the right thing, pop over to Auntie Julia's at The Stamping Ground and link in, show us what you got! On earlies this week (groan), so with a bit of luck, and no oversleeping, I'll link before going to work and visit this afternoon.


Francesca said...

Beautiful little cards. Francesca #32

Regina Hamilton said...

Your stamping is stunning. I hate when my hubby and son share their germs with me. Glad you are feeling better. Happy crafting #4

Nan G said...

Love the stamps you're playing with. I must try this double stamping using these forgotten goodies. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #14

Nan G said...

p.s. shame on me....do hope you're well on the mend!

Spyder said...

I'm back too, only missed one week but it feels like forever!! I had a message from my Doc to say I had to have the flu jab, on my the at risk list ??? okay.... I can't remember the last time I had flu! Pneumonia...but not flu... thank you for my snoop, it all looks fabulous to me, get well soon! Have a great crafty week! Happy WOYWW
((Lyn)) #36

The Taming of the Glue said...

Gorgeous stamped images, love the shadowy look. Hope you're fully recovered now from "girlie flu!"
Happy Anniversary, enjoy the meal. Hugs. Pam#37

Andrea said...

my that quite a pile of stamping love the bright and cheerful colours used and looking froward to seeing the cards. Isn't pintrest fab so many ideas .There is no way I would ever in several lifetimes manage to do everything ive saved but it doesn't stop me pinning more !! have a fab week Andrea#47

Winnie said...

So glad you are feeling better! We have a few people in the office walking around sick and I wish they would stay home as I am trying to avoid it! Have a very Happy Anniversary! I was away last week to celebrate our anniversary at a local vineyard (where we honeymooned). It was our third. I will look back at the pics when I need to "escape" for a bit! Loving your images there and the colors! Winnie#76

CraftygasheadZo said...

Loving all the colours and the shadow stamping. Great idea! Take care Zo xx 73

scrappystickyinkymess said...

Oh wow, that technique looks nifty, and I love the vivid colours. Yum Yum.

Oh, and pop to The Frugal Crafter then back a post to see her Murder of Crows cards. Not ravens, true, but close enough they might appeal to you. Saw them and though of you :)

I am determined to be early this week
Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (27)

Cardarian said...

Love your flower stamping! That will certainly make a lot of cards! Sorry to hear about your cold, I hope you are feeling better now! Happy anniversary! Have a lovely evening!
I have been away for a while and haven't been commenting, but I am back now so I will try to be a good girl and come round more often! :-)
Lots of hugs,

Monica said...

Lovely cards. The stamping is gorgeous. What a way to use. The least used part of a set.
Monica 26

Maisie Moonshine said...

Gorgeous images Shaz, great technique too. Thanks for your visit. have a Happy Anniversary. MMx #51

GrĂ¡inne said...

I'm glad to hear you recovered from the flu and are back again. And enjoy your anniversary :-) Your floral images look just stunning, I love the colors and I'm excited to see the finished projects. Late happy WOYWW, Suzanne

Gibby Frogett said...

Loving the double stamping technique Shaz.Glad to hear you are feeling better...have a good week...Gill x

Ria Gall said...

Hi Shaz
I love all your stamping of the little flowers they could be used for so many pretty things.
Happy WOYWW and wishing you a great week
Ria #50

Karen Busby said...

Love the bright colours you are using for your stamps. And thank you for the Indian summer info...I guess I could have just googled it myself lol! Anyway, many thanks for your visit and I love your blog. Have had a good old nosey round!
Karen busby no. 57 x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Earlies? What happened to your beloved night shift? Sorry you've been rough, hope you get over it quicker than me. It's taken me ages..but clearing out Dad's house didn't help.
Love the double stamped images..I've never seen that before. You'll have to show a close up of what you use them for next week!
Hugs, LLJ 44 xx

Helen said...

Glad you're feeling better. I love the images there, and they will make fab cards. Helen 20

daqadoodles said...

That kind of flu is just so annoying. Not feeling sick enough to lay in bed all day, but getting out is also not really an option. (I usually end up on the couch, watch movies).
Oh what lovely colours! And what a great idea to make these little things - it sohuld make it easy to put together a card fast. This would be great with christmas stamps too. I also very much love the negative stamping (I assume it's clear embossed and then the card is inked). The white edge around it really finishes it. Same with the coloured stamp, they look pretty as they are allready.
I'm going to steal this idea!
*takes idea and runs off*

Debbie #53

fairy thoughts said...

I'm glad you said about the images not being blurred as i did think it was me.. l'll pop back later in the week to see how they turn out. happy anniversary
janet #15

BJ said...

Love all the stamped images, you sure have been busy. I bought the scalloped die set after seeing a Christmas Card at craft club the other week and I want to have a go at making one myself. Have a look here http://ccraftcorner.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/craft-club-juan-sheet.html
Thanks for the visit BJ#102

StampinCarol said...

Great stamped images!!! And glad you're feeling better. And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We'll be celebrating our 32nd in 2 weeks. Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #91

Gita said...

Stonehenge was amazing. I just wish we had more time on our day trip. It was a rushed trip to see several places but, I still got to see it. Love your stamped images with the two toned or two colored ink. Very pretty. Brigita #103

Hardwick Creations said...

You are doing some great stuff Shaz! I have a question...how do you put the watermark on your photos...I'd love to know how to do it to mine.

Have a great week!
Alessandra #88

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Shaz,

I hope you both are feeling better and don't end up with Round Two.

I love all the stamping you're doing. I'm going to get inky this weekend with my cute little Halloween stamp and clown. He's so dang cute to me!

Thank you for visiting me already!

Peace, Kay (19)

Kyla said...

Men, so generous eh?!
I so know what you mean about "filler" stamps so will check back to see how these turn out.

Enjoy your anniversary and I hope you are feeling better soon.

kyla x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Smashing post Shaz, glad you are on the mend.. interesting method you are trying dont like in brights think darker colours look better.. or maybe stamps pf second lot?? thanks for popping over have missed you all! Shaz in Oz.x #12

lisa said...

Sorry to be such a late visitor this week, internet problems. Anyway made it at last. sorry to hear you've been poorly, do kind of your DH to share it with you!!!
Love all the cards you are making and Happy Anniversary.
Hugs Lisax #65